Kidnapped by the Mafia

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6 - Devils den

I jogged down the empty streets to the only place I knew I could let steam off let my frustrations out “Devil’s Den.” Opened by a well known billionaire, “Daniel Marcos.” Known to everyone in the den as “Devil” I just called him Dan, he was like a brother I never had, he understood me better than I did. I’d been coming here since I was ten, he trained me to what I am today.

I finally got to devils den it wasn’t much to look at from the outside it looked like another run down club, but inside it was the most well polished and organised kickboxing club around for miles. Dan had them all across the city but he was situated here being it was his first club he had opened and it had Bought in the most money.

I opened the doors and entered everyone tuning in looking at me and smiling. I returned their smiles and went into the changing room to my locker getting out of my gear and changed so I could let off steam.

I entered the training room, breathed in and out and focused on my work out, punishing the e bag a few times before I switched to my feet. Kicking out connering them with the bag a few times before I changed my performance spinning and kicking the bag.

The clapping altered me.’ I was told you’d be in here.’

I knew that gruff voice anywhere and turned and smirked.

’It’s good to see you again Amy.’He smiled

‘You too.’

‘So how would you like to fight tonight Amy?’

I smirked.

‘How’s about it Amy you up for a fight tonight?’

‘You know what my answer is going to be.’

‘Great, you’ll be up last and give the crowd your best; fire.’

‘Don’t forget the ice.’

He smirked. ‘As if I ever could I’ll be watching the fire and ice show.’ He grinned, chucking.

‘I know you will.’ I said smiling.

Dan walked away, guess I’ll have to get ready for a fight? I continued my workout till it was time to step into the ring.

‘You have to watch the next fight Lucien, they’re my best fighters.’

‘Sure Devil, we’d love to watch the last fight before we head home.’

He smirked. ’You’re going to enjoy this I promise you. Eros is a good fighter but fire likes to just add ice that’s why we give them the ring name fire and ice you’ll see once they begin fighting.

Lucien nodded and Beau nodded and watched as the announcer started to talk.

‘Well tonight ladies and gents it’s your lucky night we not only have one top fighter but two. Eros.’

The crowd went wild. The bulky over muscled man entered the ring punching the air as he walked to his corner.

‘And a warm welcome back to fire with a little bit of ice.’

The crowd roared and screamed as she entered. They looked at the other fighters; they were shorter than the first but almost equality built. ‘Begin.’

They began punching and kicking her leg swung out kicking her opponent in the ribs he stumbled as the second one hit the ribs.

Beau looked at the fighter that the commentator called fire, his face paled

‘Are you okay Beau you look like you’ve seen a ghost?’

‘Just the fighter looks familiar.’

‘Are you sure?’


‘Hey Devil who’s the fighter?’

‘Her name is fire but you know the rules so, sorry Lucien no can do their names are classified for security purposes.’

‘It’s fine.’

‘They’re good.’

‘They are, they haven’t lost a fight yet.’

‘Do you let a lot of girls fight?’

‘If they are willing to, yes, there aren’t many but she is our star. I trained her since he was ten.’

‘Isn’t that a little young?’

’She insisted she was so lost and angry. She comes from a rich family. She’s an only

child I can understand why she chose this path with no siblings to talk to it’s easy to take your anger and frustrations out on someone that you don’t know or even care about.’

They nodded, continuing to watch the fight they could see and feel the coldness in her eyes maybe that was what devil meant when he said “a little bit of ice” they could feel chills going up their spines, that was until Eros finally gave in and fell to the ground of the ring and they declared fire the winner. They nodded to each other. ‘Thanks for letting us stay and watch Devil.’

‘My pleasure . Won’t you stay for another drink Lucien?’

‘I’m sorry devil but my boy had school in the morning. I don’t want him to be late on his second day.’

‘Sure it was nice meeting you Beau.’

‘You too.’

They all shook hands before they were escorted out the back door to where the large Harley stood they watched as fire got on the back and held onto the drivers leather jacket and pulled away. ‘Did you get the plate?’

‘I did come on. I’ll get it run through our databases and see who it belongs to.’

Beau nodded and they both got into the car and it pulled away

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