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Chapter 18

Leon hawked the session’s recording past his usual sources of opinion.

“That’s got to be television, Leon. That part about tongues in every house,” Nancy was delighted to find an apparent ally in Fernando. She had instantly been convinced that Fernando was expressing a cryptic opinion of television’s power to influence public sentiment.

Leon and Nancy became sidetracked, discussing the thorny issue of the power of the media in general.

“On which side of Nostradamus did your Bishop live?” Andrew asked with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

Leon ignored the jab; “What do you think of the last part of the session, old chap,” Leon had been keen to hear Andrew’s sage advice. “What do you think?”

“The fine steed business?” Andrew used the question to buy himself time to think.

“That’s the part, that’s it,” Leon encouraged.

“A steed for jousting to him would mean a place to practice? Or possibly an animal or mechanism to practice on?”

“Could be, old chap... could be.”

“Your offices,” Andrew continued, “What your company does. You provide a place for people to train. They’re trained to fight in the Nostradamus Armageddon. True?”

“True... too true.”

“By the way that I interpret it, you continue holding trainees in bondage with your hypnosis. It’s probably that fellow of yours and his megalomania; he’s the type that always wants to dominate everything, don’t you know? Probably got something subliminal stuck into your programs... bending minds to his will! Too bloody rich and powerful by far.”

It was a thought that had crossed Leon’s mind, yet the idea was ridiculous. Even for Ken, it would be too big a dream.

Leon also glossed over Andrew’s opinion of Ken. His words had clearly been aimed to ensnare Leon into passing public judgment on his employer.

Turn their actions against their own salvation? Now, what do you make of that, old chap?” Leon ventured.

“That’s a piece of cake, old fruit. Obvious!”

Andrew scoffed triumphantly.

“Your participants will gladly follow whoever or whatever organization allows them to practice what they’re trained for. They’ll put aside morals and own best interests. How many individuals who would otherwise be passive, are you training to drop atom bombs on their fellow human beings, sanitizing it with your clever tricks? And how many of them will ‘just be following orders,’ when they are called upon? And of course you carry the culpability, you have a hand in making them efficient at it as never before. Will you be any the less guilty of your own destruction?”

Leon pondered the hard-hitting analysis. There was plenty of savvy in it, but the scale of irrationality was beyond proportion.

After he’d left Andrew he took out some time to quantify the sheer volume and the status of individuals that LifeGames was training.

He mentally went through a list; All of the world’s elite military forces, with the prospect of the lower levels of soldiery soon to be on the books... Most of the world’s top politicians and lawmakers... Prominent businessmen and academics... Pilots would be less influential in the greater scheme, yet they remained vital for the modern migration of populations, and now university lecturers and school teachers too.

Reviewing the evidence, as improbable as it was, he was forced to concede that total world domination by ‘Ken-the-Terrible’ could, in the not too distant future, be a distinct possibility.

The vision remained disturbing and he decided to test the hypothesis on Ken at the next opportunity.

“Ken`o... you got a minute to spare? Just a minute.”

He played the recording to Ken and they discussed various aspects of it before Leon casually dropped the question;

“How about world domination? What if we put a subliminal in the sequence to get the participants to react to a trigger, don’t you suppose we could... you know... influence then to our needs.”

Ken really liked that idea, he said so—that old tickle that made him dab at his eye suggested something sinister; “That’s a great idea, Leon! I’ll make you my assistant when we take over.”

“That’s all, thanks. I must run along now, Ken’o, must run along,” Leon leapt to his feet and hurried to the door.

“By the way, Leon,” Ken called after him. “I’ve been having the most vivid dreams.”

But it was futile, Leon was in a world of his own. With a few hops and skips, Leon was gone; gone off in his own world out the door.

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