Kidnapped by the Mafia

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51 - My past pt 3


I was pulled into a relationship with Andrew Anders at fourteen. I was a dumb fourteen year old turning fifteen. I knew about all of the girls he had before me. They’d last a few months and they’d be gone. I thought it would be the same with me, but it wasn’t. I thought I was to be another notch on his bedpost, another girl he could brag about and take digs out of. I’d seen him do it many times with countless girls. They’d be crying or cursing him for being an arrogant jerk who was so far up his own ass he couldn’t smell the shit. I assumed he’d used them jsut for sex and I was his next target. I had let him down through year ten knowing that he used girls and threw them away, kicked them to the curb. He had told me he’d liked me ever since we had met and that was a pretty long time ago. We were four years old and we had made friends on the first day of reception. We had our differences as we grew older we had our own friend clicks. His were the bad boys of the school; they were all feared by everyone but me and my friends. He didn’t take to my friends very well, nor him to them. They were less impressed as we got older and his feelings for me grew he made it known that no other boy could go near me, talk to me or look at me and that included his friends though they were mine and clearly not interested in me whatsoever. He asked me out several times during the year before I finally and stupidly agreed when we went into year ten. My friends weren’t too pleased with my decision, but stuck by me. My parents were not overly happy with the relationship between me and Andrew either. We all knew about how rich and conniving his family were. Andrew made it hard for you to breathe and speak your mind. He wanted to rule over you and make sure you knew who was boss and who was the underdog. I guessed that was another reason girls never lasted with him. He told me that they were just stand-ins until I agreed to be officially his and they never meant shit to him, only me. He’d told me he loved me since we were eleven but he didn’t want to scare me off. So he waited till we turned fourteen but even then I rejected him so he would just bide his time with other girls until I finally agreed to be his girl. Things went well for the first couple of months then things changed. My mom had warned me they would and I chose not to listen; she was right. Just say I was so lucky to still have my friends after the stunts he pulled to get rid of them but they never bowed down to him or his threats. As the months went by he became more possessive and ridiculous with his demands. By the summer I’d had enough of him trying to rule me and telling me to ditch my friends. I didn’t need them any, all I needed was him and that was all that counted. I flipped my nut and told him my friends were important to me. He wasn’t happy at all and demanded that I ended our friendship and focus solely on us cause we were forever,and friends come and go unlike the person who loves you the most. I told him I was a person I had a right to decide what I wanted. I wasn’t an object, I had a voice and I was damn sure I was going to use it. I knew what I wanted and a prick like him wasn’t going to stop me. We argued and I told him we were through and never to contact me or come near me again.

That night I headed off to the devil’s den to let my frustrations out. I won three fights that night and it had a lot to do with the anger that was building up and wishing it was his head.’ I paused to see his reaction. His one had was clean he’d around the arm guild in a death grip whilst the other was fisted tightly like he wanted to punch someone square in the face anc his jaw was clean he’d angrily. ‘I had hoped he’d forgotten me over the holidays but he hadn’t. He purposefully attacked Beau because he was talking to me. He didn’t want me to have any friends, especially another guy. He was jealous. He would always tell me how he hated guys coming up to me and talking to me cause he thought that they were going to take me away from him. He tried so hard to get Beau to break friends with me but what he failed to realise was that my friends were his friends too, so he’d always be hanging around with us. I wasn’t going to stop being anyone’s friend and especially for a guy I left behind one that couldn’t get over that he had been dumped and not the other way around. He and Beau clashed several times.’

Dominique sat saying nothing, nodding. I wish he’d say something.

‘Then there was Antonio Bianchi. He was an old friend of my fathers. We thought dad would want nothing to do with him after he betrayed our family for drugs and money and what he had said to me when I was eleven.’ ‘What did he say to you Amy?’ I gulped loudly this was part of my past I hated the most. ‘He..he..’

He placed his hand on my knee squeezing it. ’Take your time Amy.” I looked into his eyes. I nodded and continued. ’He told md that when I turned sixteen he would take my viginity and fuck me hard. My mom over heard and three him our threatened to cut his dick off if he ever came anywhere near me ever again that was before he went against us and he never showed his face in our home after that the perverted wanker.

Then he was at our home five years later with my father. Daddy dearest wanted me to go with him cause he reckoned I would be safer with that perverted asshole than where I was where who ever dad owed money to could get to me. So I ran.′

He wiped away the tears that were falling down my face. I looked at him. ‘You were the guys that were after him weren’t you?’ ‘We were ’ He stated, wiping more tears off my face. Tears meant that you were weak. I haven’t cried since I was thirteen until now brining all this back to light has me on edge and making me wonder if Antonio Bianchi would try and find me and take me away. He looked into my eyes. ‘You’re safe here Amy, we’ll keep you safe and that’s a promise.’ I leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. ‘Thank you.’ His lips connected with mine, kissing me he grabbed the back neck kissing me harder, squeezing the back of my neck, making me gasp. He thrusted his tongue in continuing to kiss me passionately.

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