Kidnapped by the Mafia

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47 - A new offer - Payment declined

Harry Cromwell

I sat in my office and I have managed to scrape up half of what I owe Colbone. I hope he accepts it. I will have the rest of his payment in a couple of weeks. I hope he accepts this offer of generosity. I know I’ve kept him waiting for around two years. I honestly thought I could handle my tabling problem and pay him back in full, but it has escalated over the years. I even had debt with the Andres and many other of the mafia and mob bosses here in the U.K. I am such a waste of time and a bad father, I was such a bad husband my dear Anastasia even left me with our daughter who I treated like crap a lot these years. I should’ve let her follow her dreams but instead I declined her the pleasure becasue of my fucking addiction it was costing more than the house was worth.

I have all the bad people in this world on my back for the money I owe them. My business is going downhill and is being sold to one of the members of one of the mob in a week’s time so I will be penniless and homeless. The mortgage isn’t even paid off yet and I can’t remortgage either. The bank has declined it so many times because of the late payments so I have been forced to sell up and get a one bed apartment. The rest of the money from the sale has gone to Colbone.

I have a shitty job to keep me going so I guess it’ll have to do until someone finally catches up with me and puts a bullet through my head.

I went to call Colbone to let him know that I have sent a wire transfer over to him, but he got to me first.’



‘I received your payment today. I must say I am not pleased,at this amount.’


‘I’d like you to explain to me why you only sent half the payment? Where is the rest of the payment Harry? I have your daughter remember.’

’How can I forget? ‘I know I’m sorry.’

‘Today is the deadline Harry.’

‘I know I’ll get you the rest I promise just don’t do anything please I beg you.’

‘Sorry Harry the payment has been declined.’

‘Please anything.’

‘I want to make another deal with you Harry these don’t come often so would you like to heat my offer?’

‘Anything for my daughter to be safe.’

‘Okay . If you insist, here it is. In one month if you do not have the rest of my money I will marry your daughter as the final payment.’

‘You can’t do that, she’s sixteen.’

‘You said anything Harry and that is anything am I correct?’

‘Yes I did.’

‘Good so do we have a deal?’

‘Yes we have a deal.’

‘Good one month Harry. Glad to be doing business with you.’

He disconnected the call and I put my phone down, shit. What have I just done? What if I don’t get that money to him by the time the month is over he will marry my Amile and there will be nothing I can do about it. Anastasia is going to kill me, Andrew Anders is definitely going to kill me, after all I had promised him my daughter’s hand in marriage to pay off my debt to him. What am I going to do?

Andrew Andres

I’d given Harry Cromwell a whole month to get his shit together and come up with the money he owed to Colbone. He better have paid him in full or he’ll be another headstone. I stormed into his office. I know he’d downgraded his job because of the countless gangs he owed money to and he was doing his best to pay them all what he owed them but this was top priority. I wanted Amy back and back with me.

He looked up and he didn’t look good.

Good. He didn’t deserve to look good. ‘Have you sent the money over to Colbone you owed him?’

‘He refused the payment.’


‘I’m sorry.’

‘Did you pay it in full?’


‘I specifically told you to pay in full before you paid anyone else.’

‘I know but they took my business and I paid a substantial amount to others.’

‘Boohoo. Now listen to me and listen good I want you to stop taking the piss with this.’

‘He cut another deal.’

‘What’s the other deal?’

‘To pay him the rest of what I owe him in the next month or he will marry Amy.’ He gulped nervously.

‘Over my dead body. Now listen snd listen good you find the rest of that money Amy isn’t marrying that French prick she’s marrying me snd if you fuck this up you’ll be dead understsnd?’

‘Yes I understand.’

’Good, I said before storming out of the office he better get that money to Colobone, she’s mine my queen not thst ass hole French pricks, mine.

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