Kidnapped by the Mafia

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48 - Arranged marriage


I walked into Dominique’s office. He was sitting on his leather swivel chair with a whisky in his hand swirling the glass oh shit something’s wrong. He doesn’t drink whisky unless he is pissed at something or someone. ‘Dis-moi Lucien.’ (Tell me Lucien.)

O oh

« Dis-moi si j’ai je suis un imbécile écrit sur mon front ? moi si j’ai que je suis un imbécile écrit sur mon front ? » (Tell me so I have I’m a fool written on my forehead?)

« Non, tu ne le fais pas Dom. » (No you don’t Dom.)

« Alors pourquoi les gens pensent-ils qu’ils me considèrent comme tel ? » (Then why do people think they cosmtret me like one.)

’Je ne connais pas Dom. Si vous me dites ce que vous pensez, je peux peut-être vous aider. (I don’t know Dom. If you tell me what’s on your mind maybe I can help.)

“Tu sais que cet idiot de Cromwell a envoyé la moitié de ce qu’il me devait.” (You know that idiot Cromwell sent half of what he owed me.)


« Je vois si à une supposition que vous l’avez refusé ? » (I see, so at a guess you declined it?)

“Bien sûr que je l’ai putain de refusé.” (Of course I fucking declined it.)

«Qu’essayez-vous de me dire Dom ?» (What are you trying telling me Dom?) I questioned.

“J’ai passé un marché avec lui.” (I made a deal with him.)

« Vous ne faites pas de marché Dom, surtout avec ceux qui vous doivent de l’argent. » (You don’t make deals Dom, especially with those who owe you money.)

« Eh bien, je l’ai fait cette fois. » (Well I did this time.)

« Alors, quel était le marché que vous avez conclu ? » (So what was the deal you dealt?)

« Pas drôle Lucien. Je suis sérieux.′ (Not funny Lucien. I’m being serious.)

“Alors moi, comment pourrais-tu faire un marché avec un msn qui te doit de l’argent Dom ? que pouvez-vous en retirer si ce n’est votre argent ?” (So am I, how could you possibly do a deal with a msn who owes you money Dom? what can you possibly gain from this if not your money back?)

‘Sa fille.’ (His daughter.)

« Hugh, de quoi diable parlez-vous Dom, vous avez déjà sa fille, vous avez déjà essayé ce parcours. » (Hugh what the hell are you talking about Dom, you already have his daughter, you already tried that traid.)

“C’est un accord en ma faveur.” (It’s a deal in my favour.)

« Comment ça, Dom, tu lui as promis qu’elle rentrerait chez elle ? » (How so Dom, you promised her she’d return home?)

« Oh, elle pourrait un jour. » (Oh she may one day.) He paused. ‘Comme ma femme.’

(As my wife.)

I choked. Tapping my chest a few times before I spoke. « Est-ce que vous essayez d’être drôle ou est-ce une blague de mauvais goût ? » (Is this you trying to be funny or is it some sick joke?)

« Non non plus, je suis assez sérieux. J’en suis venu à aimer avoir cette adolescente fougueuse avec moi et elle serait bonne pour les hommes. Je pense qu’ils apprécieront si je la garde en vie. (Neither, I’m being quite serious. I’ve come to like having that fiery teenager around and she’d be good for the men. I think they’ll appreciate it if I keep her alive.)

« Et elle apprécierait que vous la renvoyiez chez elle. » (And she’d appreciate it if you sent her home.)

“Comme je l’ai dit peut-être un jour, mais en tant que ma femme.” (Like I said maybe one day, but as my wife.)

« Quel était le marché Dom ? » (What was the deal Dom?)

‘Je lui ai donné. Un mois pour débourser le reste de mon argent ou j’épouse sa fille pour le reste du paiement. §(I gave him a month to cough up the rest of my money or I marry his daughter for the rest of the payment.)

« Êtes-vous fou Dom ? » (Are you insane Dom?)

« Peut-être, mais j’ai vu comment elle s’est adaptée à la vie ici. Elle est déjà comme l’une d’entre nous. (Maybe, but I’ve seen how she’s adapted to life out here. She’s like one of us already.)

‘Cela ne veut pas dire que vous devez l’épouser, vous pouvez la garder ici sans que dom apprenne à la connaître avant de prendre une décision comme le mariage, elle a seize ans, dom elle a besoin de vivre sa vie avant de s’installer et d’être jetée au plus profond à quelque chose qu’elle a été forcée à faire parce que c’est exactement ce qu’est un mariage arrangé.(Doesn’t mean you have to marry her, you can keep her here without that Dom get to know her first before you make a decision like marriage. She’s sixteen Dom she needs to live her life before settling down and been thrown in at the deep end to something she’s been forced into cause that’s exactly what an arranged marriage is.)

‘Je ne veux pas entendre cette connerie de Lucien, ma décision est prise. S’il ne livre pas l’argent dans le mois prochain, j’épouserai Amy, avec ou sans votre consentement. (I don’t want to hear this bull shit Lucien, my mind is made up. If he fails to deliver the money within the next month I’ll marry Amy, with or without your consent.)

« Est-ce que vous lui avez fait part de vos projets ? » (Have you told her your plans?)

‘Non pas encore.’ (No not yet.)

« Tu ne penses pas que tu devrais ? » (Don’t you think you should?’)

« Je devrais aller la chercher pour moi. » (I should, go and get her for me.)

‘Sûr.’ (Sure.)


I sat in my office given my umpteenth whisky since Lucien left like a bear with a sore head to get Amy for me. He’s really taken to her like a lot of the men here too. I know he has a thing for her, they all do but guess what fellas she’s mine. I’m going to make her mine forever whether or not her father pays up the rest of the money. I want her all to myself. I’ve grown to like her a lot more than I should. This wasn’t supposed to happen, I was to keep her locked up in the basement until her father paid up, but I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and they captivated me. I lost my self worth in them, so I decided to have her taken to one of the rooms. All of the men were curious to whom she was, but they were warned to keep away from her, she was not for them to play with. She was my prisoner and it was up to me how she was dealt with.

She was an Angel in between many devils, a rose between many thorns. The men couldn’t keep their eyes off her and this angered me no end, but I never knew why. She was a fiery gobby teenager that seemed to like to test me and anyone that wanted to get close to her.

She has no idea how much the men respected her. Though they act like hormonal teenagers around her they hold they all held the up most respect for her. They train harder than they ever have. She’s helped Christophe with his swimming fear and in return he helped her learn how to shoot a gun which helped immensely when we had been targeted. We were all truly grateful to her for saving Beau’s life. We’ll be forever in her debt.

The knock brought me back to reality. ‘It open Amy.’ Time to tell her my plan, I place my glass down and she enters my office. ‘Lucien said you wished to see me?’ She asked me, nervously.

I wish she wouldn’t be so nervous around me. ‘Please sit down and don’t look so nervous you’ve done nothing wrong.’ I looked at her, adding. ‘Have you?’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘Well then don’t be so nervous, okay?’

‘Okay,’ she said, making her way over to the other chair sitting down. ‘So why did you ask me to come here Dominique? I thought I wasn’t allowed in here?’

Good, she remembered.

‘It’s important and what I’m about to say involves you.’

‘Oh, okay.’

‘It’s about your father.’

She stiffened and pulled a disgusted face. I chuckled. She really did love her father, not!

‘What about him?’ She said, sounding almost disgusted that I brought him up.

‘I spoke to him today.’

She nodded. ‘What did the jerk face have to say for himself?’

‘Not a lot.’

‘Surprisingly.’ She muttered.

I smirked, she’s being so sassy today, she’s making my dick twitch. It’s so on edge right now. ‘He sent me half of what he owed me.’

‘Surprised you even got that.’

Me too. But I wasn’t going to tell her that.

‘So where’s the rest?’

‘Good question.’

‘So, I guess my time is done here? ’ She sighed. ‘I guess you’re going to kill me now?’ Make it quick. I don’t like pain.’

I laughed. She looked confused at me. ‘Oh my dear Amy I’m not going to kill you.’

‘Hugh?’ She said looking more confused than she did when she walked in.

‘I said I’m not going to kill you, you silly girl.’

‘Then what are you going to do?’

‘Marry you.’

He mouth fell agape.

‘You see my dear dear Amy, me and your father made a deal either he pays the rest of the money he owes me or I will marry his only daughter.’

‘Are you in fucking sain?’

‘Some say I am, others say I’m bat shit crazy.’

‘I’m sixteen.’

‘I am aware of that. You’re not a child anymore Amy. You can make your own choices.’

‘What happens if he pays you the remainder?’

‘Then I let you go.’ Lies.

‘So you’ll set me free and you can go home?’

‘Yes, I am a man of my word.’


‘But, I can assure you he won’t find the rest in a month. I’ve been waiting three fucking years for my money.’ I looked at her. ‘So that being said, the wedding will be in one month.’

‘Bu, Bu.. but that’s too soon.’

I grabbed her face looking deep into her eyes. ‘Nothing is too soon.’

‘But the dress, the cake, the…’

He pressed his finger in her lips. ‘It will all be sorted Amy. All you have to do is trust me.’

She looked at him and she’d never trusted him and never will.

He leaned down. ‘Once we’re married you’ll have my name to end all ties with your family.’

‘You can’t do that.’

‘I can and I am. They got you into this mess, this is them getting out. I think they can live without their only daughter.’

‘You b..’

I pressed his lips on his forcefully kissing her.

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