Kidnapped by the Mafia

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52 - What had I done?


I moved away, she sat saying nothing like she was frozen on the spot. What had I done? I was supposed to be listening to her tell me about how shitty her life was, I was supposed to be comforting her not putting my tongue down her throat. I’m such an idiot and let’s face it I do a shit job at comforting. I’m Mafia for fuck sake, we don’t comfort we tske lived awsy, but I felt her pain I can relate to her I had so much pain and anger in mr for a complete different reason, I’m Lucien killed thst bastard Bianchi, he was a pervert a peido. What kind of asshole prcik of a man goes for a child?

I may be contradicting myself, but I’m twenty fucking five not fucking forty fucking five. I’ve come across many mafias where their boss or leader has a young girl on their arm and frankly it’s disgusting, I am aware of our age gap of almost ten years but stalest it’s not fucking twenty or more. That’s just plain wrong and would be frowned upon as gold digging. Amy is not that, she came from a wealthy family until her idiot father decided to gamble all of their money away through his addiction. In the end he lost everything.

I looked at her opening my mouth to say something but the words wouldn’t emerge.

She looked at me. ‘Can I go to my room?’


She smiled, pulling herself up off the sofa.

‘I’ll get someone to let you know when supper is okay.’

‘I’m not hungry.’

I nodded. ‘Just let someone know if you get hungry okay.’

She nodded and walked away.

I watched her disappear up the stairs.

“Espèce d’idiot Dom, elle va penser tout ce que tu voulais d’elle, putain non. Tant pis pour la réconforter espèce d’idiot. Elle ne te parlera jamais d’un putain de gain. Elle ne mettra jamais sa confiance en toi, putain de putain de sss stupide, vraiment putain de lisse. Tu aurais pu la réconforter sans embrasser son idiot. (You fucking idiot Dom she’s going to think thst all you wanted out of her, ehrn it fucking not. So much for comforting her you fucking idiot. She’ll never talk to you ever a fucking gain. She’ll never put her trust in you you fucking dumb sss prick smooth real fucking smooth. You could’ve comforted her without kissing her idiot.)

« Tu vas bien Dom ? Vous vous parlez à nouveau. (Are you okay Dom? You’re talking to yourself again.) Lucien asked, smirking.

“Je suis un idiot Lucien.” (I’m an idiot Lucien.)

« Qu’as-tu fait cette fois ? (What did you do this time?)

« Je l’ai embrassée ? » (I kissed her?)

« Qui Amy ? » (Who Amy?)

“Bien sûr Amy, tu es une putain d’idiote qui d’autre ?” (Of course Amy you fucking idiot who else?)

« C’était bon ? » (Was it good?) He asked, wiggling his eyebrows smirking.

«Bien sûr que ça l’était, putain, mais ce n’était pas le but Lucien. Elle me racontait son passé, elle était bouleversée, j’aurais dû la réconforter pas lui mettre la langue dans la gorge. (Of course it fucking was, but that not the point Lucien. She was telling me about her past, she was upset, I should’ve comforted her not put my tongue down her throat.)

“Tu réconfortes quelqu’un ?” (You comfort someone?) He frowned at me. « Depuis quand le grand Dominique Colbone a-t-il réconforté qui que ce soit. » (Since when did the great Dominique Colbone comfort anyone.)

“J’essayais.” (I was trying.)

« Parle-lui, je suis sûr qu’elle comprendra. » (Talk to her then I’m sure she’ll understand.)

« Je vais lui donner du temps à Lucien. Elle avait l’air un peu reculée. (I’ll give her time to Lucien. She looked a little taken back.)

“Bien sûr Dom tout ce que vous pensez être le meilleur.” (Sure Dom whatever you think is best.)

I know it was for the best. I looked at Lucien. “Dites à André que je veux lui parler.” (Tell Andre I want to talk with him.)

“Je suppose qu’il est temps.” (I guess it’s time.)

« Nous avions un marché, Lucien. Elle a gardé son côté maintenant c’est le mien.

(We had a deal, Lucien. She kept up her side now it’s mine.)

“Bien sûr que je vais le chercher.” (Sure I’ll go get him.)

« Je vous retrouve tous les deux au bureau. » (I’ll meet you both in the office.)

“Bien sûr Dom.” (Sure Dom.) He said, walking away. I guess he’s gone to find Andre.

I pulled myself up off the sofa and headed to the office to wait for Lucien and Andre.

The door creaked open as I paced the office. I would talk to Amy after supper because she needed time alone. If she didn’t come down for supper I’d take it to her.

Lucien and Andre both ended the office, closing the door behind them. «

Asseyez-vous frères. » (Take a seat brothers.)

‘Ça n’a pas l’air bien.’ (This doesn’t look good.) Andre said, taking a seat.

Lucien took the one next to him I sat in the one over from them behind the desk we all had our own office but this one was for business meetings. Andre looked at me.

« Alors qu’est-ce qui se passe Dom ? Lucien a dit que tu voulais me parler de quelque chose d’important ? “(So what’s going on Dom? Lucien said you wanted to talk to me about something important?”)

“Je fais.” “(I do.) I took a deep breath and continued. “Comme vous le savez tous les deux, Harry Cromwell me doit beaucoup d’argent, il en avait pourtant aujourd’hui en totalité. Il a envoyé plus de la moitié mais j’ai refusé le paiement. (As you are both aware Harry Cromwell owes me a great deal of money, he had yet today in full. He has sent over half but I refused payment.)

Andre nodedd Lucien already knew all of this, but hadn’t shared it with Andre. He told me it was best if it came from me.

« Nous sommes arrivés à un autre arrangement pour le paiement. Nous avons une entente. Je sais, je sais avant que vous ne le disiez que je ne fais pas de transactions, mais cela est bénéfique pour moi et pour vous tous. C’est une situation gagnant-gagnant. Nous avons convenu que s’il ne payait pas intégralement d’ici la fin du mois prochain, j’épouserais sa fille pour rembourser sa dette. (We came to another arrangement for payment. We made a deal. I know, I know before you say it I don’t do deals, but this is beneficial to both me and all of you. It’s a win win situation. We agreed that if he didn’t pay in full by the end of the end of next month I will marry his daughter to pay off his debt.)

“Et s’il paye Dom?” (And what if he pays up Dom?)

“J’ai accepté de renvoyer Amy chez elle.” (I agreed to send Amy home.)

“Mais tu ne l’es pas n’est-ce pas ?” (But you’re not are you?)

“Non, je ne suis pas.” (No, I’m not.)

“Tu vas commencer une guerre Dom.” (You’re going to start a war Dom.)

“Je suis d’accord.” (I agree.)

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