Kidnapped by the Mafia

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50 -My Past pt 2

That was the day I met Dan. He saw me outside sitting crying my heart out and walked over to me. Maybe he was worried that it would make business or something.

A thirteen year old girl sitting outside his club like she was who was looking like a hobo or a homeless person wouldn’t do him any good.’ I took a breather and began again.

’He tried to talk to me see what was wrong woth me but I refused point blank to tell him what was going on. He asked me to go into the club so we could chat and it was too cold outside to sit around. I hesitated, but I looked up into his eyes. They looked sincere enough, he held out his hand and smiled. I placed my hand on his and he pulled me onto my feet and never let go whilst we walked through.

I was amazed what I saw inside, everyone training or fighting. I was to interested in what was going on around me to even notice that we had entered another room and he’d closed the door and sat me down. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of me and looked at me asking what my name was and why I was sitting crying outside the club, I told him my name and what my father had done. He clenched his fists as he listened and he looked really angry. He promised to protect me and be there for me whenever I needed him to be. I told him I only wanted him to train me no one else. He was the first person I could trust and the first that I’d even opened up to. When we were on our way back out II asked me if I could take a look around band he agreed. a tour. I angered I was so facinated was going on all going on all around me. I asked him if he would let me train. He looked a little alarmed at first, but he agreed,

Dominique looked at me intentionally, his jaw hardened. He was looking at me like Dan had the night I told him what had happened and it never got any better after that night either. I took another deep breath and began again. ‘Dan dropped me off home and told me we were to start training the following night or could sneak out. How did he think I got there in the first place? I smiled remembering that part of the night, then it quickly faded as I remembered the remainder.’

‘Are you okay Amy?’

‘I’m fine.’

‘You can continue another time if it’s too much?’

‘No I’m fine. I just want to get this over and done with.’’


’I snuck back in through my bedroom window knowing no one would’ve noticed me missing. I was wrong, my father was in my room looking angrily at me. That was the first time my father hit me. I screamed out alerting my mother who came rushing in pulling him off me. He was so angry he called me names I’d never thought I’d hear coming out of his mouth. My mom slapped him real hard and told him to leave the room once he did. She sat next to me bringing me into a hug saying she didn’t blame me for taking off as long as she was safe. Just not to piss my dad off again. I nodded and fell asleep in her arms. I went to the devil’s den the night after with a busted lip, a black eye and many bruises over my body. The school had called my parents in demanding to know why I had so many bruises. I don’t know what went on in their conversation, just that if they saw any more bruises on me I’d be taken away from them.

Dan was beyond pissed that night when I showed up at the devils den thst night with all of those bruises. We trained and he told me took me into the office where I met his brother Deon, he asked him to take care of me whilst he sorted out some business.

I knew it meant, my dad but I stayed silent. He agreed and Dan went out of the club. I didn’t need a babysitter, but still I sat there saying nothing till the guy spoke and never stopped. We were laughing and joking by the end of the night. When Dan returned he looked as if he’d been in a fight. His knuckles we’re al bloody and his tee-shirt was full of blood, but I chose not to ask. He told me I was staying with him and his brother for the night.

I tried to argue woth him, but he said it was all sorted and I had nothing to worry about.

My mom was on an eighteen hour shift so it wouldn’t be uniil the following morning when she got home.’ I stopped again. This was going to be one long day. I looked at Dominique, he smiled, guiding his fingers down my face. I never saw him like this before I didn’t know what was more scary and pissed off Dominique or a good modded Dominique. I let out a long breath and began again.

’I returned home to find my dad was in hospital in intensive care. I just hoped from now on he wouldn’t take his anger out on me. He was let out of hospital a month later, but it didn’t stop him from staring on me the moment he saw my face.

A few weeks later it all began again. They were arguing again because mom didn’t want another child and who was to say she would even have a boy if she had gotten pregnant again. I dived into my training. I wanted to show him that I was better than he thought I was. But the time I was fourteen he had pulled me out of swimming practice because he thought I would get nothing out of it and it was a waist of my time and his money, but he was wrong I was heading for pro and maybe the Olympics one day and beside that my mom was paying for them not him, they had an argument that night she wanted to reinstate me but he wouldn’t allow her to. That night he lashed out at me again telling me I was a useless pathetic whore who should’ve been drowned at birth.

He would never have said those things if I was a boy. It was the first time that I’d ever stood up to him that night and punched him square in his jaw, telling I hated him and I never asked to be born and have an asshole father like him. He demanded to know who had taught me how to punch like that. I told him it was none of his fucking buisness and I ran out of the hide to devils den where I had two fights that night to keep my anger at bay.

As the years went on nothing got any better and I began to rebel. I trained every night after school and had a fight almost every night. No one knew any better. I’d been going to the devil’s den since I was ten. My mother never knew where I went after school. She assumed I had detention and was hanging with my friends to stay out of my fathers way.

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