Kidnapped by the Mafia

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42 - Acceptance


The big scary guy had allowed Alexandre to learn how to swim like an athlete with me training him and soon after that many of the other guys wanted to join in. He had groaned several times. He had also agreed that Alexandre could teach me how to shoot. He’d finally come around and accepted that I may in the near future need to use a gun to protect myself and he’d finally accepted that if there was a war they couldn’t be in two places at once and I’d need to use it as a defence mechanism if all else failed. He was slowly accepting that his men were training better with me around so he’d asked me to train them in the mixed martial arts he knew second hand I could handle myself and fight at least three guys but he still wanted me to train with then and take one more of his men every time we trained it was to take place at the end of the week I’d fought four inter boxing champions since I had began training with Dan and Deon I had learn how to fight all different techniques.

Dom said I was a fast learner, pity I wasn’t multilingual, I only knew English, Andre was teaching me french at a slow pace so I could eventually talk in sentences and not just one word at a time. Lucien was well, he was Lucien, he was very competitive just like Dominique. We trained daily. He was one tough cookie. I was just as impressed with him as I was with Dom. I had also come to accept I was here for the purpose of him getting his money back from my father which was doubtful but I kept hanging on to the hope he’d pay this guy back.

I had no clue what my future held right now all I knew is that I had to accept my fate whatever it was. I had accepted that Dom was not as scary as he looks. We were getting on better and he was training alongside me. I was almost on par with him, Lucien and Andre. Me and Beau hardly spoke to each other but he trained with all of us so I could hardly ignore him when they put us up against one another.

The click of fingers brought me out of my thoughts and back to reality. ‘You okay my fiery flower?’

I looked up and nodded.

‘You zoned out again Amy. You know you can’t do that when it comes to war? The most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings and who is on your side and who isn’t so you don’t hit the wrong target.’

‘I’m sorry Dom.’

He smiled. ‘It’s fine flower, just don’t do it again.’

‘I won’t.’

‘Come on it’s Friday and you have to go up against six of us, me being the last, do you think you can handle it?’ He said, winking and grinning.

‘Yeah sure bring it on.’

He held his hand out. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. ‘Right you’ll be fighting Christophe, Alexandre, Beau, Lucien, Andre and me are we clear?’


‘Good let’s go.’

We walked over to where the others were stretching. ‘We’ll do some stretching first. Louis will count it in and be the referee, are we clear?’


‘Good, let’s do some stretches.’

I nodded and we did our stretches to supple our muscles so we’d be ready to fight.

Once we’d done our stretches we got into our positions. ‘Ready everyone?’

We nodded, getting into our stances watching each other to see who would make the first move.

Raphael flew over my shoulders and Alexandre charged at me I slid down kicking him down jumping up landing a fly kick to him Beau flipped me over, but he followed I locked him in but he flipped me over I arched my legs back and kicked him off he stumbled and I leaned up to have a kick to the face I stumped as the next two scissored me fuck this guy was good.

I uppercut as he went for me again making him fly across the room sliding across the floor. The arm came around my throat shit where did this guy come from? I grabbed his arms and tried to flip him fuck he threw me over his shoulders. A kick came towards me and I kicked hearing his bones crunch. I jumped up spinning, hitting his face full on. He stumbled back I spun and he fought my ankle in mid air spinning me around throwing me to the ground. I slowly got to my feet fuck thsts going to hurt in the morning.

All six surrounded me, attacking me. I spun around spin kicking them making them fly through the air landing in their asses. They all jumped up and I jumped in the air sucker punching the first two to bring them down to their knees. The third grave onto me I threw him over my shoulder three to go the best of the best they all circled me and attacked. They were fast but not fast enough, my fists elbow and knees boring them down now for the last and the most skilful. We fought long and hard, both of us bleeding and him limping. I made an aim for his weakness and b]my foot landed on it shattering it, taking him to the floor, I went for him again his hand shot up grabbing my throat. I wrapped my hands around his trying to prize it off. I kicked my least out trying to hit his legs so he’d let go. My breath became short as I struggled to get him off. ‘The fight is over. Dominique is the winner.’

« Perdre sa Dom, tu vas la tuer. » (Lose her Dom, you’re going to kill her.)

‘Maintenant, Dom perd sa putain de gorge.’ (Now Dom lose her fucking throat.)

Merde, elle ne respire pas. Dom lâche-toi ! (Shit she’s not breathing. Dom let go!)

Was the last thing I heard before everything around me went black.

« Comment va-t-elle docteur ? » (How is she doc?)

“Ses signes vitaux sont bons, elle est stable.” (Her vitals are good, she’s stable.)

« Quand va-t-elle se réveiller ? » (When will she wake?)


’Je ne peux pas te dire ça. Elle a eu de la chance qu’il l’ait lâché quand il l’a fait, sinon elle serait morte. (I can’t tell you that. She was lucky he let go when he did or she’d be dead.)

« Merci docteur. » (Thanks doctor.)

He nodded and walked away. I can’t bleive Dom could be so fucking stupid. He knows if she dies he’ll never get what is owed to him. He needs to keep his anger in check. She was only doing what any other person would’ve done in that situation.

‘Comment est-elle?’ (How is she?)

I looked up and I was beyond pissed. « Vous auriez pu la tuer Dom alors comment auriez-vous pu récupérer votre argent ? » (’You could’ve killed her Dom then how would you he’d’ve got your money back?)

«Je viens de voir rouge. Elle m’a attaqué au même endroit, deux fois. (’I just saw red. She attacked me in the same place, twice.)

‘Cela ne justifie pas tes actions Dom. Elle a seize ans, pas vingt-cinq putain. Elle a besoin d’une formation appropriée, elle a fait tout ce qu’un expert et un intrus auraient fait, optez pour le point le plus faible. Tu aurais pu la tuer Dom. Pensez-y.’

(That doesn’t justify your actions Dom. She’s sixteen not twenty fucking five. She needs the proper training, she did anything an expert and an intruder would’ve done, go for the weakest point. You could’ve killed her Dom. Think about it.’ I said angrily leaving him he needs to sort his shit out.)

Two days later

Dom had sat in the room with her watching and waiting for her to wake. He had a lot to think about over these past few days. He needed to apologise and make sure something like this never happened like this again whilst they were training.

Her eyes fluttered open. He shot up.’ W.. what happened? Wh..we’re am I?’

‘Your in the hospital on the grounds. You’re still at the house and to answer your first question. I’m sorry I took it too far. I should never have taken it that far. I was angry that you attacked me in the same place twice. All I could think of was getting revenge for you doing what you did. Yuor blacked out and I pulled away and Lucien brought you here.’

‘Well they say all’s fair in love and war!’ She cracked.

‘You’re taking this rather well.’

‘;considering you almost killed me. Yes. And I’m sorry too, it’s how I’ve been trained. Once you find their weakness you use it.’

He grinned. ‘That’s exactly how I was taught too. Dan trained you will and I should’ve not expected any less and I’m sorry. I need to keep my anger in check and I will.’

She smiled. ‘I accept you as you are Dominique like I accept the life you live as well as everyone else here.’

He smiled and leaned forward. ‘And I accept everything about you my firey flower. You’ve done more here for everyone than I ever could.’ he said pal off his lips on hers kissing her softly.

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