Kidnapped by the Mafia

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39 - Shit I’m sorry.


Why do I always get the short straw? Why couldn’t Lucien come to get her? Or even Beau? They seem to get on with her, she trusts them. She doesn’t even know me; she’s even scared of Dom. I can completely understand his Ora isn’t one to be taken lightly, it’s a wall he’s put up around himself since all of our parents had died. We all had but his was built higher and stronger, he doesn’t allow any one in, he doesn’t even know how to love or treat the opposite sex woth the respect they deserve. His whole demeanor changed overnight when the Anders killed our parents without a care in the world. Dom has become a shell of his old self he buried himself into work, training and fucking sluts but since she’s been here he hasn’t even looked or touched another woman we all think he secretly has a thing for her, mind you Beau has that glint in his eye like no one else around matters but her, let’s hope he remembers who’s side he is supposed to be in if this all goes sour and we don’t get our money back. Then there’s Lucien. He’s taken her under his wing, he’s like a mother hen with her chicks always round and always knows the right thing to say. Now here’s me. I have only seen the girl a handful of times and have never interacted with her or made time for her. And there’s the men fuck, they are like a druggy on crack when they all see her they just want to be where she is like they are addicted to her. She carried an ora of friendliness and compassion in a kind of seductive way. I just hope I don’t find myself falling into the same trap.

Well here goes nothing. I hope she doesn’t use that mouth of hers in me cause I won’t be as easy as Dom and Lucien I’ll pin her to the fucking wall until she turns blue and make her beg for forgiveness. I knocked on the door. ‘Miss. Cromwell you’re required to attend supper order on Mr. Carbone.’

I waited, no answer. Fuck sake. I knocked again. ’Miss Amile Dominique requests that you have supper with us if you don’t show up he;’ll come and get you!” I said harshly, that ought to get her out of the room. She’s shit scared of Dom.

Still nothg fir fuxk sake now I have to go in and drag her out Dom’s words not mine. ‘Make sure she comes out of her room for supper if she doesn’t get me and I’ll drag her out. I’m not taking; “I’m not hungry” for an answer!’ So here I am opening her door to get her. ‘Miss. Amile. Dom requests your company for …’

I looked at her, her hair dripping wet, a towel wrapped around her naked body. ‘Shit I’m sorry.’ She turned looking at me with a deathly glare.‘Don’t you guys know how to knock?’

‘I’m sorry, Miss. Amile. But, Dominique asked you to join us for supper.’

‘Give me a minute.’

‘Sure, I’ll … I’ll just wait outside for you.’

She nodded, clutching the towel around her fuxk din will kill one if I even look at her, but she was stunning. She’d already got Beau, Lucien and Dom wrapped and I’d be next if I didn’t watch my step.

I closed the door. I didn’t need to stay any longer or my bonner would’ve pecked in my underwear and I’d need another shower a cold one, shit no girl has made me feel like this before, what the fuck was happening to me? I needed to clam myself before she stepped out of the room.


‘Shit I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t you guys know how to knock?’

‘I’m sorry, Miss. Amile. But, Dominique asked you to join us for supper.’

‘Give me a minute.’

‘Sure, I’ll … I’ll just wait outside for you.’

I can’t believe this place it’s full of perverts don’t they know how to knock or jsut wait for me to get there? Did he run a fuxkign marathon when he left me in the pool so he could shower and change for his meeting?

I quickly dried my body and dressed, drying my hair and slipping my trainers on heading out of the room. ;I’m sorry Miss. But Dom insisted and I… well I did knock several times. I thought you’d ran.’

‘And where the hell am I supposed to run too?’

‘I don’t know Miss.’

‘Please call me Amy. I’m too young to be called by a title.’

‘Sure mi.. Amy.’

I smiled.’ You must be Andre?’

‘Yes I am, it’s a pleasure to finally speak to you.’

‘You too and I’m sorry I snapped. I’m just sick of being interrupted when I want to be alone.’

He nodded. ‘I understand, but Dom is very wary of people, especially ones he doesn’t know or trust so he has everyone watching your every move.’

‘Great, lucky me.’ I said sarcastically. ‘It’s lucky I’m not pleasuring myself or fucking someone isn’t it?’ I questioned.

He gulped. ‘I guess so.’

‘Joke, gee lighten up. I’m not that kind of girl and besides this isn’t my home I have respect for others even if they don’t have any for me.’

He nodded. ‘Respect is given when respect is due.’

‘Or reciprocated.’

‘True.’ He said, as we reached the dining room. ‘Ladies first.’ He said, opening the door.

‘Thank you kind sir.’

He laughed, shaking his head, I walked through and he followed. The big scary guy looked at us. ‘About time.’

’We all don’t have super speed. You know you had a meeting and yet you are somewhere before me. How is that possible?

‘Because I don’t waste time like you little girl.’

‘I’m not little.’

‘Oh and don’t we know it!’ Lucien cracked.

We both glared at him.

‘Shut the fuck up Lucien.’

‘Yeah shut the fuck up Lucien.’ I mocked.

Andre stood shaking his head.

‘So why were you late?’

‘It’s called women’s intuition!’

Beau and Lucien burst out laughing.

‘And it’s also called I was getting changed when I got disturbed.’

’Did enjoy the view Andre?!” Lucien laughed, wiggling his eyebrows.

‘Shut up Lucien.’

‘You did, didn’t you?’

‘SHUT THE FUCK UP LUCIEN!’ He growled loudly, making everyone look at him. Big bad Dom said, he seemed even more scary when he was mad.

‘Chill Dom. I was just kidding.’

‘Well don’t.’ He growled

‘Sorry.’ He mumbled.

Big bad scary Dom nodded, then looked at us. ’Please sit down so we can all eat.

We both sat down in silence and we picked our food. This was so awkward.

Once we had finished I excused myself and walked outside somewhere I hadn’t been the week I’d been here, I’d been cooped up for far too long. I walked around the large garden admiring the scenery. ‘I’m sorry about earlier Amy.’

I jumped holding my chest as my heart pounded through my rib cage. I looked to my left only to see Andre walking next to me. ‘Shit you scared me.’

‘I’m sorry Amy.’

‘It’s fine.’

‘I am really sorry about before. I did knock twice. My orders were to get you to supper and if you resisted I was to get Dom and he’d get you to eat.’

Of course he would.

I smiled.

‘If I knew that you were changing I would’ve never opened the door or come in, that was disrespectful of me and I’m sorry.’

‘It’s okay Andre. I’m sorry for snapping. I seem to be getting disturbed by everyone these last few days.’

He nodded. ‘I’d like to take you somewhere.’


‘Follow me and I’ll show you.’

‘O - kay.’ I said a little reserved, but followed anyway.

I followed him through the garden and towards the hillside. ‘Should we really be this far away from the house?’

‘You’re with me and it’s fine. I trust you.’

‘I’m glad someone does.’ I mumbled.

‘Give Dom time, he will.’

I nodded following him up the hill to the top looking over the quaint town. ‘Wow.’

He smiled. ‘Welcome to my home, Orange.’

‘As in Orange in France.’

‘So you do know your coutures?’

‘I did geography and french at school, so yeah I do.’

He smiled. ‘I’ll teach you our language if you like?’

I smiled. ‘If you’ve got the willingness to, my teachers give up, Dan had Deon give up.’

‘I won’t. I swear on my life.’

‘That’s a pretty big thing to swear on Andre.’

‘It is, but you need to learn the language just in case.’

‘You talk too much Andre.’

We both turned looking at an angered big bad Dom. ‘She won’t run Dom, she has nowhere to run to.’


‘And how’s he supposed to get back there with no money Dom?’

‘Why did you bring her here Andre?’

‘It has the best views of our hometown Dom.’

‘Leave us.’

‘Sure Dom.’ He looked at me. ‘I’ll see you back at the house.’

I nodded, wondering why I kept being interrupted by this guy. It’s like he has some secret agenda concerning me and anyone who dares to talk to me. He watched as Andre walked away. ‘Well that was rude, he was just showing me the sights there was no need to be so you about it.’

He grabbed me around the neck, choking me. ‘Yes there is.’ He said coldly, his eyes darkening. ‘You are immensely amile no one else, mine.’

I stood shaking. What was wrong with this guy? ‘Do you understand Amy? Do you understand that you’re mine and no one else’s?’

‘Y-e-s.’ I said, short of breath. My eyes rolling, he smashed his lips on mine shouting his tongue in, kissing me roughly. What the hell was going on I was about to lose consciousness. He pulled away. ’And don’t you dare forget it!” He said, taking his hand from around my neck. ’Come it’s getting late. I didn’t say anything as he took my hand in his pulling me away. I had no idea what was going on with this. What I did know is I didn’t like it one bit and I definitely didn’t like him.

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