Kidnapped by the Mafia

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38 - The waiting game pt 2

They all walked away. ‘I’m sorry for that.’

‘What can I say I’m popular.’ She smirked.

I was jealous of a god damn teenager, she’d got more out of them than I ever could.

‘I know you wanted time alone.’

‘Well I had enough of them gawking at me while I was trying to train, so I invited them for a sparring match.’

‘Dan taught you well my fleur de feu (firey flower).’ I said, stepping forward. Tracing my fingers over her tattoo. She shivered. I smirked. ‘When did you get the tattoo?’

‘Shit no one is supposed to know.’ She mumbled.

‘It’s a little bit hard to hide fleur (flower), so tell me why you got it and the reason behind it?’

‘Fine.’ I sighed. ‘I had it a year ago, once I started fighting for Dan it was a thing that all of his fighters got. A tattoo that meant something to them.’

‘I would’ve won if you hadn’t cheated.’

His arms were either side of me his body so close so fucking close out lips inches away from one another’s. My heart beating faster through my rib cage. ‘I never cheat, flower. You just need to pay better attention and maybe just maybe you would’ve bet me, but it is highly doubtful.’

I swallowed hard. Why didn’t I feel like this around him like I was being swallowed? ‘If you must know I was the top of the league and no one could beat me, I was the fastest swimmer in the team.’

‘Then you need more practice to even come close to me.’

‘Maybe we need another person to make it fair, so no one thinks the other is cheating?’

‘I never cheat.’ He said, getting closer, too close. ‘But I agree, fair is fair in love and war. So, I’ll ask either Lucien or Andre to commentate, okay, flower?’

‘Ye ..yeah, that’s fine.’ I said, why was I stuttering?

He smirked. ‘I understand you miss your family and friends?’

So that’s what it’s all about when I walked passed the office this morning? I really need to learn French.

I just nodded.

‘You know I can’t allow that right now?’

I nodded, having no voice.

‘Good, I knew you’d understand.’ He said, grazing his finger across my cheek. ‘You’ll just have to wait til this is over ma fleur de feu (my fiery flower)’

I swallowed hard, nodding he was way too close for my liking. He then got closer.

‘I saw the way you were looking At Christophe, I think he likes you a little too much.’

I swallowed, he moved away slightly. I thought my prayers were answered, a sigh almost left my mouth in relief but came crashing down when he got way too close he pushed himself onto my half naked body his cock was hard, bloody hell it was huge.

He talked into my ear. ‘This is what you do to me ma fleur de feu (my fiery flower), just looking like you do. I want to take you now in here.’

No this can’t be happening.

‘But I’lI wait. I have plans for you, if your father doesn’t cough up.’ He said kissing my cheek.

What does he mean? He had plans for me? What kind of plans? No fucking way was I being a sex toy for him if my dad didn’t cough up what he owed. I was going to find a way out of here and run, run as fast as I could say from all of these perfects.


He looked up, moving away from me.

Thank fuck for the interruption.

‘What is it Lucien?’

‘We have a meeting in ten Dom.’

Thank you Lucien. I’m forever in your debt.

‘Okay, wait for me in the meeting room.’

‘Sure Dom.’ He looked at me. ‘Hi Amy, enjoy your swim?’ He smirked,

‘I would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t interrupted.’ I said sarcastically, smirking.

‘I’m sure you would.’ He said winking.

‘I’ll leave you two to get sorted and out of the pool. I’ll see you at supper Amy. Dom five minutes.’


He turned and left , the big scary guy got out of the pool his hardon was visible. ’Putain, je vais devoir régler ça. (Fuck I’ll have to sort this out.) He muttered. wrapping a towel around him. He looked at me. ‘I’ll see you for supper, don’t be late.’

‘I won’t.’

‘Good.’ He said grabbing his clothes striding out angrily.

I laughed out loud. I couldn’t contain it any longer two. men, two stiffies in one day, perverts.

I pulled myself out of the pool, putting the towel around me, slipping my feet into the flip flops, heading out of the pool area and to my room to shower and change.

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