Kidnapped by the Mafia

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8 - Friends and enemies

Amile walked into the house after a long day at school she was glad she had Beau for a friend, one that never judged her. Her friends were cool, but there was only so much she could share with them. They had no idea that her father was in debt, hell she didn’t even know till last night yet she didn’t know who he owed the money to neither did she care, he was an idiot, class A. She hated it here so much all her parents did was argue about his stupidity especially his gambling. Who the hell did that when they had a family to bring up? To think about but she was almost sixteen anc in his eyes she was an adult who could take care of herself.

She walked into the lounge where a very tall muscular man stood talking to her father. What the hell was going on she could see there mouths moving and a nodding nodding going on. Her father looked up. Amile.’

‘Father.’ She said coldly.

‘This is Antonio, he’s a family friend.’

’ma turned around oh hell no what the hell was he doing here? Her mother would have a spas if she knew Antonio el creep -o was back in town.

‘Good Evening princess.’

She shuddered. ‘I’m not a princess.’

‘You are to me my little Amy.’

‘I’m not little!.’ She said angrily, glaring at her father angrily. ‘What the hell is he doing here?’

‘Now don’t be like that Amy.’

‘It’s Amile!’

‘’Look sweetheart.’

I jumped in. ‘Don’t sweetheart me. What the hell is this creep doing in our house? You know mom hates his guts and that goes for me too.’

‘AMILE!’ He shouted angrily. In his dont push me young lady tone.

She rolled,her eyes sarcastically.

‘I see that school had taught you no respect, princess.’

‘I’m not a princess. And I do have respect. I respect those that give equal respect back. Unlike you.’

‘Feisty too.’

‘Why is here dad?’ She questioned.

‘Antonio is here to take you with him.’

‘Hell no.’

‘Listen sweetheart you need to be protected from those who I owe money to.’

‘Why this has nothing to do with me. It’s your debt, father, not mine I’m in no danger.’

‘Your in a lot of danger Amy if you don’t go with Antonio. You have no idea who these people are and what they’ll do to get their money back.’

‘We’ll give it to them so nothing can happen.’

‘I haven’t got it.’

‘Well you should’ve thought about that before you took the money shouldn’t you?’

‘Just do as you’re told young lady.’

‘Hell no I’m not going anywhere with that creep and mom won’t let him take me either.’

‘I’ve already spoken to your mother to get your bags.’


I ran up the stairs going into my room picking up my bag stuffing it with clothes. I can’t believe this. After everything that dickhead done to this family he’s letting him take me he stabbed my father in the back five years ago now they’re all pally pally again what a load of shit. If it was me I would never forgive him he’d be an enemy till death not a friend. Talk about bull shit friends and enimies with a friend like that who needs enemies?

I open my window and slip out there’s no way in hell I’m sticking around here for that perverted man to take me and do what he pleases with me. Ew.’

I land perfectly and quietly on the grass of our garden and leg it; as I run down the street a hunk of a horn alerts me. I continue but the bike catches up with me. ‘Get on ma belle fleur’ (my beautiful flower)


He smiled.stopping the bike. I swung around sitting gracefully behind him before he took off. I don’t care where we’re going right now.

We pulled up in the mass of trees with hardly any sunlight and pulled ourselves off the bike. He took my hand and led me through the trees to a cliff where we sat down. He dropped his arm over my shoulders. ‘Now why would ma belle fleur be running from her house?’

‘He’s back.’

‘Who’s back fleur?’

‘Antonio Bianchi.’

His face held many emotions but mostly of anger. everyone kremweho that asshoel was even the French mafia knew who this guy was. Yes, Dan was French mafia but I could always trust him with everything. He was like a big brother to me. He despised Antonio Bianchi like the majority around her he was a conniving manipulative liar. ’What he doing here he wasn’t supposed to set foot on my turf?

‘My father.’

‘He let that sneeze back here after everything?’


‘Now I know why you shot from your house but what I want to know is why he is here?’

‘My father thinks it’s best if I go with that creep.’

‘Why, you’re safe here?’

‘He doesn’t seem to think so.’

’Why? What’s he done this time?

‘I’m not sure.’

‘What’s going in Amy?’

‘He’s in debt again Dan.’

‘Who with this time?’

‘I don’t know Dan but he seems to think I’m in danger like I give a shit. It’s his problem, not mine. He reckons they’re dangerous but they can’t be no more dangerous than Antonio Bianchi. He’s pure evil he told me once once I came of age he was going to strip me and fuxk me till I bleed and was no longer a virgin. I fuckign hate him, Dan I don’t want to go with him.’

‘I’ll sort this okay you can stay with me tonight okay.’


‘Come on let’s go to the den so you can let some steam off.’


We pulled ourselves up. ‘Thanks for this Dan.’

‘Anything for you fleur.’ He smiled kissing my sheet taking my hand leading us back to the bike

We got on and he drove back to Devil’s den. He pulled up outside and got off the bike going inside. I smiled right now this was the only place that felt like home.

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