Kidnapped by the Mafia

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I hope you all enjoyed Kidnapped by the Mafia as much as I enjoyed writing it. Book 2 Married to the Mafia will be available to read.

Married to the Mafia

Amile has to marry Dominique Colbone to pay off her fathers debt but little does she know that her father had sent Dominique the remainder of the money over but he refuse -sue men snd he wired it back over to him causing an angered Andrew Anders to take action.

With marrying Dominique Colbone comes consequences he is the most wanted mafia leader all over the world which means these other mafias or mob bosses will be after Amile for that reason only or because her father owes them substantial amounts of money which of these will become top priority?

With many Mafia’s and Mob bosses after Amile for the money her father will Amile be safe or will she find away or run from all that try to claim her or will her discovery make he want to run snd hide from the great Dominique Colbone?

Will a secret only know to her and Beau make her decision easier to leave Dominique behind and run from the great French Mafia Dom, or will it will her to stay?

There are four books in this series there will be two other books after married to the Mafia and will be out during 2022 - 2023

~ Escaping The Mafia

~ The Maifa’s Obsession

I will be updating. Married to the Mafia once a week until complete.


Emma Louise

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