Kidnapped by the Mafia

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4 - Amile (Amy)


God I hate fucking school the only decent thing about going there is my friends. I have no idea why my dad sent me to that school. It’s so Ergh. The guys are all over sexed man whores who just want to get in your knickers. I found that out the hard way when I met Andrew Andres fucking wanker. He’d been through half the school then made a bee line for me. I was dumb enough to say yes. He was an egocentric asshole who thought he could dictate what I could and couldn’t do. He almost lost me all of my friends, almost I was lucky that they stuck by me. No wonder girls didn’t stick with him longer than a few months I just assumed it was cause he was bored and wanted to move on to the next, that theory was thrown out of the window when he started talking as if he owned me and demanded I spent all of my time with him and not with my friends. Then as he became more and more possessive I stopped talking to my guy friends because he insisted that they were all after one thing and he didn’t lie the way that they were lo at me or talking to me he said they were all flirting with me what bull shit. They were genuinely friendly and were always bantering; he’d even taken it upon himself to make sure nine of them even said a single word to me ever again.

My girlfriends could see how I was going into a shell of my former self. I used to be so outgoing and bubble I used to get into a lot of trouble. Well I still did but not as much most of it was to do with him and him attacking the guys in our school cause he thought they were “wanting a piece of me.” It was getting out of hand so out of hand I almost lost my best friends but they all stuck by me and helped me get rid of the leech on my shoulder; Andrew Anders. Just say he wasn’t too pleased when we broke up and threatened to take me away from all of my friends and family. Did he really think he could go against someone like my father? He was a top barrister and had the police behind him he’d be locked away for at least 10 - 15 years for a stunt like that.

I wasn’t looking forward to today not one bit knowing he’d be there and would try anything to get back with me, I was lost in my own world when I collided with a hard brick wall. ‘Shit.’

‘Sorry it was my fault I was taking in the school.’ The sexy voice replied.

I looked up fuck he was hot. He was tanned with dark hair and the most beautiful peri in blue eyes I had ever seen. ‘New here hugh?’


‘Amile.’ She said holding her hand out.

‘Beau.’ He said,taking her hand and kissing it.

I giggled, blushing .

’Sorry I…

‘It’s fine, just a little unexpected.’

‘Sorry, it’s kinda a tradition in our country.’

‘Where are you from?’

‘Orange, France.’

‘Wow, so you’re the new exchange student everyone’s talking about?’

‘I guess I am.’

‘Come on I’ll show you where the office is, and I’ll show you around.’

‘That’ll be great.’

I smiled. My firends were going to like this hunk of a man to I could tell he worked out by his tight shirt gripping around his six pack and his arms fuck the were huge. ‘This way.’

He followed me to the main office. ‘Argh Miss.CromwellI I hope you haven’t been in trouble,again.’

‘Who moi? never!’ I grinned.

‘So what brings you here?’

‘Oh this is Beau the new exchange student.’

‘Oh nice to meet you Beau I’ll let the head know you’re here.’

He smiled politely.

‘So you’re always in trouble hugh?’ He smiled.

She flapped her hands. ‘Me? never! ’ She grinned, trying not to laugh.

‘Mr. Cattell will see you now Beau.’


He walked away.

I sat down to wait for him to finish. He came out of the office with the headmaster. ‘Maybe you can show our new student around Miss. Cromwell?’

‘It would be an honour sir.’

‘None of your sass Miss. Cromwell we don’t want you on another warning do we?’

‘I guess we don’t. Chow.’

‘Chow.’ He grinned, shaking his head.

We walked away. ‘Can I take a look at your timetable?’

‘Sure.’ He said passing it me.

I studied it and smiled. ’Cool we have lessons together the only ones we don’t have together this PE cause you’ll be with the guys, and you have business and I.T. So I’ll just show you the rooms you’ll be in. I won’t be far away so we’ll meet up after them.

‘So you know French and Italian?’

‘I do I learn both. I also know a little German my olds seem to think it will come in handy when I leave school.’

He nodded. ‘So are you planning on travelling once you leave here?’

‘I haven’t really thought about it my parents recon I should travel before I settle into my studies.’

‘And why do you want?’

‘I’m not sure I’ve got time to think’

He nodded and they entered their first lesson together.

Everything was going fine my friends adored him and his thick and sexy French accent pity he had to bump into an angry Andrew. I heard the commotion as I began to walk to my final lesson and I was meeting up with Beau to walk to our final lesson before school was over. That’s when I heard the commotion and students gathering wrong the fight.

He lunged forward his fists bailed and Beau dodged them; he didn’t need this shit on his first day. He continued to throw punches and Beau dodged them this guy had no idea whom he was dealing with but he wasn’t going to show him his true self he had to keep it hidden or it would all go tits up.

He walked away.

‘I’m not finished with you yet.’

‘Don’t waste your breath.’

He grabbed Beau. ‘I said I’m not finished yet.’

‘You are, I suggest you let go, I’m already late for lesson.’

His fist shot forward it clipped Beau’s chin, his eyes glowed with anger. If he hit this guy he’d be in a coma.

He stood his ground. ‘Is that the best you’ve got?’ He taunted.

He threw a couple more punches as the crowd gathered Beau stood unfazed by his poor and pathetic attempts to throw punches he was bleeding he couldn’t feel it. He surely got grabbed and pulled away her eyes were cold and angry. She looked directly at the guy infirm of Beau. ‘Andrew leave him the hell alone.’

‘You having his dick now!’

‘You’re a gerk you know that.’ She said pulling Beau to his feet. ‘Just cause he’s new doesn’t give you the right to pound his head in.’

‘He’s after my girl.’

‘I’m not your girl not anymore come on Beau I’ll clean you up.’

He nodded and she pulled him away. ‘You should’ve knocked that prick out.’

‘I don’t want to be expelled on my first day.’

‘Don’t worry you won’t none of them give a shit around here. The more time you spend here you’ll realise that.’

They entered the ladies. ‘I shouldn’t be in here.’

‘Who cares.’ Was her only reply diving into her bag. She pulled everything she needed to clean his face up. ‘This may hurt, so stay still.’

He nodded.

I cleaned his injuries on his face; he didn’t even flinch. ‘I take it you’re used to cleaning up after fights?’

‘I got accompanied to it yes, I have no feeling, I have a high pain barrier.’

I nodded. ‘Just don’t hold back next time fuck him up, he deserves it.’

‘So who is he to you? He seems content that you’re his girl.’

‘I was. I ended it with an eco chauvinist pig. He is too possessive and controlling. He didn’t like me having male friends as you can see by your face.’

He chuckled.

‘I kicked him to the curb over the Summer he got too much. I couldn’t even talk to my friends or his which were mine by the way until he went el loopy.’

‘So, we’re friends now?’

‘Yeah I guess we are. You seem a decent guy and all my friends like you so yeah we’re friends.’ She smiled.

He returned her smile.

‘There all done.’

‘Thanks Amile.’

‘Call me Amy all my friends do.’

‘I will thanks Amy.’

I smiled. ‘Come on we’re already late for lesson.’

‘Sure. Lead the way.’

She smiled and he followed her out of the girls bathroom.

Once shook was over we worked out I could see that a car was waiting for him stupid fucking prick of a teacher giving us detention for being five minutes later s it wasn’t even our fault but he would [nt ever her of it. Adshole

‘There’s my ride.’


‘So I’ll see you tomorrow?’

‘Yeah you will.’

He smiled. ‘Later Amy.’

‘Yeah later Beau.’ I smiled

He waved as he jogged away

I waved goodbye to him and continued walking away from the school. He got into the car and it pulled away. I really hope that we can be more than friends one day. I really like him he’s so much different than the guys I know.

Now it was time to hit reality and head home to another argument god I fucking hate my parents all they do is argue day in say out I just want a peaceful life but that’s not going to happen with my dad being a barrister and been targeted all of the time and my mum being a doctor who’s never hardly there and when she is they argue al lot the time cause she’s scared that one day I’ll be the target of revenge form one of his cases.

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