Kidnapped by the Mafia

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60 - A Mafia War part 3

Andrew Andres

They won’t know what’s hit them, they have no idea we are coming, we made our final amendments to our plan at six am before we all headed out to their mansion an hour from here.

They won’t see us coming. I’ve got the best guys behind me. They won’t know that we’re there until they’re dead. I chucked evilly because these fuckers can’t beat us. There are way too many of us. Even if they here enlisted other mafias, we will take all of them down and kill every one of them fuckers, because today I will be bringing Amile home as my queen. What can possibly go wrong?

We park up around a bile from where the mansion is and get out the map and tell the men where to position themselves to take out these bastards once and for all. They will pay for the deaths of my parents and sister. They will pay greatly for taking Amile from me. We’re all hooked up with invisible microphones so we can all keep in contact.

«Vse li u nas ponyatny plany?» “(Are we all clear on the plan?)

“My.” (We are.)

«Khorosho, davay razoydemsya I poluchim etikh ublyudkov. Segodnya budet ikh posledniy den’, i oni uvidyat svet. Segodnya budet ikh posledniy den’ na etoy zemle. Segodnya my pobedim samuyu bol’shuyu frantsuzskuyu mafiyu i zaberem moyu korolevu domoy. Poshli.” (Good let’s all spread out and get theses fuckers. Today will be their last day and they will see the light of day. Today will be their last day on this earth today we will take the biggest French Mafia down and take my queen home. Let’s go.)

They all nodded and we made our way through the woodland towards the mansion and split up. I had the best trading assassins and I knew they wouldn’t fail me and the Russians definitely wouldn’t fail in the quest in hand.

“We’re in position, boss.”

«Moi lyudi i lyudi Viktora Mogilevicha na pozitsii i gotovy, Endryu, tol’ko day nam znat’, kogda». (Mine and Viktor Mogilevich’s men are in position and ready Andrew, just let us know when.)

“Ogon’!” “Fire!”


The gun shoots could be heard all over he mansion was this fucker really thsi fukcinf stupid my trained assassins were around the mansion we’d al loomed togehter at four this morning as I had a gut feeling that Andrew Anders would make his appearance some time today and I was right. They were on the borders of the mansion. By now whoever dared to shoot at the mansion would be killed by the snipers who were situated on the roofs of the mansion with silencers on their guns so they couldn’t be detected. Did this asshole really think I wouldn’t be prepared? He may have assassins to get rid of us but ours were aware of them and the silencers on the guns made it easier for them to shoot and kill without being detected by Andres’ men. I knew he’d enlist help anc I was right the fucking Russian had followed him on to our bordered they were going to regret their decission.

«Écoutez tout le monde, nous sommes attaqués, vous savez tous où aller pour rester en sécurité. Dépêchez-vous, nous n’avons pas besoin de blessures. (Listen everyone we are under attack you all know where to go to stay safe room you are there you will all be locked in until it is safe then and only one of us will be there to let you out. Hurry we don’t need any injuries.)

They all nodded, slipping into the rooms and heading to the staff safe rooms situated under the mansion as more shots were heard. I turned to Lucien and Beau they’d arreat been briefed of what to do in this situation.

« Sortez-la d’ici rapidement, je ne veux pas qu’ils sachent qu’elle est là. Tu sais où l’emmener. (Get her out of here quick. I don’t want them knowing she’s here. You know where to take her.)

“Where is she?”

“Her bedroom.”

They nodded, jogging away to her bedroom. We needed to talk about bedroom arrangements, but now was not the time or place.

“Ils sont presque là Dominique.” (They’re almost here Dominique.) Andre said.

“À tout prix, ils doivent tous mourir et s’assurer qu’aucun d’entre eux n’arrive à Amile avant qu’elle ne soit en sécurité.” (At any cost they all must die and make sure not one of them gets to Amile before she gets to safety.)

“Dì ai tuoi uomini che tutti questi stronzi devono morire e assicurati che nessuno di loro arrivi ad Amile prima che lei sia al sicuro.” (Tell your men all of these fuckers must die and to make sure and make sure not one of them gets to Amile before she gets to safety )

“Noi Dom ora uccidiamo questi stronzi!” (We will Dom now let’s kill these fuckers!) Marcello Lombardozz rightfully said.

“Mi togli proprio le parole di bocca.” (Took the words right out of my mouth.)

“Gli uomini erano tutti pronti a sparare per uccidere e assicurarsi che nessuno trovasse Amile Cromwell”. (Men were all ready to shoot to kill and make sure no one finds Amile Cromwell.)

“Les hommes étaient tous prêts à tirer pour tuer et à s’assurer que personne ne trouve Amile Cromwell.” (Men were all ready to shoot to kill and make sure no one finds Amile Cromwell.)

“Capo” (Boss)


We pulled out our guns making our way through the mansion shooting any fucker that came out way these fuckers won’t get out of here alive.


We ran down the long hallways of the mansion and up the stairs to amy’s room let’s how she understands we are doing this for her safety we know don has spoken to her about thai and he has also promised her that she would be going home, but tha;st not going to happen anytime soon. We burst into her room not giving a shit if she was naked or dressed. She gasped tune for to us damn she was working out didn’t she hear the fucking gunshots. “Oh hi, what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Dom asked us to get you.”

“So who are we shooting today?”

“We’re not shooting anyone, Amy.”


Me and. Beau and nodded, grabbing Amile. “Where are we going?”

“The safe room until this is over.”

“But… I trained hard, and Dom said I could go home once I was trained.”

I shook my head. What shit had Dom filled her head with?

“I’m not going home, am I?”

“No you’re not Amile, this is much bigger, we need to keep you safe and out of sight.”

“From who?”

“Your ex.”

“Andrew is here?”

“And he’s not alone, so either you come with us quietly or he’ll find you. Is that what you want?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Good. Follow us and you’ll be safe, we promise.”

She nodded and I placed my hand on the wall. It slid open and we all stepped in, the wall slid back and the lanterns flickered lighting the tunnel. “Follow me.”

She nodded and followed behind her. “So will you both be staying with me?”

“Yes Andre is with Dom as well as a few others.”

She nodded. “He won’t find me will he? Andrew won’t find me?”

“No he wants Amy no one can get down here unless your hand print matches the data base.”

“Good.’ She sighed.

“I thought Dom had explained all of this to you ?”

“He did, I’m just making sure..”

I grunted but she was clearly nervous so I grabbed her hand in mine squeezing it. “It will be okay Amy no one knows these tunnels but us no one can get down here without hand recognition.”

She nodded and let out a deep breath that turned into a sight. I hope Dom and Andre are handing everything up there.

I pressed my hand on the next wall and the wall slid open to the safe room we all stepped in, the wall slid shut. This is it, we couldn’t get out until either Dominique or Andre opened it.

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