Kidnapped by the Mafia

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5 - Home

I walked through the door I was happy the first day back at school went well what I was not happy about was what was coming next, my parents barely spoke to each other and I knew once they were both home there would be arguments being the only child it was brought up significantly cause mom had chosen not to have any more children after me or there was something more to their arguments ones I weren’t sure about neither did I want to know. All I knew and heard was the ones that I was included in that dad was never happy that he and mom had stopped at one child. He wanted an heir to take over from him as a solicitor, talk about sexiest, girls can do the same job as a guy can, but dad being dad lived in the stone ages and thought a woman’s place was in the home cooking and cleaning. Blagh. I call that bullshit mom is a top doctor in her field she gets paid more than him and that was yet another argument they had. He wanted her to stay at home and waist all those years she’d trained to be where she is now.

They’d separated a few times he was infuriating behind blood he still tried to control her but she’d brushed it off and ignored him. There had been talk of divorce. I wish they’d just get on with it. They hated each other and it’s straining any relationship that I have with either of them. But I would personally pick my mother over him any day. He was an obnoxious self centered prick who wasn’t happy that I’d be attending college to further my education to gain a better future for myself. I didn’t want to sit on my ass all day and be stuck at home doing what he expected me to do; cooking and cleaning cause mom wasn’t there to do it. Prick. The sooner I get out of this house the better.

I have been planning to get as far away from this house and my father as possible. My mother knows of my plans and said she’d sort everything when the time is right but until then I have to grin and bear my fathers pettiness.

‘I’m home bitches!’ I shouted.

Oops I’m the only one here. I laughed out loud, dropping my bag heading to my room. I fell on my bed smiling. I felt like this year was going to be a big turn around for me. And with my friends and Beau being there by my side I couldn’t be happier. He was a dark horse that one. It was like he had many secrets to hide. I like to get to know him and maybe when I trust him some more I’ll tell him about me and my pathetic life. I smiled.

The door slammed. I looked at my mobile 19:30 shit I must’ve died off. Shit I’m dead I haven’t cooked supper. ‘Amy where the hell are you?’

‘Stop shouting.’

‘Why the fuck should I Mmh? She knows her place.’

‘Leave her alone.’

‘Get the fuck down here you fucking slut.’

Shit he’s fucking drunk agian.


Shit even I felt that.

‘What the fuck?’

‘This isn’t her fault asshole.’

‘And whose is it then Mmh?’


‘It’s always mine never that whore upstairs you call our fucking daugher.’

‘Your the fucking one spending all of our fucking money when are you going to stop fucking gambling it away.’


Holy shit he’s pissed.

‘Why the fuck you fucking prick. You’re in debt again and if you don’t pay up we’re going to lose everything.’

‘I said I was fucking sorry you fucking bitch!’ He screamed.

’Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore. ‘Do you fucking realise who those people are and what you’ve done? You’ve signed our lives away for what? So you could play in Thier fucking casino with ours and their money. And did it ever occur to you they’d hunt you down for their fucking money hugh?’

He looked at her dumbfounded.

‘No it didn’t did it? Where the hell do you think we’re going to get that sort of money from?’

‘We’ll get it and I’ll pat them every penny.’

‘You better I’m not losing everything I’ve worked hard for a fucking twat like you to get it taken away.’ She said, angrily.

Tears fell off my face. I quickly wiped them away. I had to get out of here and I knew exactly where to go; Devils Den kickboxing club.

I slipped out of my window sliding down the drain pipe and jogged away from the house.

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