Kidnapped by the Mafia

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41- Swimming and shooting guns pt 2

He showed me the gun. ‘This is a Smith and Wesson Model 19. I’ll show you how to load it, how to aim and how to shoot okay?’

I nodded. ‘Yes.’

‘That’s my girl. So first you have to check the barrel to make sure there were no bullets then put your bullets in spinning the barrel till it is full, then shoot the barrel .’ He said, explaining what to do. ‘Here you try.’ He said, handing me another Smith and Wesson Model 19.

I nodded, ruling it off him for looking the instructions

1, check there’s no bullets.

2. Put bullets in, tuning the barrel unit all the bullets are in it.

3. Shut the barrel.

‘Done.’ I said smiling

He smiled impressively. ‘Well done, remember that every time you use the gun, it has to be in reverse to make sure you’ve emptied the barrel. If not we take the bullets out putting them back into the sleeves understand?’

I nodded. ‘Yes. I understand.’

‘Good,girl now watch very carefully.’


‘Now we are going to hit the target first you have to lift the gun to your eye line making sure you can see what you’re aiming at when you think you’ve got it where you want it click the safety of, aim me fire.’ He said doing exactly that the bullet buzzed through the air hitting the target perfectly in the heart. ‘Now you try it.’

‘Okay.’ I did exactly as he said and did.

Look at the target.

Make uremits in my eye line.

Check safety



The gun pulled my arm back.

Shit that hurts.

‘You’ll get used to it I’ll show you how to hold the gun right and it won’t nearly have a heart attack and once you get used to the gun your arm won’t pull back so roughly.’


‘You did good sweetie. You hit the arm.’

‘Damn and I was going for the head.’

He grinned laughing. ‘You’ll get it with practice, you done well for your frost try, let’s keep going and you may hit the head.’

I smirked sarcastically.


Where’s Amile and where the hell is Alexandre !’ I booked angrily he was supposed to be guarding her door making sure she didn’t try and escape.’

‘They’ve been together all day boss.’


‘She’s helping him with his swimming techniques.’

Over my dead body.

‘Where are they now?’

’They ate brunch and headed out towards the firing range.

Definitely over my dead body.

‘Why the hell did he take her there?’

‘To learn to shoot, boss.’

‘Over my dead body.’ I said, angrily, storming out and heading towards the firing range how could he be so reckless, and she allowed him to, she’s sixteen. I know we learn how to use a gun at thirteen but she’s a girl, a very naive girl who has no idea how this world works.’

I storm into the firing range as they put their guns down. ‘You done well today Angel. We’ll come and practice some more, okay.’

She opened her mouth.

‘Sur mon cadavre.’ (Over my dead body.)

They turned, she looked shocked and gasped and Alexandre paled. « Boss, je peux expliquer. » (Boss I can explain.

“Très bien, explique comment je t’ai spécifiquement demandé de garder Amy et comment tu t’es retrouvé dans la piscine.” (Fine explain how I specifically asked you to guard Amy and how you ended up in the pool.)

«Elle ne faisait que m’aider patron. Tu sais que je ne sais pas bien nager, et personne ne se soucie de prendre le temps de m’apprendre. Amy l’a fait. Elle est forte et ses techniques sont faciles à suivre, j’ai besoin de son aide, patron, je ne veux pas mourir de noyade, s’il vous plaît laissez-la m’aider. Je t’en supplie.′ (She was only helping me boss. You know I can’t swim to good,and no one cares to take the time to learn me. Amy did. She’s strong and her techniques are easy to follow,I need her help boss I don’t want to die from drowning, please let her help me. I beg you.)

‘Amende.’ (Fine.)

‘Merci patron.’ (Thanks boss.’)

« Passons maintenant au point suivant de l’ordre du jour. Qui diable a dit que vous pouviez l’emmener ici dans le champ de tir ? ′ (Now to the next item in the agenda. Who in the hell said you could going her here into the firing range?)

«Nous avons eu un chef d’affaire. Elle m’a aidé à apprendre à nager et lui apprend à tirer. (We had a deal boss. She helped me learn how to swim and is teach her how to shoot.)

« Et de qui était cette idée stupide ? Laissez-moi deviner le vôtre. (And whose stupid idea was that? Let me guess yours.)

« Oui, je pensais que cela lui ferait du bien d’apprendre à tirer pour se protéger des intrus ou d’autres gangs qui nous détestent ». (Yes I thought it would do her some good learn how to learn how to shoot to protect herself from intruders or other gangs that have taken a disliking to us)

“C’est ce que nous sommes ici pour Christophe, pour la protéger quoi qu’il arrive.” (That’s what we are here for Christophe, to protect her no matter what.)

« Et si le moment venait et que nous devions tous nous battre et que personne ne pouvait la surveiller ? Alors, patron ? » (What if the time comes and we all have to fight and no one can watch her back? What then boss?)

« Nous le serons à tout moment. » (We will be at all times.)

“Il y a peut-être cette fois le patron et cette fois où le pistolet ei lui sauve la vie si nous ne pouvons pas.” (There maybe that one time boss and that one time the gun ei save her life if we can’t.)

“Elle n’apprend pas à utiliser une arme à feu, et c’est définitif.” (She’s not learning how to use a gun, and that’s final.)

« Mais patron. » (But boss.)

« Ma parole est définitive ! » (My word is final)!)

‘Stop talking in French! I know it’s your hometown language, but I can’t understand a word and that’s just damn right rude.’ She shouted, angrily.

‘Well it’s none of your business my fiery flower. When we talk in French it’s for our ears only and not yours.’

‘It’s still down right rude!’

‘The boss doesn’t like it because I was teaching you how to shoot.’

‘We had a deal. I kept my end and so did you. I don’t even know what the big deal is. I need to protect myself out here.’

‘I agree but the boss doesn’t. He thinks we should be the one protecting you.’

I nodded glaring at the big scary dude swallowing. ‘Look big scary dude, you may be able to scare them half to death but you’re not scaring me. I am one on my own. I decide what is good for me and what is not, so get off your high horse! This place is as boring as shit. For fuck sake I’m supposed to be going to college, having fun and meeting sexy guys and instead I’m stuck here with the guys that kidnapped me for money that I don’t even owe.’

‘So you don’t think we’re sexy?!’

‘Is that all you got out of this conversation? I’m bored, I want to train, and if shooting is part of it, so be it.’

‘God she’s so sexy when she’s feisty and angry.’

‘Shut the fuck up Alexandre!’ We snapped. Well at least we agreed on something.

He put his hand up in front of him in defence. ‘Just saying. She’s good boss, let me teach her she’ll need one. She needs to be prepared if we’re all trying to save our own arses and no one can watch her.’

‘I’ll think about it.’

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