Kidnapped by the Mafia

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56 - The safe house


“I’d like to show you somewhere.”


I smiled, she had to know that she was safe. And this place was the best place to keep her safe if Anders found out where she was.

Lucien and Beau would be there to guide her down there and keep her company. She pulled herself up and I held my hand out to the side and looked at it, then at me unsure, I nodded at her. She slid her hand in mine, interlocked them. “Come on princess I’ll take you down to the safe room.”

She nodded. I led her away and UK the stairs to her room. “Yih haven’t got to remember any of this Lucien and Beau will be with you, both of them or just one of them okay?”

She nodded. “Okay.”

We walked over to the fireplace and I pressed my hand on the wall. They only responded to me, Lucien, Andre and Beau. They were designed to use our garden print only. “Once we are married I will add your hand print just in case some asshole comes in to get to you okay?”

She nodded as the door slid open. I led her in and the lanterns on the walls lit and the door slid shut. I pulled her along as she looked around in amazement. “They are trigger sensors they turn on by body heat.” I explained.

She nodded and we continued walking down the long winding corridor, it took us all years to master these underground passages, then led off most of the rooms, some were under the floors. They all led to different safe rooms where the staff would gd safe from any intruders the same as visitors. Family and friends.

Her eyes held amazement in them, I bet she’s never seen anything like this before.

I place my hand on the wall thr door sliding open. “So is this touch sensored too?”

They all are.”

We stepped in.“How many ate there?”

“Twenty all together for staff, friends and family.”

Shd nodded understandingly.

She looked around the large room. Which looked more like a small apartment. Her mouth a gape as she looked around at all of the furnishings “is this place for real?”

I chuckled. “Yes. It’s for real my fiery flower. There is everything down here tk be able to live comfortably for a few months, if needed.”

“So there’s food?”



“Yes.” I looked at her. “It has everything you need, Amy. It houses up to ten people.”

She nodded. And looked at me. “Why did you bring me down here?”

I sighed, knowing she was going to ask sooner or later. J led her over to the sofa. I pulled her down and made sure she was facing me. Her hand was still in mine, his it felt so good. ‘Now’s not the time Dom!’ I scolded myself. I looked at her. Her eyes sparkled in mine.

“We need to talk, Amy.”

“What about?” She asked.

She looked frightened.

“There’s no easy way to say this angel, but your father made a deal with Andrew Anders before we took you.”

“W..w..what deal?” She stuttered.

I think she knew what was coming, what I was about tk aah and I had a feeling she would be in denial about the whole thing.

I looked at her. She looked like a lost puppy right now. “There’s no easy way to say this Amy, but Andrew Anders wanted you ad his wife, his queen to reign by his side to give him a heir to the mafia throne.”

“No ” She screamed shaking her head

“You’re father agreed.”

“No, no he wouldn’t.” She argued.

“I’m sorry Amy but he did. He owed Anders a lot of money and to pay his debt off he wanted you to void the payment. ”

“Like you?” She asked, tears weld in her eyes as they held the look of betrayal in them.

“He’s worse than me Amy. I will and cater for your every need. I like your sassiness, he will punish you for it. I like your sarcasm. He won’t stand for it. If you don’t obeg him he’ll torture you. He’ll fuck around and fuck hores behind your back and you won’t be able to do shit about it.

He’ll treat you like a slave, not a human being I won’t. Believe me when I say you’re in safe hands here with us rather than with him. He wouldn’t think twice about killing you on the spot if you spoke or acted the way you do around us.”

“Is that the reason you brought me down here?”

I nodded. If is we can’t alk gave our ears and eyes on you Amy this up the safest place you’ll be I’d he comes here to find you.”

“You think he will?”

“I do we all do he wants you ang and once he finds you a war will begin and you’ll be down here where I know that you’ll be safe from him and whoever he brings to get you from me.”

She nodded.

I placed my hand on her face. “No one will get to you Amy, and that’s a promise. I leaned forward. “No one is taking you away from me Amy. Not now, not ever. If anyone tries they will have a bullet through their head and that’s a promise.” I said pressing my lips on hers kissing her.

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