Kidnapped by the Mafia

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62 - Revolutions and Realisations


The door buzzed sliding open. Andre stood on the other side thank god.

“Come it’s safe.” Is all he said to make Lucien and Beau joult up to their feet.

They looked at me. “Come on angel we are safe to go up stairs now.”

“Is he dead?” Is all I could say and ask.

“Dom took care of it.’

I nodded, accepting his answer.

I was so relieved that I hadn’t got to see Andrew ever again. He made my life a living hell, anc if he thought I’d ever marry him then he was sadly mistaken. No way in hell was I going to marry that psychopath not in a million years. I never once understood what girls ever saw in him. He made my skin crawl. He had a sickening glare that most people cowered down to apart from me. I took it with a pinch of salt and all the dead stares he gave me when I wouldn’t give in to his demands. I’m surprised he wanted to be with me. I’m a hard headed fiery red head that takes no shit from anyone especially the likes of Andrew Andres. How dare he think that he can take my friends away from me and just have him ha! What a fucking joke.

We all made our way through the hidden tunnels under the mansion to the bedroom and we continued to follow Andre across the hallways downstairs to the dining hall I was quite surprised to see it had been exactly the same as this morning before I decided to go to my room and so some exercises without the guys interrupting me. Until I was disturbed by Lucien and Beau. I was willing to fight for my survival and take Andrew out myself if I was only aloud. It seemed like hours until we were set free from this suffocating room. I pray this will never happen ever again. Even the maids, waiters and cooks were running around like headless chickens as if nothing had happened. I can’t believe I never heard the gunshots whilst preparing myself to take that asshole down.

“Dom will be here shortly.”

I nodded and was left alone in the dining room. Lucien and Beau had followed Andre out without saying a word.

I looked around the empty dining room which was usually full with bodies and laughter. I was finally coming to realise that I was never going to get out of here and Dom had lied to me yet again. I hate that man.


We followed Andre down the corridors and down the steps to the dungeons.

« Que se passe-t-il André ? (What’s going on Andre?)

“Nous allons aux donjons.” (We’re going to the dungeons.)

« Pourquoi Dom ne s’était-il pas encore débarrassé de ce petit con ? (Why hadn’t Dom disposed of that little prick yet?)

“Non.” (No.)

“Quoi! Vous ne pouvez pas être sérieux en ce moment. Nous avons dit à Amy qu’il était parti. (What! You can’t e fucking serious right now. We told Amy he was gone.)

“Dom veut le torturer jusqu’à ce qu’il saigne à mort, comme nos parents l’ont fait.” (Dom wants to torture him until he bleeds to death the same was as our parents did.)

I just nodded. I respect Dom and he knows what he’s doing,well for all our sakes I hope he does.

« Tu es sûr que c’est le sage André ? (Are you sure that’s wise Andre?) Beau asked. “Ne connaissant ce gars que par expérience, il est bon et il ne tombera pas facilement.” (Only knowing this guy from experience he’s good and he won’t fall easily.)

« Je suis à peu près sûr, je fais confiance à Dom et vous devriez en faire autant. » (I’m pretty sure, I trust Dom and so should you.)

“Je fais. C’est à Andres que je ne fais pas confiance. (I do. It’s Andres I don’t trust.)

“Aucun de nous ne le fait, c’est pourquoi il y aura des gardes partout jusqu’à ce que Dom en ait fini avec lui.” (None of us do, that’s why there will be guards situated everywhere until Dom is done with him.)

Beau nodded and we headed for the first cell. Andre opened it, Dom was half naked with a whip in his hand it snapped as it hit the bare skin of Andres who yelped out in pain he wasn’t going to last long at this rate he’d be dead by morning.

“Tell me why you chose my Amy when you could’ve had any other girl?”

“Fuck you!”


We stood unaffected. We’d done this shit so many times in the past we were used to it. Beau flinched but kept his composure; this would be his first time seeing how we dealt with things here.

“Your family killed mine. I will not let you take Amy from me!”

“Fuck you old man she’s mine!”


“She’ll never be yours!”

“She will I’ll get out of here you just watch and I’ll take her white me.”


“I’ll kill you first!”

“Then kill me old man if you’re brave enough.”

Oh shit wrong move.

He pulled out his gun cranking it. “Your last chance to tell me why you want Amy so bad?”

Anders looked at him spitting out the blood on his mouth; he looked like he’d gone ten rounds with Tyson. It looked as if Dom had put all his anger into all his punches to make his face such a bloody mess. “Fuck you!”


Anders shot back his body limp on the chair. He turned his eyes were dark and found of any expression. “Let’s go. I need a shower before I see my woman.”

We nodded following him out of the dungeon.

“Nous pensions qu’il serait mort avant d’arriver là-bas.” (We thought he would’ve been dead before we got there.)

“Ou vous l’aviez torturé un peu plus longtemps.” (Or you’d tortured him a little longer.)

“J’avais prévu qu’il m’emmerde.” (I was planning to he pissed me off.)

We all nodded knowing a pissed off Dom was not a force to be reckoned with,

« Dites à Amy que je serai avec elle dans un moment. J’ai besoin de me doucher et de me changer. (Tell Amy I’ll be with her in a while. I need to shower and change.)

“Bien sûr Dom.” (Sure Dom.)

We all parted ways. Dom went to shower and change whilst we joined Amy in the dining room. She looked up at us curiously. “Dom will be joining us shortly.”

She nodded. “Is everything okay?”


Shortly after Dominique joined us and the food was served. We all ate in silence, this felt so weird.


I looked around the table,I’d told my men they could eat in their rooms tonight the same as our allies. I didn’t mean to be rude but they were sure to scare Amy they’re more intimidating than me, Lucien and Andre put together.

“Guys can you leave me and Amy for a while.”

“Sure Dom.”

They all got up smiling. “We’ll see you in the morning.”

I nodded and Amy smiled politely. I waited for them to leave the room. “Come here Amy.”

Her head shot up and towards me she looked nervous. “Please Amy.”

She nodded pulling herself up out of the chair waking slowly over to me. “What’s wrong Dom? Did I do something wrong?”

“No you didn’t.” I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her down onto my lap.

She gasped, I grinned, placing my arm tightly around her so she wouldn’t move.

I placed my other hand on her face. I’d came to realise over the past few months I wanted someone in my life other than those around me and shenwas the girl I wanted by my side. I caressed her cheek making her more nervous. “You know I never wanted n]anyone else in my life. I was happy the way it was until you.” I looked deep into her eyes. “You change everything I ever believed. I necker once wanted a relationship I was just happy fucking whatever comes along.”

“So what changed?” She asked in an annoying tone, or was it jealousy?

“You change it. I’ve never been so attracted to any girl like I am to you. You’re my world Amy and I’d do anything to keep it that way. I want you in my life Amy. I never thought I’d be saying this but I fell in love with you. You show respect to others and my men have never been so on point as they are now you’re here. I know I scare you and I intend to show you you don’t have to fear me anymore. We’re getting married soon and I want you to feel safe around me. I don’t want you to fear me. I’m not as bad as you think I am.” I looked into her eyes. “Can you at least,give us a try?”

She looked so lost,but nodded.

I smiled pulling her closer to me, pressing my lips on hers, kissing her passionately. God it felt like home. I now knew I had made the right decision out of all its revelations. It finally made sense that this girl was meant to be mine no matter what the outcome would’ve been.

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