Kidnapped by the Mafia

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40 - Swimming and shooting guns


I woke early and felt refreshed. I had a good talk with Andre. I only wish the big scary guy was like him. He scares me a lot. If he actually took time to spend time with me and talked like the others do and didn’t treat me like an object of revenge then it would benefit the both of us. But, I know one thing it doesn’t look good. I know they were all lying to me about what will happen to me.I know when my dad fails to keep his end of the bargain I will be dead no if and no buts and that’s what is scaring me the most. The guy won’t keep me here. I’m sixteen and he’s well. He’s old and probably has exotic girls slitting around him all the time, I haven’t seen any yet but I’m sure I will soon enough.

I slid out of bed heading to the bathroom to refresh and to slip into my takini and flip flops grabbing a towel and extra clothes Christophe wanted to train so there’s exactly what we are going to do. I walked through the silent house and headed down to the pool where Alexandre was already waiting. He was wearing a smirk on his handsome face. Did I say handsome? Agh well I’m only human. Same hormones. ‘Good morning angel.’


‘I almost didn’t think that you were coming?’

‘And why wouldn’t I?’

‘The boss.’

‘He doesn’t own me. No one does.’

His smirk grew wider. ‘So we’ll swim first, have some brunch and I’ll take you to the firing range. I hope you’re up to some hard ass training today.’

‘I how you are to.’ I smirked.

‘As always.’

‘Well let’s get started then.’

I dropped my towel and spare clothes on the chair slipping out of my dress. His eyes went wide and not unnoticed as he took his clothes off,and then on another chair. I gulped, these guys were so well sculpted, but I guess I was too with all the training I had to endure through the Dan to become their best cage fighter. He grinned. ‘Like what you see angel?’

I scoffed. ‘Don’t push it.’

‘Oh I’m not. I know girls can’t keep their eyes off my body.’

‘Big headed prick.’

‘And don’t I know it!’ He smirked. ‘Let’s get to it.’

I nodded. ‘There’s showers back there so you can take a shower after and there’s changing rooms.’

‘I’m not showering or changing in the same space as you.’

He laughed out loudly. ‘There’s women’s showers and changing too.’


He smirked. ‘You really shouldn’t’ve put those dirty thoughts into my head angel.’

‘Well I suggest you keep them there.’

‘I will Angel.’

I gulped. ‘Shall we begin.’

‘I’m all yours Angel.’

‘Will you stop flirting.’

‘Sorry, habit.’

We dived into the swimming pool doing laps, he was doing good, but he needed to be better and I’d be the one to help him reach the goal of perfection. I helped him with his breathing and his swimming skills. We still had a long way to go but we’d get there. ‘Thanks for this angel, no one else has the patience.’

‘No problem, I’m only happy to help.’

‘So we’ll shower and change, have a light brunch and head to the firing range. How does that sound?’

‘It sounds good.’

‘I’ll wait out here for you, you girls know take the piss.’

‘Hey I’m not one of those girls.’

‘We’ll see.’

‘We will.’

We both pulled ourselves out of the pool grabbing our towels, clothes and trainers heading to the separate showers.

I waited by the men’s shower room for him to come out. Girls take the piss my ass. He walked out and jumped out of his skin. I laughed. ‘Not funny.’

‘Are you sure it isn’t boys that take the piss, not girls.’

‘I’m no boy and I can prove it.’

‘Yeah yeah whatever let’s go eat. I’m starving.’

‘Sure baby anything for you.’

‘I’m not your baby, call me Amy.’

‘But you are younger than me, therefore you’re my baby.’

‘What - Eva!’

He grinned laughing. ‘I like you, you’re funny and sexy. You have bigger balls than any of the guys here to stand up and take no shit from no one not even the big boss man.’

‘I’m in no debt to him and he doesn’t own me. No one tells me how to live my life, especially that big scary dude.’

He laughed loudly. ‘Come on angel, let’s grab something to eat.’


We both walked into the kitchen diner where around ten men were sitting. They all looked up, staring at me. I gulped. ‘It’s okay Angel the men no harm there just caught a little off guard by seeing you. You’ve only seen those appointed to you; these are some of Lucien’s men.’

‘Some.’ I gulped.

He nodded. ‘Yep some. There are over three hundred men here in the house, outside and around the premier so we are prepared for anything that comes our way.’

I nodded, well that fucked up my plan to get away from here. There wouldn’t be a way out of here without anyone noticing you’re gone.

He leaned over. ‘You won’t get out of here Angel trust me I’ve seen people try and they’ve been torture for less.’

I gulped. I guess I just had to suck it up and deal with the fact that I may not get out of here alive or dead.


I nodded and dug into the chocolate filled crepes with stares making me feel uncomfortable til we finally got up and headed to the gun range.

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