The house of ashes and bones

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Ashley Foster's father has always been violent towards his wife, Cosette Liguori, a woman of Italian origins and all devoted to home and family. Ashley is an only child and is now twenty years old but at six she saw her father take the gun and kill her mother in cold blood. Tension, nightmares, childhood and adulthood resurface in a novel with dark colors and disturbing presences. Why does a man kill? And why does he try in every way to feel himself not an executioner but a victim? An introspective story, which absolutely shivers ... 'The House of Ashes and Bones' will keep you in suspense, and will make you think again about the fact that home is synonymous with protection.

Thriller / Mystery
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As a child I closed my eyes in front of the images of my father while he was beating his mother drunk.

I could not do anything, I was helpless but aware that it was a very bad thing.

He was wrong.

He was wrong and what he did.

Maybe he didn't realize that we were people and not objects, but my opinion has always been that he was mentally ill.

Only the sick get pissed off for no reason and then cry like infants apologizing and looking for a normal approach.

We lived in a shit house.

I was only six years old but now that I'm twenty I still remember everything as it was yesterday.

As if the Texas wind wasn't enough to blow the bad images out of my mind.

I was holding a teddy bear in the arms of those with one eye when my father shot my mother Cosette in the middle of the night.

She was the middle of the night and I peed on myself and cried holding back my sobs out of fear. He didn't have to know. He shouldn't have found his he only daughter awake and aware of what had happened.

Cosette Liguori, of Italian descent, and Andrew Foster, my father, no longer belonged to each other.

It hurt to know that no one knew anything about the daily domestic violence my mother was subjected to.

It's absurd how that damned house on Severina Street, at the intersection with Eikon Street near the Verono River, was so pathetic and almost maliciously smiling and explosive.

She knew and the walls took pleasure, advantage.

Since my mother died for me it was the house of bones, and only later would it also become of ashes ...
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