Colours of Enlightenment

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Derrick Tarasov loves math and loves to travel. He leads his brothers as a shepherd to keep all necessities of life close to him including afterlife. He despises crime, he follows the will of the just, he fulfils all quotes of worthy scholars and never tries to ridicule the ones he doesn’t understand. His friends bring him comfort, he brings them love. His faith allows him to carve peace on the wood at the base of his saviour’s feet. He works to bind the cultures around him for the glory of his faith. He travels through time to discover the meaning of colours of light. He travels far and beyond, just to reach home, to travel through time once again.

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Dedicated to live forever and have peace wherever.

When a light ray is beamed into a right angled triangular prism the light is fractioned between 40° - 42° to reveal seven distinct colours. Newton (1672) first degreed this rainbow for five colours; red, yellow, green, blue and violet. Only later he derived orange and indigo to match the colours to a musical scale:

C-D-E-F-G-A-B or C-B-A-G-F-E-D.

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