Kidnapped by the Mafia

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54 - His past/ Their past


I’ve been cacking my walk ever since I agreed to tell Amile our past. We’d all agreed yesterday that I should tell her our past because it involved all of us when it came to the Andres and how our alliance began. I just hope she can trust us a little more once I tell her about our past and how we all came together. She will be my wife in a months time with or without payment from her father. I can’t send her back l won’t allow that low life prick to tourmenter her life anymore. I can’t allow an Andres to have her. We know all too well what that family is like. She will never be said as long as she has that gob of hers. I can rollorate a strong minded woman the Anders family can’t. His mother may have worked but she was a slave in that family to all of the family, not just her own. She had no rights; it was do as I say or get your head blown off.

She had no voice, no rights. I’ve seen what the Anders do to their women and it’s not nice. They chest in them with several other women, they rape them, degrade them and make them feel as if their worthless and inferior. I will not let that happen to her. She is an angel in our world. She deserves to be treated like one, not some toy or play thing that is something we don’t believe in.

Amy walked into the lounge where I was sitting and thinking how to begin my whirlwind life. Both Lucien and Andre had agreed,that I tel lady our back recount so that she would be more comfortable around us and begin to trust us more. Now that time is here.

She sat beside me, looking at me a little concerned. “Are you really sure you want to speak about this with me Dominique? You look a little on edge.”

I looked at her and deep into her eyes they were hypnotising how could I he’d’ve ever thought about once putting a bullet through this girl’s head? It was her fault her father was a low kidprick that had no concern about putting his own family’s life at risk for his foolishness. “I’m fine Amy. I made a deal with you and I am a man of my word. I want to tell you but it’s just…”


I nodded.

“I understand it was always hard for more to talk about my life. I’m not proud of what happened in the past but we all have a future to look forward to.”

I smiled. I knew she was right. I’d put this to the back of my mind for ten years. We all planned out our revenge. Perfectly but somehow it had fucked up at the last minute with Andrew Anders slipping out of the school unnoticed. We all knew eventually he would find out where she was and come here looking for her to take her away from us and we’d be prepared for that day. He had no idea we had allies all over the glove,so he’d be well and truly fucked.

She placed her hands on mine squeezing them in reassurance. But it was affecting me in a totally opposite way. Something I shouldn’t even be thinking about right now. I already messed up yesterday and I wasn’t about to make that mistake again.

I smiled briefly at her,and began. “My life was never a bed of roses Amy, none of our lives were. Me Lucien and Andre free up together through an alliance all of our parents had to combine all of their mafias together to make a Mafia,so big no one dared to confront us but there’s always someone who doesn’t feel threatened by you.” I stopped,taking a deep breath. My childhood was far from perfect. She smiled at me well, at least she was taking it well so far. I began again. “We all grew up by the mafia code. If anyone went against any one in the mafia,especially the kingpin, they would live to regret it or they wouldn’t live at all. A single bullet to the Bain would kill a person instantly for breaching mafia law.” I turned and looked at her. “Amy our life isn’t like yours it’s full of blood and guns. It’s full of enemies, friends and foes and other mafias wanting to take what is rightfully yours. Growing up in this environment was extremely hard for all of us.

Me Lucien and Andre went to school together everyone was scared of us because of who our families were the Carbone, Spiritol and Commons were and still are the most feared Mafia families here in France. There were a few that tried their luck and failed, there were also those who tried to bully us; they failed too. My parents had so many calls from the school to our parents about all of us fighting. Their answer would be short and simple “Good at least they know how to take care of themselves. If you’re done waiting mine. And you,time I bid you good day.” I laughed. “My father was such a character. Though he was hard faced and stood,for no shit he had an elegant way of putting things and he knew we could all handle ourselves and he was glad we were forHer doing just that. Lucien and Andre’s parents commended them both for sticking up for themselves. We had all been plunged into training since we were six not only to become what you see today, but to survive the hatred of others and to beavlt to stick up for ourselves and fight back. When we were growing up there were many others like we were encountering at school but they didn’t live off enough to tell the tail.”

I stopped again, taking another breather. She sat calmly and smiled. She knew this was hard for me as hard as it was for her when she opened up to me. ’My parents died when I was ten.”

She gasped. “I’m so..”.

I put my hand up. “There’s no need to say you’re sorry Amy nine of us could’ve predicted what was about to happen only to those who were responsible.” I took a deep breath fuck this was harder than I thought it woud ever be. My parents were there with me along with Lucien , Andre and their parents. We were in three different cars. Heading to London we were staying there for a month as our parents had business there with some of the english mafia, what they didn’t know was that it was a trap. There were two cars ahead of us and two behind. They got taken out first then ours. Our parents managed to get us all out of the cars before they were met with their deaths.” I looked at her and I knew that she wasn’t going to like the next part or be prepared for it. “They looked at our parents shooting them and shot them mercilessly several times. They looked at us but the other shots alerted them and they were gone.”

“Oh my god Dominique. I’m sorry, do you know who did it?”

“Yes we do.”I sighed, it was now or never. “Jullias Anders, Seth Anders’ father, Andrew Anders grandfather.”

She gasped. “Are you sure I mean..”

“We are Amy. We had every intel possible to find out the number plated in the car as we’d never seen or met any of the Anders before. We were supposed to meet with Set’s older brother Macoius Andres to do business obviously their father was not a great fan of this exchange and planned to assassinate all of us ve was disturbed by the gun shots.”

She sat saying nothing. I took her hands in mine. ‘Look at me Amy.’

She lifted her head slowly. I looked into her eyes. “You have to believe me and trust me in this Amy they are a evil family who threat their women as slaves snd kill others without a thought. They even kill their own women if they disobey them or disloyal them in any way.”

Her eyes held fear and confusion.

“Now do you understand that we have to protect you? A guy like Andrew Anders doesn’t give up easily and he will do everything in his power to get you and do what he pleases with you. Their families are monsters, they kill innocent families. We have to keep you safe, do you understand?”

She nodded as a yes guess our story shocked her just a little, but she had the right to know that Andrew Anders was the last living heir of the Anders enterprise and he’d do anything to get what he wanted even kill those that were in his way that’s what the Anders do what they are best at shoot first ask questions later. “Is this the other reason you chose to marry me?”

“Yes.” I looked at her placing my hand on her face. “I promise I will always protect you Amy we all will, especially from the likes of the Andres.”

She nodded. And kissed my cheek. ’Thank you.”

I smiled. Maybe she would finally accept she is much safer here than at home wheee Andrew Andres can get to her . I hope now that she can trust us more and be happy here.

“My pleasure mon cheri.”

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