Kidnapped by the Mafia

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58 - A Mafia War part 1

Andrew Anders

It didn’t take us long to all get done and sorted and on the private jet to France we’d be going by four Lexus LX for our group of twenty including me, the capo and Mitchel, my under boss. A further 40 of Reinhold KRÜGER’s men and Mogilevich were both Russian mafia Pakhan. They will follow us in 8 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

We landed in France to be greeted by Reinhold KRÜGER. «Moy brat, kak ty?» (My brother, how are you?)

“YA v poryadke, kak ty?” (I’m well how are you?)

“Khorosho. Tak kak zhe nam unichtozhit’ krupneyshuyu frantsuzskuyu mafioznuyu gruppirovku? » (Well. So how are we going to bring down the biggest French mafia group?)

«Kogda-to eto mozhno sdelat’ snova». (It’s been down once it can be done again.)

«YA ochen’ na eto nadeyus’, brat. Poznakom’tes’ s Viktorom Mogilevichem. My soyuzniki, i on umilostivil vas svoim intellektom i khotel by prisoyedinit’sya k nam, chtoby pobedit’ samuyu krupnuyu mafioznuyu gruppirovku na segodnyashniy den’ ». (I sure hope so brother. I’d like you to meet Viktor Mogilevich. We are allies and he appeased you with his intelligence and would like to join us to defeat the biggest mafia group to date.)

I looked at the butch male who had tattoos all over his body. «Rad, chto vy k nam prisoyedinilis’, Viktor Mogilevich. YA Endryu Andres, i ya budu u vas v dolgu na neopredelennyy srok. (It’s a pleasure to have you join us, Viktor Mogilevich. I am Andrew Andres and I’ll be in your debt indefinitely.)

He nodded. «YA slyshal mnogo khoroshego o tebe, Andres. Budem nadeyat’sya, chto ty opravdyvayesh’ reputatsiyu svoyego ottsa ». (I’ve heard good things about you Andres. Let’s hope you live up to your fathers reputation.)

“YA sobirayus’.” (I intend to.) I looked at all of them. «Ne mogli by my sdelat’ sledy i obsudit’ plan po izbavleniyu moyey korolevy ot ruki Dominika Kolbona?» (Shall we make tracks and discuss the plan to get my queen from the hand of Dominique Colbone?)

They all nodded and we all got into the cars heading to our headquarters in the mountains. It was the best hiding place for our clan to come together and discuss strategies of how we were going to take down the biggest French mafia.

We had a long drive ahead until we reached our destination we knew no one would bother us out here.

Once we were at the headquarters we all went to our rooms to shower and change before we all met in the boardroom. I looked around and smiled to myself. We had a big alliance in here of roughly 60 + Mafia bosses, under bosses and men. I was pleased with the turnout to say the least. «Poskol’ku vy, veroyatno, ne spite, my vse ob”yedinilis’ kak soyuz, chtoby pobedit’ krupneyshuyu mafiyu vo Frantsii; Kolboun, Spritol i Kammons. Natselilis’ na etu devushku. (As you are probably awake we have all come together as an alliance to take down the biggest mafia in France; Colbone, Spritol and Cummons. Have set their sights on this girl.) I said pointing at the picture of amile, red hair, sparkling blue eyes, she’s gorgeous and I intend to treat her like a queen once I get her back with me.

«Yeye zovut Amil’ Kromvel’. Yeye pokoynyy otets byl dolzhen mne mnogo deneg, i ona byla yego obmenom. My oba soglasilis’, chto Amil’ budet moyey budushchey zhenoy. Potom yego sabotiroval yedinstvennyy i nepovtorimyy Dominik Kolbon. Yego otvlekayushchiy manevr byl umnym, no on ne byl dostatochno umen. On vzyal Emil’ v nadezhde, chto Garri Kromvel’ zaplatit, no chto-to izmenilos’, poka ona byla s nim, chtoby zaklyuchit’ sdelku s Garri Kromvelem. On otkazalsya ot etoy sdelki, otkazalsya ot poslednego platezha i teper’ sobirayetsya zhenit’sya na Emi, moyey Emi, moyey koroleve. Eto sobytiye dolzhno byt’ ostanovleno, chtoby sdelat’ eto, nam nuzhno uvesti Emi ot nego, i yedinstvennyy sposob sdelat’ eto - ubit’ yego, a takzhe spritola i Kammonsa vmeste so vsemi ikh lyud’mi ». (Her name is Amile Cromwell. Her deceased father owed me a lot of money and she was his exchange of payment. We both agreed that Amile would be my future wife. Then it was sabotaged by the one and only Dominique Colbone. His diversion was clever but he was not clever enough. He took Amile in hope that Harry Cromwell would pay up, but something changed whilst she was with him to make a deal with Harry Cromwell. He wasn’t back on this deal and refused the final payment and is now going ahead with marrying Amy, my Amy, my queen. This event needs to be stopped to do this we need to get Amy away from him and the only way we can do this is by taking him out, as well as spritol and Cummons along with all of their men.)

«I kak vy predlagayete nam eto sdelat’? Oni ne glupy, Endryu, oni ostavyat neukazannuyu pomoshch’ svoyey maife, potomu chto oni v soyuze, chtoby byt’ gotovymi k voyne ». (And how do you suggest we do that? They are not stupid Andrew they wil leave unlisted help for ither maifa;s thst they are in alliance with to be prespesred for the war.)

«Eto tozhe pravda. No my sobirayemsya sdelat’ eto tak, chtoby v zhivykh ne ostalos’ nikogo, krome nas vsekh i Emilya ». (This is also true. But this is how we are going to do it so there is no one left alive but all of us and Amile.)

I placed the map of the mansion down showing all of them my strategy and where they were all to be so everything went off without a hitch.

«U nas yest’ odin shans, tak chto davay vse isporti». (We have one shot at this so come mess it up.)

They all nodded. «Pora pristupit’ k delu, rebyata, my pogovorim popodrobneye utrom». (It’s time to hit the hay, guys we’ll talk in more detail in the morning.)

We all retired to our rooms my plan was finally forming perfectly the biggest French Mafia would be disposed of and I would get my Amile back. “I’m coming for you Amile and there’s nothing you can do about it. They’ll all be dead and you’ll finally be mine.” I chuckled evilly before I closed my eyes and the darkness took over.

Dominique Colbone

I looked up from the desk I was seated at. We were to be joined by the biggest Italian mafia group run by their Dom- Marcello Lombardozzi. “Mio, mio Dom è passato molto tempo.” (My, my Dom it’s been a long time.) He smirked.

I looked up and smiled standing up as he made his way over to greet me. “Marcello, è passato tanto tempo fratello.” (Marcello, it’s been a long time brother.)

“Esso ha.” (It has.)

We hugged, kissing cheeks.

“Quindi questa è una roba seria, hugh?” (So this is some serious shit hugh?)

“Lo è, presto saranno tutti qui, una volta che tutti saranno seduti, inizieremo.

(It is, everyone will be here soon, once everyone is seated we’ll begin.)

He nodded and we took our once we had done so everyone started to pile in chatting before they all took a seat. “So che tutti voi volete sapere perché vi ho convocato tutti qui. Quindi andrò avanti con esso.” (I know you all want to know why I have summoned you all here. So I’ll get on with it.” I breathed heavily. “We weren’t the only ones who were after Harry Cromwell, but we were the first to get to his daughter.)

“Quindi chi altro le stava dietro?” (So who else was after her?)

“Sono contento che tu l’abbia chiesto.” (Glad you asked that.) I took another deep breath. “Andrea Anders.” (Andrew Anders.)

“Pensavo che avessi eliminato quel piccolo stronzo pazzo?” (I thought you done away with that crazy little fucker?)

“Anch’io, finché non ho saputo che era scappato fuori dalla scuola senza essere scoperto dai miei uomini, attraverso un passaggio segreto che lo aveva portato fuori dalla scuola in salvo”. (So did I, until l learnt he had slipped out of the school undetected by my men, through a secret passage that led him out of the school to safety.)

They all nodded.

“Perché ci hai chiamato tutti qui Dom?” (Why did you call us all here Dom?)

“Come saprai, Amy è qui con noi ed è solo questione di tempo che verrà a cercarla.”

(We’ll as you know Amy is here with us and there is only a matter of time that he will come looking for her.)

“Perché dovrebbe preoccuparsi?” (Why would he even bother?)

“Come ho detto, non ero l’unico a cui Cromwell doveva dei soldi. Doveva una somma considerevole ad Andres e aveva fatto un patto con lui per prendere Amy come pagamento e per essere sua moglie per annullare il pagamento. (Like I said I was not the only one that Cromwell owed money to. He owed a substantial amount to Andres and he’d made a deal with him to take Amy as payment and to be his wife to void payment.)

“Allora perché non gliela dai?” (So why don’t you just give her to him?)

I growled loudly. “Ti mostrerò perché.” (I’ll show you why.)

I nodded towards Lucien. He pressed play on the dvd which showed how brutal the Andres were to their women and how they beat them, raped them and used the, as their slaves instead of goddesses they deserved to be.

Lucien turned the dvd off. ““Come puoi vedere, questo è ciò che le loro donne devono sopportare ogni giorno. Io per primo non sottopongo una ragazza innocente a quella tortura”. (As you can see this is what their women have to put up with on a daily basis . I for one am not putting an innocent girl through that torture.)

“Come puoi vedere, questo è ciò che le loro donne devono sopportare ogni giorno. Io per primo non sottopongo una ragazza innocente alla tortura”. (Why are you concerned about this certain girl Dom? You’ve never gave a shit about any woman before. Why now?)

“Perché sei preoccupato per questa certa ragazza Dom? Non te ne sei mai fregato un cazzo di nessuna donna prima. Perché ora?”

“Posso capire la tua preoccupazione Franco, ma non ce n’è bisogno. Mi sono molto affezionato ad Amy. È focosa e grintosa. È diventata come una famiglia, i miei uomini possono garantire che hanno tutti il più profondo rispetto per lei. Si è allenata con loro e li ha aiutati a superare le loro paure. Ha anche salvato la vita di uno dei miei uomini quando applaudiamo sotto attacco. Sarà una buona regina. Lei è la mia regina e quando questa guerra sarà finita. Ho intenzione di farla diventare mia moglie ed è per questo che ha bisogno di protezione. Ci siamo tutti?” (I can understand your concern Franco, but there is no need. I have become very fond of Amy. She’s fiery and feisty. She’s become like family, my men can vouch for that they all hold the deepest respect for her. She trained with them and helped them to overcome their fears. She’s also saved one of my men’s lives when we cheer under attack. She’ll be a good queen. She is my queen and when this war is over. I intend on making her my wife and that’s why she needs protecting. Are we all in?)

They all spoke amongst themselves then Marcello spoke up. “Siamo tutti con te, fratello. Nessuno toglie una regina al suo re». (We’re all with you, brother. No one takes a queen from her king.)

I nodded appreciating his loyalty. “Dobbiamo fare un piano. Sarà solo questione di tempo e scoprirà dove si nasconde Amy e con chi». (We need to make a plan. There will only be a matter of time and he will find out where Amy is hiding and who with.)

“Concordato.” (Agreed.)

I pulled out the map of the mansion and we all went through many strategies Before deciding which one to go with.

“Beau saresti così gentile da mostrare ai nostri ospiti i loro alloggi?” (Beau would you be so kind to show our guests to their quarters?)

“Si Capo.” (Yes boss.)

I nodded and we all made our way out of the meeting room.

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