Kidnapped by the Mafia

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43 - shock to the system


He moved away looking into my eyes, his eyes were so dark and void of any feelings, is this what the mafia life does to you? I opened my mouth yet nothing ventured out.

He smiled rubbing my face with his thumb. ‘I’m all my years I’ve never met a girl like you Amy you’re one tough cookie I’ll give you that. Ice is just a facade to hide your true identity. You’re brave, strong, unfeared, you are fearless, feisty and fiery. You’re a guy’s dream girl. Ice is the girl you want to become a girl who locks her truth away, a girl that has many secrets to hide, a girl that wants the world to know that she doesn’t give a shit what other people think about her just the once she cares for and loves with all of her heart.’

Tears slipped from my eyes. He wiped them away with his thumb. How could one person know so much about you and the life you lead when they don’t even know you?

‘It’s okay my fiery flower. We all have pasts, we all have secrets to keep and we all look forward to our future whatever that may be. ’

‘But I’m never going to get that future am I?’

‘You might have. We’ll have to see how it all plays out.’

‘You’re going to kill me if my father doesn’t pay up.’

‘I can think of better things to do with you than kill you.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You’ll just have to wait and see my fiery flower.’ He smiled.

He pulled himself up. ‘I could never kill you even if I wanted to. My men would never forgive me, you’ve turned some heads around here Amy. The guys respect you more than me which some may find impossible, but they do, they train harder than they ever have. I personally think they all leave crushed in you. But they will never have you because you are mine.’ He said before walking out of the door. ‘Get some rest Amy, you’ll be having supper here for the next few days.’


He closed the door and I lay back with a sigh, maybe this mafia leader was not as scary as I thought he was. All I was scared about was finding out what he had planned for me. If it was not my death, what other things could he possibly do to me? I thought as I slowly closed my eyes.


Shit shit shit. That was not meant to happen. Fuck it.

Fuck I have a hardon agian. I have to sort myself out before I meet Lucien to go down to the warehouse we’re waiting on a big arms shipment that is due today.

I walk into my room hoping to forget Amy for the next few hours. I have no idea what this girl is doing to me. No other girl has ever made me feel like this and I had plenty. This girl is like no girl out there. I know no other girl has ever had the nerve to talk to me like she does. She’s sassy and fiery, something that automatically turns me off girls. I like obedient girls that do as I order with no questions asked. So why is she so different? Fuck I’m rock solid jsut thinking about ehr bad attitude and her sarcasm that hinders towards me and my men. I need the shower now so I can ge tto this fucking meeting without having a raging hard on for the next few hours.

I strip down and enter my bathroom taking a very cold shower.

Once I’ve showered I changed into my Taylor made Armani suit and slip on shoes to make a good impression if we want to seal the deal.

I make my way downstairs to the lobby where lucienis waiting. He grinned. ‘How’s Amy?’

‘She’s good. We had a little chat.’

‘I hope you didn’t scare her, Dom. She may look strong but she isn’t.’

‘No I didn’t happy?’

‘Yes I am.’

‘Good I like the girl.’

‘And she’s stronger than she looks Lucien. She’s slowly warming to me.’

‘Glad to hear. The men really like her. She gives them the initiative to keep pushing themselves harder and harder. They’re doing a lot better in training than they were before she came along.’

‘Pity she’s the barristers’ little girl.’

‘When has that ever stopped you Dom ?’


I grinned evilly thinking of what I could do to her in my bed and what I could do to her darling father if he doesn’t pay up. I have to stop thinking about all these things before I get hard again and I haven’t got time for another cold shower right now. And I can’t afford to miss this very important meeting to have one.

« Tu vas bien Dom ? » (You okay Dom?)

« Fantastique est André qui attend dans la voiture?» (’Fantastic is Andre waiting in the car?)

’Il est. Beau a été chargé de veiller sur Amy pendant que nous assistons à cette réunion. (He is. Beau has been instructed to watch over Amy whilst we attend this meeting.)

« Bien, un gars de presque son âge à qui parler. » (Good, a guy almost her age to talk to.)

“Si elle le permet, leur amitié est toujours un sujet sensible.” (If she lets him, their friendship is still a sore subject.)

“Eh bien, elle devra juste s’en remettre parce qu’ils passeront beaucoup de temps ensemble vu qu’il est le seul en qui je peux avoir confiance pour ne pas avoir une érection qui fait rage autour d’elle.” (Well she’ll just have to get over it ’cause they’ll be spending a lot of time together seeing as he’s the only one I can trust not to have a raging boner around her.)

« Est-ce que cela signifie que vous ne me faites pas confiance non plus avec elle ? »

(Does that mean that you don’t trust me around her either?)

I looked at him with my eyebrow raised. He may be my brother from another mother but I’ve seen the way he and Andre look at her as of they want to eat her alive and take her purity away,but I’m the only one that will be doing that if al legless to plan, knowing Harry Cromwell he won’t find the amount of money he owes me even if he has it stacked away he’ll take the piss returning it, then I’ll make my move. All I need to do is get Amy to trust me and I’ll have her exactly where I want her and she’ll never be able to return home.

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