Kidnapped by the Mafia

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55 - Goodbye Harry Cromwell

Harry Cromwell

I’d been gathering the remainder of the money for Colbone over the last month. It had been hard, but I had done it. I had sent it over by write transfer on the very last day. I was hoping he’d accept it and I’d have my Amy back so she could be handed over to Andrew Andres. I didn’t like this idea. I’ve seen countless times how their family handles things, but what choice do I have? I owe him more than Colbone and he was getting impatient. Neither me nor Anastasia were overly happy when she came back with a smile on her face and told us she was going out with the most popular boy at school; Andrew Anders. Our jaws dropped and tried to convince her not to dare an asshole like him; he’d only ruin her. We were glad when she told us she had left him. Sorry ass cause he was just too much and she was not going to give into any of his demands she was a woman of the world good friends and she wasn’t having any of that taken away from her because some asshole jerk demanded her too. I was so proud of her for standing her ground so was Anastasia, but now here I was pushing her into him to save my ass what has my life become, you may as well shoot me now, his proposal won’t stop other gang leaders go after me or Amy for the money I owed.


I looked at my bank account 500,000 paid today fuck this can’t be happening the prick only found all of the money and paid it off, fuck this wasn’t happening.

« Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas, Dom ? » (What’s wrong Dom?) Lucien asked.

‘Le connard a payé en entier.’ (The asshole paid in full.)

‘Tu plaisante, n’Est-ce pas?’ ’You’re kidding, right?)

« Je crains que non, jetez un œil ici. » (I’m afraid not, here take a look.)

I moved out of the way so he could take a closer look at the screen.

Putain de merde, qu’est-ce que tu vas faire, bordel ? Si elle rentre à la maison, ce petit bâtard a gagné et il la déshabillera pour tout. Il va l’épouser et faire d’elle sa petite salope pendant qu’il va baiser tous ceux qui sont en vue. Putain sait ce qui arrivera à son joli minois si elle se dispute avec lui ? Nous connaissons tous Amy Dom. Elle est fougueuse et n’aime pas qu’on lui dise quoi faire et ne pas faire. (Fucking hell, shit, what the fuck are you going to do Dom? If she returns home that little bastard has won and he’ll strip her for everything. He’ll marry her and make her his little slut while he goes of fucking every who’re in sight. Fuck knows what will happen to her pretty face if she argues with him? We all know Amy Dom. She’s feisty and doesn’t like to be told what to do and not to do.)

« Je sais que Lucien n’y retournera jamais, je vais m’assurer qu’elle n’a pas à subir ce genre de torture. » (I know Lucien she’s never going back there I’ll make sure she doesn’t have to endure thst kind of torture.)

‘Donc qu’est ce que tu vas faire?’ ‘So what are you going to do?’

« Rejetez l’argent et renvoyez-le. Il n’y a aucun moyen qu’il me prenne Amy. Nous devons nous marier dans un mois, garde ce silence Lucien c’est entre nous que personne d’autre n’aura jamais à savoir. (Reject the money and send it back. There’s no way in hell he’s taking Amy from me. We are to marry in a month, keep this hush hush Lucien this is between us no one else will ever have to know.’)

« Bien sûr Dom. » (Sure Dom.)

I pressed a couple of buttons sending the wire transfer back to Cromwell he can’t deal with the backlash from Anders liek I fucking care as long as Amy is safe and away from that prick.

‘Payment declined, you’re too late. I will be marrying Miss Amile Cromwell in a month.’

I hit send,let the fucker suffer he’s allowed,his family to suffer all of these years through his addiction now it’s his time to suffer the consequences for his actions.

Andrew Andres

I’d given Harry Cromwell a whole month to get his shit together and come up with the money he owed to Colbone. He better have paid him in full or he’ll be another headstone. I stormed into his office. I know he’d downgraded his job because of the countless gangs he owed money to and he was doing his best to pay them all what he owed them but this was top priority. I wanted Amy back and back with me.

He looked up and he didn’t look good.

Good. He didn’t deserve to look good. ‘Have you sent the money over to Colbone you owed him?’

‘He refused the payment.’


‘I’m sorry.’

‘Did you pay it in full?’

‘Yes, I sent it through to his account and he returned it.’


‘Dominique Colbone, he refused my payment, the wedding is going ahead.’

‘He will not marry Amy, I’ll make sure of it. Are you sure you paid in full?’

’Yes, take a look he sent a message to. I looked at the computer screen he wasn’t lying fuck shit he knew what I was up to thst prick is goign to pay big time. I read the message he’d left. “Payment declined, you’re too late. I will be marrying Miss Amile Cromwell in a month.”

‘Dominique Colbone, he refused my payment, the wedding is going ahead.’

‘He will not marry Amy, I’ll make sure of it. I told you to pay up in full.’


I looked at Harry. ‘If you had paid in full when I asked you too this would never have happened, now you need to tell me how you are going to get the money you owe me to me?’

‘I’m sorry, I don’t know, I’ll do my best to pay you back but...’

‘You stalled for too long Harry, we could’ve had her back by now if it wasn’t for your stupidity.’

‘I’m sorry. I tried.’

‘You should’ve tried harder.’ I pulled his gun up to Harry’s head.’ I should’ve done this long ago, before this all got out of hand.’

‘No please Andrew.’ He begged. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Not half as sorry as I am.’

He pulled the trigger.


The bullet went through his skull his head shot back, the blood splattered across the back wall, his body limp, the blood pooling around his body.

‘Clean this mess up, we need to find out where Colbone is hiding Amy stat.’


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