Kidnapped by the Mafia

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9 - Dan “Devil” D’Aboville - We have to illuminate him

Nous devons l’éclairer


Me and Amile walked through devils den. I watched her as she took it in and smiled. I grinned. I’d known her since she sat thirteen now she was almost sixteen and she knew every tag there was to know about this place. I never hid who I was from her and I also knew about her fathers gambling addiction he was a fucking idiot Class A no wonder Amy always came here her family wasn’t perfect I knew that better than anyone else did.

What she didn’t know is that I knew who he owed money to. I had tried to convince her she wasn’t in any danger but that was bullshit two of the French mafia were,here the night she was and I knew why they were here for her. She was like a daughter to me, but yet I had no say in any if this I promised her I’d protect her and now I couldn’t I respected the Mafia family values of never go against your brother or you’ll be illuminated, that’s exactly what this guy had done and yet he had gotten away with everything he had ever done against his family and friends how he was still alive I will never know. I had to call it in or she would never be safe.

I was meeting up with Lucian tonight I hope to god they hadn’t recognised her the other night or we’d be in some shit Dominique had contacted me a week ago letting me know that Lucian had Beau would be arriving here in the U.K. and that I had business to do with them and to make sure I welcomed them with open arms and to show them what went down in my club. I openly agreed unaware that Amy, ma belle fleur she knew very little French thought she was studying it at school I was trying to teach her more but I didn’t want to teach her too much because she’d understand every word that Lucian Spiritol, Dion D’Aboville, Dominique Carbone, Lucian Spiritol, Andre Commons and Beau said and that wouldn’t be good not good at all. They were both impressed with her and asked who the fighter was I just gave him her stage name fire it was against regs and confidentiality we weren’t aloud to give their real names out to just anyone and he understood that thank fucking god. I’d have some explaining to do if he knew it was the daughter of the man they were gunning for, and I’d have a lot of explaining to do as to why she was there and why I let a daughter of the English mob into my den. The truth was when I saw that little girl standing outside my club with tears in her eyes my heart melted and I approached her. She stood her guard and never backed away. I offered her someone to talk to lean on. She just nodded but she wanted to learn how to fight in return so I agreed. She wouldn’t let anyone else but me train her. She had the utmost respect for me and I for her. When she found out the truth she’d had me and all that respect would be gone. But one day I would hope the]at she would understand I have no choice being part of the Mafia.

I looked at the angel walking next to me, ma belle fleur. ‘Amy I have some business to attend to in my office. Will you be okay to train by yourself for a while?’

‘Yeah sure, you have a business to run after all.’

I smiled. She was so beautiful. She’d make someone a good wife someday. I was so proud of her even if her parents weren’t.

She strode off to the gym whilst I went into my office only to be greeted by my brother, Lucian and Beau. ‘You’re early.’

‘You’re late.’

‘Something came up.’

‘What’s possible more important than this meeting brother?’

I glared at him and simply said. ‘Antonio Bianchi .’

Their faces turned into glares of displeasure and disgrace.

‘He’s here.’

‘What’s he doing back?’

‘He’s here for Amile.’


’Cet idiot de Cromwell, il a dû l’appeler. (That idiot Cromwell, he must have called him.)

‘Pourquoi l’appellerait-il? c’est son ennemi?’ (Why would he call him? he’a his enemy?’)

‘Il essaie de protéger son Lucian. Il pense qu’elle va être enlevée pour sa dette.’ (He is trying to protect her Lucian. He thinks she’s going to be taken off him for his debt.)

‘Appelez Dominique, nous devons divulguer cette information avec lui.’ (Call Dominique we need to disclose this information with him.)

I dialled Dominique’s phone, he picked up straight away. I guess he was waiting for the call ‘Bonjour c’est Dominique Carbone qui parle..’ (hello this is Dominique Carbone speaking).

’Bonjour Dominique c’est Dan des diables den j’espère que tout va bien en france.

Nous avons un petit problème à cette fin, Lucian m’a demandé de vous appeler.’ (Good evening Domonique this is Dan from devils den i hope all is well in france.

We have a slight problem at this end, Lucian asked me to call you.)

‘Quel est le problème, mon frère?’ (What’s the problem, brother?)

‘Antonio Bianchi. Il est ici pour emmener Mlle Cromwell avec lui. Je sais de bonne foi qu’Il veut qu’elle parte avec lui pour sa propre sécurité de ceux que M. Crowell doit aussi de l’argent. Que devons-nous faire patron?’ (Antonio Bianchi. He’s here to take Miss. Cromwell with him. I have it on good authority that He wants her to leave with him for her own safety from those Mr. Crowell owes money too. What shall we do boss?)

‘il faut l’éclairer.’ (We have to illuminate him.)

‘Entendue.’ (Understood.)

I ended the call.

‘Alors qu’est-ce qu’il a dit?’ (So what did he say?) Lucian asked.

‘il faut l’éclairer.’ (We have to illuminate him.)

They all nodded their heads in agreement and we all got to work on how to illuminate Antonio Bianchi. Before we started our meeting. We all shook hands before lucian and Beau left, leaving me and Dion sitting in the office. ’This isn’t going to go down well brother what if she finds out it’s us?”

‘She won’t.’

‘She’s a sister to me brother. I don’t want to lose her.’

‘She’s the daughter I never had Dion. I’ll make sure we don’t lose her.’

‘Is she going home tonight?’

‘No she’s staying with us until all of this is sorted out.’

He nodded, it was just lucky that she had some clothes there she’d stayed a lot growing up to stay away from the ever looming arguments her parent were having she was all alone and I was the only person she could ever relay on her and Dion became friends they were inseparable a brother and sister I couldn’t bare to take that away from him with everything that was going on between her father and the largest French mafia known to man.

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