Kidnapped by the Mafia

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61 - A Mafia War part 4

Andrew and Dominique

The sound of guns being fired were echoing through the once quietus;ways of this equidistant large mansion Andrew had to admit it was an amazing sight to take in, but he was here for one thing and one thing only to get Amilie and take her home where she belongs, with him for eternity. He’d shot so many bullets on the way up here. He wasn’t sure who was dead or alive.

Dominique had the best silencer guns this side of France and no one knew that the only shots through the mansion were those of Andres men and snf the Russians they were truly thick bastards to have forgotten the silencers they were the most deadliest we open in war and you could kill instantly without a sound.

Most of Anders men had Allen in the trap and had died instantly others were more aware and had gotten a few shit in before they to fell to the ground in their own blood.

The Russians were on different Par altogether they were as sneaky as the Italians and the French and were in a shooting the firing frenzy with both sides bloody and most dead. Polls of blood in all of the mansion

There was lots of blood she’d ask everyone made their way through the mansion most had come to their unlikely deaths from the snipers scattered across the roofs of the mansion others from the many mafia gangs inside the mansion no one was aware of how big this actually was until it was nearing an end and everyone one was dead but two. Andrew had searched the mansion unscaved trying to find Amile with no luck whatsoever.

He finally came face to face with the man that took his Amile away from him who had taken his queen away from him who would win this war he sure as hell wasn’t going down without a fight. By the look in Dominique Colbone’s face neither was he. Both of the men were bloody and had blood stains splattered across their white shirts. Neither of them were giving a shit how they looked right now or how bloody they were.

“We’ll we’ll we’ll I finally get to meet the great Dominique Colbone.”

“I honestly can’t say it’s a pleasure Anders.”

“Me neither. You should’ve died along with your parents.”

“You were supposed to be dead at the prom.” I gritted out, angrily how dare he bring my parents into this.

“We’ll I guess I’m too clever for your men.”

“Not this time it’s just you and me it’ll be your death today not mine.”

He laughed evilly. “I sure hope you don’t believe that I’m here for Amile and you’ll be long dead before I get her out of here.”

“She’s not here.”

“And you expect me to believe this shit?”

“I do actually, she left before you even got here. I let her go. She’s on her way home by now she’ll be landing.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t. I couldn’t care less. She wasn’t my prisoner.”

“Yet you kidnapped her.”

“Her fathers debt is paid I sent her home.”

Andrew looked confused. “But he said he paid off his debt and you refused to take it and you were going to marry his daughter.”

“I changed my mind, she’s not here. She left over an hour ago.”

The gun clicked being me I smirked I cranked my gun the bullets left the guns with a loud bang simuainasly and both men dropped to the ground. « Emmenez-les dans les donjons, je m’occuperai d’eux tous les deux plus tard. » (Take them to the dungeons, I’ll deal with them both later.)

“Patron.” (Boss.)

The bloody bodies were picked up and taken to the dungeons.

“Are you sure about this Dom? You could’ve killed him point blank.” Marcello Lombardozz said, as a matter of factuality.

I grinned at him evilly. “Voglio torturare il coglione finché non mi supplica di ucciderlo, allora e solo loro metterò fine alla sua vita triste e patetica”.(I want to torture the little prick until he begs me to kill him then and only them will I end his sad and pathetic life.)

“Decidi tu, Dom.” (It’s your decision Dom.)

“Sì lo è, mio vecchio amico.” (Yes it is, my old friend.)

“Tout le monde est mort Dom.” (Everyone’s dead Dom.) Andre said after getting word through the hidden microphone. « Bon, nettoyons tous et faisons sortir tout le monde des pièces sûres. » (Good let’s all clean up and get everyone out of the safe rooms.) I suggested.

“Bien sûr Dom.” (Sure Dom.)

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