Kidnapped by the Mafia

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44 - The meeting


Me and Lucien strode down the corridor heading out to the car, the door opened and we slid in closing the door Andre is sitting in his expensive tailored suit. We all have a big business deal to seal with the Sicilian Mafia. It’s a big deal for the both of us in firearms that haven even come on the market yet. With this deal we can also form an alliance with them if we go up against the Russian or German mafia. Which is inevitable as they are always looking to get what is ours which includes our women so I will have to put extra protection up around Amy.

I hope she is okay. Her and Beau haven’t really spoke that much since she arrived. I think they’re both trying to avoid one another because they had become good friends and she trusted him more than she trusted her other friends and opened up to him and he had failed her like her useless father. She felt betrayed and he felt as if he betrayed her by making her believe that she could trust him with her heart to get it destroyed by him when she found out the truth to who he really is. She’ll get over it. It may take time but she will have to because they\ll be training together.

‘We’re here Dom.’ Lucien said, bringing me out of my thoughts and back to reality.

I nodded and we all got out of the car we had two extra cars just incase of an ambush we can’t be too careful can we? We closed the doors heading to the spacious house welcomed by the housekeeper. ‘Mr. Colbone it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.’

I smiled briefly. ‘I’m here to see Miñanco and Charlín.’

‘Follow me they’re waiting for you in the boardroom.’

I nodded following the housekeeper through the large house after he closed the door.

He led us into the boardroom.

Jefe, señor. Carbone, señor. Spiritol y Sir. Los comunes están aquí para la reunión “.

(Boss, Sir. Carbone, Sir. Spiritol and Sir. Commons are here for the meeting.)

“Envíalos”. (Send them in.)

He nodded and gestured for us to go in, we walked in and they both stood up. ‘Bienvenido a nuestra casa.’ (Welcome to our home.) Miñanco said hugging and kissing both cheeks with all of us.’

“Esperamos poder hacer negocios con usted”. (We’re looking forward to doing business with you.) Charlín added, repeating, what Miñanco had done.

“El placer es todo nuestro”. (The pleasure is all ours.)

“¿Empezamos, caballeros?” (Shall we get started gentlemen?)

We nodded.

‘Por favor tome asiento.’ (Please be seated.)

We all sat down and started our meeting


I was extremely amazed by the house we had come to for our meeting with the Spanish mafia. It was almost as big as ours but notes big. We went through all of the contract with Miñanco and Charlín and agreed to do business with them.

“Estamos deseando trabajar con usted, señor Corobone”. (We are looking forward to working with you Mr. Corobone.)

“Debo decir que estoy impresionado con su oferta y no podría pensar en un mejor socio comercial”. (I must say I am impressed with your offer and I couldn’t think of a better business partner.)

We shook hands and gunshots went off. We all pulled out guns.

“Es mejor que esto no sea un montaje Miñanco”. (This best not be a set up Miñanco.)

“No lo es, lo juro”. (It isn’t, I swear.)

More gunshots echoed through the house perfect just perfect. “Finden Sie sie, wir müssen diese Transaktion stoppen, damit ich uns gehöre.” (Find them we need to stop this transaction so I will be ours.)

Fucking Germans.

We all looked at each other nodding holding our guns by our sides slowly,opening the door and opening fire I guess we’d have to take in these fuckers then the Russian can this day get any fucking worse ?

‘Da sind sie!’ (There they are!)

We turned firing, we all slipped out taking down every last damn German Mafia henchman but where was their boss?

‘Todo claro.’ (All clear.)

“¿Dónde está Bushido?” (Where’s Bushido?)

Comprobamos en todas partes, jefe, no está donde se pueda encontrar “. (We checked everywhere, boss he’s not where to be found.)

“A la mierda esta mierda, esto no es como si él registrara los terrenos. (Fuck this shit this isn’t like him search the grounds.)


Me and Amy had headed down to the gym Dom had instructed that I take care of her whilst they were all at the meeting with Miñanco and Charlín I usually I would go with them but not today it was my sworn duty to take care of Amy because he made it clear that he couldn’t trust any of the other men around her. He had said to me, «Je mets ma confiance en toi Beau pour prendre soin d’Amy pendant notre absence. Tu es le seul homme en qui j’ai confiance avec elle, tous les autres ici pensent avec leurs bites et je ne veux pas qu’elle se sente menacée de quelque façon que ce soit. Promets-moi que tu prendras soin d’elle. (I am putting my trust in you Beau to take care of Amy whilst we are gone. You’re the only male I trust with her, all the others here think with their dicks and I don’t want her to feel threatened in any way. Promise me you’ll take care of her.)

‘Je promets Dom et je te jure sur ma vie, je prendrai soin d’elle et je ne laisserai aucun d’entre eux s’approcher d’elle.’ (I promise Dom and I swear to you on my life, I will take care of her and I won’t let any of them near her.)

That was easier said than done two hours ago when I had told her that I was assigned to take care of her whilst they were at the meeting which she already knew so we decided to head down to the gym to do a little sparring to keep her well toned and well trained and ready for when she goes up against Dom again. Let’s hope he doesn’t try and choke her to death next time. We were sparring with each other when we suddenly got an audience, not this shit again. I groaned loudly she sighed frustrated why did they always have to show up every time we were alone down here?

The siren alerted all of us. ’Les intrus. Les gars vous connaissez l’exercice. (Intruders. Guys you know the drill,) I looked at

Amy. She didn’t seem terrified, just puzzled. ‘Someone’s in the house Amy. You need to follow me. I need to keep you safe.’

She nodded unaware of what was going on. We haven’t dealt with intruders for a while. Who the hell was it this time Dom, Lucien and Andre had so many enemies to choose from.

„Finde das Mädchen, wir nehmen es und benutzen es, um Carbone zu schlagen.“. (Find the girl, we’ll take her and use her to bate Carbone.)

Over my dead body. ‘I have to get you out of here Amy.’

‘Who are they?’

‘Bad news that will do anything to take dom down which now includes taking you.’

‘Lead the way.’

I nodded and had my gun in my hand. My other hand grabbed tightly onto hers. I needed to get her to the safe room. They wouldn’t find either of us there.

Bullets were flying in every direction barely missing us as we ducked and sped walked through the chas. ‘We found her boss.’

Over my dead body. I aimed and pulled the trigger, the bullet skimmed through the air pricing through his heart.

I shot two more that were coming towards us unaware that she’d slid my other gun out of the holder and shot an on coming hitman that was behind us.

She continued to shoot those who were emerging off the stairwell as we continued to vere through the chaos of gun fire and dead bodies. I prayed to god that none of our men were dead. „Gib mir das Mädchen.“ (Give the girl to me.)

Fuck Bushido had he planned this if he had Dom was in deep shit at the meeting thst was taking place.Over my dead body (Over my dead body.)

(So sei es.) (So be it.)

He aimed at me, Amy slipped out of my hand and from behind me. skidding across the floor aiming the gun at him and firing his arm shot back. „Du verdammte Schlampe, das wirst du bezahlen, wenn du in Deutschland angekommen bist.“ (You fucking bitch you’ll pay for that once you get to Germany.)

‘Like he said over my dead body.’ She said firing once again hitting him in the shoulder.

He groaned. „Du wirst für diese Hündin bezahlen. Ich komme wieder und nehme dich mit und das ist keine Drohung, es ist ein Versprechen.“ (You’ll pay for that bitch. I’ll be back and I’ll take you with me and that’s not a threat, it’s a promise.)He said and he was gone.

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