Kidnapped by the Mafia

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63 - Epilogue - He’s gone! - Il est parti!


Nothing quite felt like home like right now with Amy in my embrace. She fit so perfectly in my arms and her lips were so soft against mine, the taste of strawberry lip gloss was sending me insane. I had to stop before I send something really stupid. I knew she was still a virgin and I wasn’t going to take that through impulse. I was going to wait till we were married and consummate our marriage.

I pulled away from her, brushing my hand across her face. “As much as I’d like more, we should wait till we are married. I won’t force you into something you’re not ready for. It’s getting late so we should retire to our rooms.”

She nodded, pulling herself up off me. I took her hand in mine. “We need to sort the wedding and bedroom arrangements for tomorrow. There’s a lot to do in so little time.”

She nodded and smiled sweetly, my heart clenching. I have never felt like this in all the twenty five years of my life. I had to grow up quick after my parents deaths I become a cold hearted bastard that had to put his feelings tk the back of his mind to survive this cruel world and plan vengeance on those that has made me a cold hearted asshole.

Now I have something worth living for, someone who could break down the barriers I put up to not let anyone in and show any emotion towards, this girl had managed to accomplish this in so little time a mere month to be precise. This wasn’t supposed to happen, this wasn’t the plan. But it had anyway.

I walked Amy to her room, bidding her goodnight before I too retired for the night.


I can’t believe I let him kiss me. I have no idea what came over me after his confession. I felt flustered and before I had a chance to say anything else he slammed his lips onto mine kissing me. She what I’d he thinks I liked it? What I’d he thinks I’m giving into him? I seriously need to get out of here, but how is the question. I lay my head on the pillow. We’re supposed to discuss the wedding and bedroom arrangements tomorrow. I don’t want to marry him let alone share a bed with him. I slowly drift off to sleep thinking of a way I can escape from here without him finding me.

Reinhold KRÜGER

I can’t believe those assholes were stupid enough to even think they would kill me. I’m invincible. I’m known as a ghost no kid has ever caught me and never will. I am a master at seeking in and out of places without anyone knowing.

I opened the window to where they were keeping Andrew. They gad no idea I had survived with so many dead how could they. I slid through the opening and landed silently on the floor. I looked over at Andrew, his head was arched back, his body was all bloody with whip marks all over it. I’m going to get these bastards for what they’ve done. They say revenge is sweet and it sure as hell will be once Andrew is back on his feet. I approached him and grinned Dominique sure fucked up this time he got an unlucky shot, any closer to his heart he’d been dead for sure.

«Vse budet khorosho, Endi. Kak tol’ko ty vyzdoroveyesh’, tebe budet khorosho, chtoby idti snova». (Everything’s going to be fine Andy. Once you’ve healed you’ll be good to go again.)

Anders stirred as I pulled him to his feet. «My dolzhny poluchit’ Emil’». (We have to get Amile.” He said groggily. The guy could hardly stand and he certainly had no chance of getting Amile out of here in his state.

«My sdelayem eto, kak tol’ko ty budesh’ dostatochno zdorov, chtoby snova s nimi spravit’sya». (We will once you are fit enough to take them on again.)

He nodded and his head flopped forward. I darted out the open window and Viktor Mogilevich helped pull him through. I slid out the window, closing it running over to the jeep getting in before Viktor Mogilevich sped away.


Amy and I were sitting on the sofa in the chill out room discussing the wedding. I looked at her and smiled. This was it. I was finally settling down with a girl worthy of being my queen no other woman ever had come close to Amy.

They were too scared to even share their opinions with me, the ones I’d decided I wanted to stick around. She was fierce, fiery and full of ambition and drive and it really turned me on. I leaned towards her, pressing my lips on her neck kissing her, god she tasted good, I couldn’t wait to taste her. But all that had to wait. I was going to make our wedding night memorable. A night she’ll never forget.

“Stop Dominique, we have to get this finished.”

“We will.” I said continuing to kiss her neck.

Andre burst in, I was thoroughly pissed I looked at him wanting to know what he had disturbed us when he knew specifically not to.

“Il est parti!” (He’s gone!)


“Il est parti!” (He’s gone!)

« Comment peut-il être parti ? Il est foutrement mort ?! (How can he be gone? He’s fucking dead?!) I questioned.

“Les hommes sont allés dans la cellule pour se débarrasser du corps et il n’y était pas.” (The men went in the cell to dispose of the body and it wasn’t there.)

« Pourquoi quelqu’un voudrait-il un cadavre d’André ? (Why would anyone want a dead body Andre?)

“Je ne connais pas Dom.” (I don’t know Dom.)

“Je veux voir les caméras de sécurité.” (I want to see the security cameras.)

“Ils les traversent maintenant.” (They are going through them now.)

I looked at Amy. “Sorry my fiery flower, something has come up that needs to be sorted.”

“Is everything okay Dominique? Do we have to cancel the wedding?”

“No baby, the wedding is still going ahead.”

“Is it about Andrew?”

I sighed. “It is.” I leaned forward pressing my lips on hers kissing her. I moved away. “Everything is going to be okay. I’ll send Beau tk sit with you okay,”

She nodded. “Okay.”

“I won’t be long.”

She nodded and I followed Andre down to the security room. Lucien was already waiting and I instructed Beau to keep an eye on Amy. He bowed his head before leaving the room.

« Montrez-moi les images maintenant ! » (Show me the footage now!) I said, angrily.

“Patron.” (Boss.)

He pressed play and we watched as a body slid into the cell and strode over to Anders and said something to him. « Montez le volume. » (Put the volume up.)

“Patron.” (Boss.) He said, pressing the button to turn the volume up so we could hear.

«Vse budet khorosho, Endi. Kak tol’ko ty vyzdoroveyesh’, tebe budet khorosho, chtoby idti snova». (Everything’s going to be fine Andy. Once you’ve healed you’ll be good to go again.)

Why the hell is he talking like Anders is still alive?

Anders stirred as the gun pulled him to his feet. «My dolzhny poluchit’ Emil’» (We have to get Amile.)

«My sdelayem eto, kak tol’ko ty budesh’ dostatochno zdorov, chtoby snova s nimi spravit’sya». (We will once you are fit enough to take them on again.)

He nodded and his head flopped forward then they were gone.

“Montrez-moi la dernière image dont nous avons besoin pour savoir qui est entré sans que personne ne le sache.” (Show me the last frame we need to know who got in without anyone knowing.)

“Patron.” (Boss.) He said, before scrolling back.

“Agrandir.” (Zoom in.)

He nodded, zooming in. We watched carefully Reinhold KRÜGER fucking bastard! He was supposed to be dead, how the hell did he escape us?

« Qu’est-ce qu’on va à Dom ? On pensait les avoir tous ? (What are we going to Dom? We thought we got all of them?)

« Déplacez-vous, changez de lieu pour le mariage. Ça se passe toujours et je devrais tuer des connards dans le processus, nous le ferons. » (Relocate, change the venue for the wedding. It’s still going ahead and I’d we have to kill some fuckers in the process, we will.)

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