Kidnapped by the Mafia

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37 - The waiting game

I slowly woke up and realised it was a new day. I had slept for almost twelve hours and I was alone. Lucien must’ve left after I’d fallen asleep, he was like a big brother I never had, just like Deon. He was kind and considerate; he seemed much more calmer and collected than the big scary dude. I slowly got out of bed heading to the en suite to refresh. I had decided to try the pool this morning. I was told I could go down to use it. So today I would. I haven’t swam for around a year after my dad pulled me out of the team saying it was a waste of time, I wanted to go pro but he frowned upon it. I hated him for it. Now I had finally got my chance to swim again here in my kidnappers home like I cared I just hoped I remembered how. It was my passion till it was taken away from me. I decided to rummage through the drawers in the wardrobe. I finally came across a shit load of swimming wear, by a shit load I ment over forty different outfits, some full swimsuits, others tankinis and the rest bikinis. I decided on the black bikini, it had full padding on the boobs. I smiled, slipping out of my clothes and into the bikini. I sprayed myself though I would more than likely need a shower after a swim with all the chlorine. I slipped a pair of flip flops, grabbed a towel on and headed out of the room to the pool, which was on the lower floor almost in the basement near the training room or the gym.

I passed the office where I heard the big scary guy and Lucien talking more like shouting in French.

« Pourquoi diable étiez-vous dans sa chambre hier soir, Lucien ? » (Why the hell were you in her room last night, Lucien?)

« Je t’ai déjà dit qu’elle était bouleversée. » (I already told you she was upset.)

« Et je vous ai dit que je lui parlerais. » (And I told you I would talk to her.)

« Vous auriez réagi de manière excessive et vous seriez foutu de cuir avec elle, sans vous soucier de son énervement. » (You would’ve overreacted and gone hell to leather with her, not caring how upset she was.)

« Non, je ne le ferais pas. » (No I wouldn’t.)

« Oui, vous le feriez et vous savez que vous le feriez ? » (Yes you would and you know you would?)

« Non, je ne le ferais pas. » (No I wouldn’t.)

« Oui, tu le ferais, Dom. Sa famille et ses amis lui manquent (Yes you would, Dom. She misses her family and friends.)

« Eh bien, elle ne peut pas les voir ! » (Well she can’t see them!) He said, angrily.

“Regardez-vous en sortir, et elle connaît Dom, c’est juste le fait de voir comment nous avons interagi les uns avec les autres au dîner lui a fait réaliser à quel point ils lui ont tous manqué.” (See your going off on one, and she knows Dom, it’s just her seeing how we interacted with each other at supper made her realise just how much she missed all of them.)

— Tu sais qu’on ne peut pas risquer ça Lucien. Nous devons nous assurer de récupérer notre argent auprès d’Harry jusqu’à ce qu’elle voit que personne ne comprend? (You know we can’t risk it Lucien. We need to make sure we get our money back from Harry until then she sees no one understand?)

“Je le fais, j’espère juste qu’elle le fait.” (I do, I just hope she does.)

‘Elle le fera, je lui ferai comprendre.’ (She will I’ll make her understand.)

“Ne lui fais pas peur Dom, elle a déjà peur de toi.” (Don’t scare her Dom she’s already scared of you.)

« Bon, elle doit l’être. » (Good she needs to be.’)

“Sur une autre note, en oubliant la famille et les amis d’Amy, qu’allons-nous faire pour Andrew Anders?” (On another note, forgetting about Amy’s family and friends, what are we going to do about Andrew Anders?)

« Nous allons jouer au jeu de l’attente Lucien. » (We’re going to play the waiting game Lucien.)

« Et s’il trouve son Dom ? » (What if he finds her Dom?)

‘Nous la cachons et finissons.’ (We hide her and finish it.)

I continued down to the swimming pool. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but I guess it’s for my benefit so I don’t know what they are planning, like I care anyway.

I headed in smiling, placing my towel down, slipping my feet out of the flip flops and walking over to the edge of the pool. It was spotless guess they had to clean it everyday or me every hour as the guys here probably used it every day to train.

I crunched down bending my knees diving in got it felt so good to be in the water again as I glided effortlessly through the water using my legs and arms to guide me through the clapping alerted me. I looked up and one of the guards stood smirking. Great not again, will I ever get any fucking peace? ‘I’d there nothing you can’t do?’


‘I’ll teach you.’

‘I’m sure the big scary guy won’t let you do that?’

He laughed, ‘May I join you?’

‘If you can keep up the pace, yes.’

‘Sweet.’ He said, smiling.

He striped and fuck he had tattoos covering every part of his body and his Abs. Fuck his six pack was well toned but they had to train so I guess it would be I had one I rarely showed it but the people I was close to keen it was there I’d trained long and hard these last few years to get to where I had trot to thanks to Dan and Deon. He dived in.

‘So ten laps.’ He smirked.

‘Bring it on.’ I said, god I hoped I could wipe that smug look off his arrogant face.

‘Ten it is.’

He smirked thinking he could best me. Think again pal. Not going to happen, not today.

We got on our marks. He looked at me and grinned. ‘Go!’ He shot off.

Cheating asshole I’ll fucking show you. I pushed myself up soon catching up to him we tuned and I pushed in front of him, “That’s right fucker, that will teach you to cheat against a ten times champ, fuck you!” I screamed in my head.

Ten laps seemed to be forever. The guy was tiring. Not me nor ever I touched the side and waited for the arrogant asshole to finish. ‘Fuck.’ (Merde.) He said in French I guess. I smirked at him, not so arrogant now are we? ‘Fair play flower you won . I’m impressed.’

I smiled. ‘Why thank you.’ I smirked. ‘You need to stop being so arrogant and so up yourself.’

‘I am not.’ He defended.

‘Oh you are.’ I looked at him, his eyes were dark, almost angered at my words, tough. This guy doesn’t scare me not one bit, unlike his boss. ‘That being said, you need more practice. I can help you if you like.’

He grinned widely. ‘Deal as long as you let me teach you how to shoot.’


He smiled. ‘Perfect now tell me one thing, how do you do it, your stamina I mean? I watched you yesterday rip through two of the strongest of Dominique’s men. And just now ten laps you’re a lot stronger than anyone gives you credit for.’

I smiled. ‘Well for one I trained hard, every day to prove to everyone I could and I was on a swimming team. I had an awesome coach and the same goes for the fighting. I was coached by the best.’

He got closer. ‘And who was the best?’

I opened my mouth, the loud coughing sound alerted us. We looked around, shit the big scary guy. ‘Boss.’

‘Alexandre I thought I told you not to leave your post?’

‘I didn’t mean to. I did, but I went to her room and knocked but no one answered, she wasn’t in there. She uses a whole bottle of perfume, so I followed the smell down here.’

Of course he did.

‘Fine but that doesn’t excuse the fact you were fraternising with the girl. And if you were here to find her, why the hell are you wearing your swimwear?’ He questioned.

‘I’m not, they are my boxers. Boss.’

What???!! Shit I never noticed, I was too zoned out.

’Get the fuck out of the pool Alexandre and for fuck sake shower and change before meeting the rest of the men on the training feild.

‘Yes boss.’

He pulled himself out. I couldn’t help but notice his stiffy, so I turned my gaze away from him. ‘And for fuck sake do something about that!’

‘Yes boss.’ He said, coverin his hard on, thank fuck. He walked out, leaving just me and the big scary guy. ‘Do you mind if I join you? If you’re not tired?’

‘No I’m cool, I can go a few more laps.’

‘Good.’ He smirked, stepping out of his trousers and pulling his shirt and tie off.

Holy shit his tattoos, they were the most spectacular ones I’d ever seen one day I wanted to be covered in them just like him. Dan had a few so did Deon. We would talk for hours just about what each one meant to them.

I wanted more. I wanted to add to the Phoenix, but Dan said I had to wait till I was eighteen, he’d already broken one law letting me have the Phoenix and if he let it happen again the guy would go to jail for allowing me to have it.

‘You can either watch me put my swimming shorts in or you could always look away.’ He said, smirking, bringing me out of my thoughts.

Were all these guys perverts?

‘I’ll look away.’

He nodded. I turned, but I could still see him through the corner of my eye. He slid out his boxers, his tattooed legs were well toned and his butt was well, fuking shit the best ass I had ever seen. I could see him smirk as he pulled his swimming shorts up.

‘Enjoying the show my fleur de feu (fiery flower)?’

‘What show? I wasn’t even looking.’

‘Sure you weren’t.’

‘I wasn’t. Are we going to do this or what?’

‘We are.’ He said, before diving in. ‘Another ten laps aren’t going to be too much are they?’

‘Not at all, bring it on.’

He smirked.

We got ready and set. ‘Go!’ He said setting off.

“Do all these guys cheat?” I thought as I quickly followed him.

He was good, better than the other guy, he never tired once I’d done almost fifty laps around the poll for training it was hard but I had done it and my body ached for days after my coach was proud as only two of us completed the 50 laps, without stopping it made me want to push harder. I pushed and pushed, almost gaining in him. We both touched the side, my hand touching just after his damn I’m losing it. We leaned against the wall of the swimming pool, our feet flapping under the water. ’You done well ma fleur de feu (my fiery flower).

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