Kidnapped by the Mafia

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7 - Two different worlds brought together to trust


I sat leaning against the wall even though I went to the devils den to let out all of my frustrations. I was still angry at my father for what he was doing to my family. Mom had to get rid of him and get rid of him now or I would walk. The tears started to fill my eyes and before I knew it I was crying profusely.

‘Hey is everything ok?’

I looked up, wiping my tears away. ‘I’m fine.’

He sat next to me. ‘No you’re not Amy you can trust me it won’t go any further.’

Could I trust him?’

My tears started to flow again and there was nothing I could do to stop them.

Beau placed his arm around me hugging me. I placed my head on his shoulder. ‘It’s a family problem.’

‘It’s okay you can tell me. You can trust me you know.’

‘My dads in debt he came back home drunk last night he and mom were arguing. She was mad at him and I mean really mad at him. She mentioned he was in debt through gambling and he’d borrowed money of some guy at a casino where he was wasting not only our money but this person’s money too, she was furious she told him she wasn’t losing everything thing she’d got cause of him that’s when I left I couldn’t hear anymore.’

‘It’s okay Amy I’m here.’


He smiled pulling me closer. ‘Anytime.’

He held me tightly. ‘Where did you get those from?’


‘You’ve got busted knuckles.’

‘Oh I went to the devils den.’

‘That pace isn’t safe Amy.’

‘It’s okay I always go there when I need to let out my frustrations. I know the owner he’s cool.’


I knew it. I thought I’d seen her there last night. Me and Lucien were there doing a deal with the owner. He said we had to stay and watch the main act and said they were good. He called them ‘fire and ice.’ He wasn’t wrong. The fighter was on fire with an ice cold glare. I stared at them holy shit. ‘Are you okay Beau you look like you’ve seen a ghost?’

‘Just the fighter looks familiar.’

‘Are you sure?’


‘Hey Dan who’s the fighter?’

‘Sorry Lucien no can do their names are classified for security purposes.’

‘It’s fine.’

‘They’re good.’

‘They are, they haven’t lost a fight yet.’

‘Do you let a lot of girls fight?’

‘If they are willing to, yes, there aren’t many but she is our star. I trained her since he was ten.’

‘Isn’t that a little young?’

’She insisted she was so lost and angry. She comes from a rich family. She’s an only

child I can understand why she chose this path with no siblings to talk to it’s easy to take your anger and frustrations out on someone that you don’t know or even care about.’

We nodded, we all knew that all too well in our business your family was who you worked for and trained for in the mafia. If you went against them you were as good as dead.

‘Come on we best be getting to lessons.’

She looked up and smiled, I wiped her tears away and we pulled ourselves up to begin a new day in this hell hole.

The day didn’t get any better that dumb ass prick Andrew Anders tries to corner me with his goons watching out for teachers I wasn’t going to let him win this time so I let him have his sat, same bully shit about Amy and to keep seat from her or I’d be six feet under. I just laughed at his retarded ass if he thinks he scared me he’ s wrong. I let him get a few punched in before I landed some of my own. Before Amy had to pull me away and her friends grabbed his sorry ass fuck thsi girl was strong and sexy with it. Stop Beau you’re here to do a job not swan over the target.

I walked out of school with Amy and her friends and we all said our goodbyes and they walked away.

I slipped into the car. The car pulled away and Lucien looked at me. ‘We got a lead on the bike. It belongs to Devil.’

‘How can he be in two places at once?’

‘He wasn’t. He had a brother, he’s a fighter at the club Eros.’


‘They’re all friends, this is going to be more complicated than it looks.’

‘No shit.’ I looked at him. ;have you found out about this Andrew Andres yet?’

‘Col is still looking into him, his family are well known and he might be our next problem if we don’t act fast.’

‘What do you mean?’


‘Are you being serious right now?’

‘Deadly but we need to make sure that we have our facts straight before we begin a war.’


‘It’ll be okay kid just lay low.’

‘Easier said than done he’s the one making my life hell I can’t promise you I won’t hit him again.’

‘Be careful Beau we don’t know how big his family is.’

‘I will be.’

‘So did you find out about the fighter from last night you looked disturbed.’

‘I did, it was Amile.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah she confided in me.’

‘Already I’m Impressed.’

‘Me too we had a conversation too, let’s just say we may have a problem.’

‘What kind of a problem Beau?’

‘She knows her father is in debt.’

‘Does she know who to?’

‘If she does she didn’t say. She was at the club to let steam off. Her parents had a big fight about his debt and she slipped out.’

‘Keep onto it Beau. She needs to trust you so we can finish this.’

‘I know.’

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