Kidnapped by the Mafia

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46 - Deon D’Aboville pt 2

Deon D’Aboville

I placed back and forth like I’d been doing for the past three weeks hoping and praying Amy was okay. Dominique was not a man to be messed with and I’d he didn’t get what he wanted he’d kill no questions asked. I feared for her life because her father never cared about her; he never gave a damn about her welfare. Me and Dan were the only ones who did now and we betrayed her too. I have lost count of the amount of times she ended up on our doorstep or here at the devil’s den just to vent her anger. I’m so angry right now. I loved the girl to death and she was in the hands of a man who was murdered for a living. We were no different; we lived by his rules to survive in the mafia world. We’d grown up around them and moved to England we’ve licensed for almost ten years and lived through the horrific deaths of Dominique, Lucien and Andre’s parents deaths that were caused by the Andres.

A knock came to my office door. ‘Boss there’s a woman here to see you.’

Ergh, not now. ‘Sure, show her in.’

The door opened and a woman with dark hair and piercing green eyes just like Amy’s, she was dressed in her scrubs. ‘Good morning mam, my name is Deon D’Aboville, how may I assist you today?’

‘I’m Anastasia Cromwell.’

Shit it’s Amy’s mom but what is she doing here?’

‘I’m Amile Cromwell mom, but I guess you already know that by the look upon your face.’

I stared at her, nodding Amy had mentioned her mother frequently and how close they were and how strong their mother and daughter bond was she’d finally convinced her to leave ehr worthless husband behind.

‘I need your help.’

‘I don’t know how I can help you mam.’

I know you know my daughter. I need to know if she’s okay. I need to know where she is. This is all her father’s fault for taking money from dangerous people to feed his habit. Please,help me find her before Andrew Anders finds her.

My ears quirked, weren’t they all dead?

‘But I thought.’

She shook her head. ‘That little shit is way too clever for his own good, pity they didn’t see him slip out of the school and shoot him dead so he would be no where near my family and my daughter that family is evil and controlling I don’t want him to ever find her I don’t want her to end up a battered wife or dead cause she ran her mouth at him.’

We all knew Amy was good at that.’

‘Promise me you’ll help me find her.’

‘I promise Mrs. Cromwell. ’

‘It’s Weber please. I just thought it would confuse you if I didn’t give you my marital name and you would never have talked to me.’

I nodded. That was true we don’t like strangers around here though Amy was one and we took her under our wing and made her become what she is today, a strong and confident young woman. ‘I promise Miss. Weber I will do my best to find amile.’

She hugged me. ‘Thank you so much young man, she means the world to me I don’t want to see her in the wrong hands because of her father.’

‘She won’t be, I can promise you that.’

She pulled out the hug. ‘I best be going and leave you to it. I can see you are busy.’

I nodded. ‘Stay safe.’

‘You too young man.’

She opened the door, leaving. She closed the door behind her. I’m so pissed right now this is all Dan’s fault for making me stay out of it when he knew my attention. I’m so angry right now knowing I can’t even stick by my promise. I yanked my door open angrily storming towards Dan’s office.

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