Kidnapped by the Mafia

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57 - A war is coming - We’ve found her boss


We made our way out of the safe house. The door slid closed instantly locking. “Once you’re in the safe room only me or one of the others will be able to get you out.”

She nodded.

“Do you understand Amy? This is important.”

“Yes I understand. I can’t get out unless either you or any of the others uses that handprint thingy.”

“Good, glad you’re listening.”

“I always listen.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

Hehe I might only be a teenager but I listen to things I need to, important things.”

“I’m sorry Amy. I apologise.”

“Good. Cause all us ‘teenagers aren’t the same!’” She said cocky.

I’m not even sure I’d ever get used to this side of her. But eventually I thought she’s changed me in ways I would never have imagined. I was in no rush to marry, but here I am marrying a girl I barely know cause she reminds me of me and my mother in so many ways.

My parents’ marriage was arranged by their parents; they had no interest in one another. They already were in life with other people, people they had to let go to be with each other.

Eventually they grew to love each other and had me. I was an only child. Mom had lots of complications and couldn’t bare any more children.

We entered her room. “Have a shower and change. I’ll meet you in the dining room for supper.”


I smiled and kissed her forehead before leaving her room, heading for my room, which one day would be hers too. I quickly showered and changed into some fresh clothes heading downstairs to the dining room where Lucien, Andre and Beau were already seated. I sat down. Lucien was the first to speak. “Alors tu as emmené Amy dans le coffre-fort ?” (So you took Amy to the safe room?)

Oui je l’ai fait.” Yes I did.” I looked at him and Beau. « Vous et Beau l’escorterez là-bas si nécessaire, elle vous fait confiance. (You and Beau will be escorting her down there if needed, she trusts you.)

“Bien sûr Dom.” (Sure Dom.) He paused. « Est-ce qu’elle sait pourquoi vous l’avez emmenée là-bas ? » (Does she know why you took her down there?)

“Elle le fait. Elle sait qu’il est possible qu’Anders vienne la chercher.” (She does. She knows there is a possibility that Anders may come looking for her.)

“Puis-je dire son éminent Dom, une guerre mafieuse est à venir et nous sommes au milieu de celle-ci.” (Might. I say it’s eminent Dom, a mafia war is coming and we’re in the middle of it.)

“Et nous serons prêts.” (And we’ll be ready.)

They all nodded in agreement nue all we had to do was wait for Amy to join us so we could eat.

Reinhold KRÜGER

Finally. I finally have you princess and there’s nothing you can do about it.

«Aleksiya, pozvoni Endryu Andersu». (Alexia call Andrew Anders.)

«Zvonyu Endryu Andersu». (Calling Andrew Anders.)

It rang twice and he picked it up.

“Reynkhol’d, chem ya obyazan udovol’stviyu?” (Reinhold what do I owe the pleasure?)

«YA nashel yeye, Endryu». (I’ve found her Andrew.)

“Gde ona?” (Where is she?)

«Oranzhevaya Frantsiya v svoyem osobnyake». (Orange France in his mansion.)

«Blya. Spasibo, Reynkhol’d. YA v dolgu pered toboy». (Fuck. Thanks Reinhold. I owe you.)

«YA prishlyu vam koordinaty». (I’ll send you the coordinates.)

«YA v dolgu pered toboy, brat». ((I owe you big tons brother.)

«Ty mne nichego ne dolzhen, idi za svoyey korolevoy. Yesli tebe chto-nibud’ ponadobitsya, ne stesnyaysya sprashivat’». (You owe me nothing, go get your queen. If you need j don’t hesitate to ask.)

«Vstretimsya tam so svoimi lyud’mi, priblizhayetsya voyna mafii». (Meet me there with your men a mafia war is coming.)

“Uvidimsya tam.” (I’ll see you there.) I said hanging up. I clapped my hands together rubbing them. I’ve waited for this day to come when you are going down Colbone the lot of you.

You won’t know what hit you. Say goodbye to your princess cause she will be the queen of the english mafia and there’ll be nothing you can do about it.

Andrew Anders

Fucking finally the break through I’ve been waiting for. I placed my mobile on the fable after my conversation with Reinhold and made my way to the training centre where my men were training. I whistled, making them stop and turn to me.

They bowed their heads as a sign of respect. “Boss.”

“I’ve just had some good news boys. Reinhold had managed to locate my angel you queen. We’re going to France and retrieve my bride, my queen. We’re to meet Reinhold there along with his men. There’s a war coming boys and I know you want our queen here with us, so let’s not waste time we need to prepare for our departure and the war that will bring my queen back.”

They all nodded and I walked out of the training center to prepare for our departure.

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