Kidnapped by the Mafia

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45 - Deon D’Aboville


Beau looked at me confused, holding his arm, shit he’s bleeding. ‘How do you know German?’

‘I may have or may not have picked it up when we visited our relatives over there.’

He nodded, dropping to the floor. I slid under him. Shit he needs that bullet out of his arm. I heard many boots running towards us. ‘We need to take him to the hospital, he’s been shot.’

‘We can do better, Angel, we have one right here in the grounds.’

Of course you do.

They lay the stretcher down. I let them lift Beau up onto it and take him away. ‘What happened.’

I looked up oh shit.

‘Amy are you okay you’re not hurt?’

My mouth dropped. I shook my head. ‘Beau was shot. Trying to save me.’

He nodded. ‘Let’s get you looked at.’

‘I’m fine.’

He pulled me up off the ground, the gun still in my hand. ‘Who’s is the gun Amy? I didn’t issue you with one.’

Shit fuck I didn’t want to get Beau into trouble. ‘I took it from Beau. I’m sorry I had to think fast or he’d be dead.’

He nodded. Taking the gun off me slipping it into the back of his trousers. ‘Let’s go.’

‘I said I’m fine, just take care of Beau.’

‘I’ll be the judge of that.’

Of course you will.

He led me away from the gym. ‘Did you see any. Of the men who attacked you?’

‘Their dead but one.’

He nodded. ‘Describe the one who you saw.’

‘Big, scary, more scary than you.’

He smirked. ‘I find that hard to believe.’ He looked at me. ‘I need more than that Amy’

‘He was,German and he looked mighty pissed.’

His eyebrow quirked. ‘Are you sure he was German?’

‘I’m pretty sure he spoke in German.’

‘I only thought you spoke in fluent French and fluent English.’

Thanks for the reminder jerk. ‘I do.’

‘So how can you be sure it was German if you weren’t. taught it.’

‘I picked up on it a little when we visited our grandparents in Germany, satisfied?’

‘Very. Did you get a name?’

‘No just he wanted to take me with him to piss you off.’

‘That will never happen Amy it would have to be over my dead body first then they’d have to go through Lucien and Andre before they could get to you.’

I laughed.

‘What’s so funny Amy, what do you call this in French ? Déjà vu.’

He looked confusedly at me. ‘Beau and myself said the same thing.’

He looked at me and flipped,his head back in a big roar of laughter.

This was the first time I’d ever heard him laugh. He never laughed. He surprised Lucien and Andre too, who were tagging behind. ’You okay Dom?

He stopped laughing. ‘Perfect.’

They grinned widely.

‘Let’s go and sort Amy out and see how Beau is doing.’

‘Couldn’t’ve put it better myself.’ Lucien remarked.

We all continued down to the hospital where he made me get looked over. Everything’s good boss she has no wounds whatsoever I’m surprised that she managed to dodge the bullets out there. I heard it was manic.

It was, and so I was surprised that I guess my training came in handy after all.’


The doctor smiled. That did not please Dominique one bit, but why? Oh well guess I’d never know. ‘Come on let’s all see how Beau is.’

We all nodded and went to see Beau who was getting stitched up. He looked up. ‘Patron.’ (Boss.)

« Comment vas-tu Beau ? » (How are you Beau?)

«En vie, grâce à Amy, cela aurait pu être pire qu’une seule balle. Elle a pris des initiatives même si elle avait besoin de plus de pratique. Elle a pris mon arme inaperçue et a tiré sur tous les intrus qui se dirigeaient derrière nous. (Alive,thanks to Amy it could’ve been worse than just one bullet. She took initiative even though she needed more practice. She took my gun unnoticed and shot all the intruders that were heading from behind us.)

‘Dites-moi dès le début ce qui s’est passé.’ (Tell me from the beginning what happened.)

“Amy et moi étions au gymnase en train de s’entraîner, certains gars regardaient.” (Me and Amy were in the gym sparring, some of the guys were watching.)

More like drooling, Dominique frowned he didn’t look happy, though I couldn’t blame him because it was becoming a bad habit whenever me and Beau had a sparring match alone and if I didn’t know any betrayer I’d say he promised Dominique he wouldn’t let them near me and he’d broke it. But those guys needed to seriously quit it. They had a job to do and not drool over me. It was getting to the point that they were seriously pissing me off.

“Nous avons tous entendu des coups de feu et je leur ai ordonné de se mettre à leurs positions et je mettrais Amy en sécurité.” (We all heard gunshots and I commanded them to get in their positions and I’d get Amy to safety.)

Dominique nodded.

«Une fois qu’ils étaient partis, j’ai emmené Amy hors du gymnase pour se diriger vers le coffre-fort, mais nous avons été pris en embuscade. J’ai tiré sur quelques-uns d’entre eux et Amy a dû les voir venir de la cage d’escalier et a sorti mon arme de son étui et leur a tiré dessus. Nous avons continué vers le point où nous devions nous rendre dans le coffre-fort et nous avons de nouveau été pris en embuscade. (Once they were gone I led Amy out of the gym to head to the safe room but we were ambushed. I shot at a few of them and Amy must’ve saw them coming from the stairwell and slipped my gun out of its holster and shot them. We continued towards the point we had to get to the safe room and we were ambushed again.)

« Vous souvenez-vous de visages ? Le récit de Beau Amy sur Big, effrayant, plus effrayant que moi et l’allemand n’a pas été utile. (Do you remember any faces? Beau Amy’s account of Big, scary, more scary than me and German wasn’t helpful.)

I gave him a sarcastic look not my fault I’m not good with facial features.

‘Bushido.’ (Bushido.)

He stared with a pale expression that didn’t look good. I’d never seen him so pale.

“Putain de trou du cul, c’était tout préparé, il a envoyé ses hommes pour arrêter l’accord afin qu’il puisse venir ici pour Amy.” (Fucking ass hole this was al la set up he sent his men to stop the deal so he could come here fro Amy.)

“Elle lui a tiré dessus.” (She shot him.)

Quoi!′ (What!) He roared, making me flinch.

‘À deux reprises.’ (Twice.)

He looked at me angrily. ‘You shot him twice?’

‘He was going to shoot Beau, and there was no way in hell that was going to happen. Then he was going to shoot me and take me with him to Germany. I don’t fucking think so.’

‘Shit you’ve just dug your own grave Amy. He’ll come after you again.’

‘And I wasn’t going to see either of us dead.’

He nodded. ‘We need to make sure you’re safe at all times he’ll come back with more men and with vengeance fuck.’

‘I’m sorry I…’

Lucien placed his arm around me giving Dominique a death glare. ’It’ll be okay Amy, we’ll keep you safe and that’s a promise.

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