LifeGames Corporation

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Chapter 44

Henry at last felt like the Boss.

It had been just on a year since he’d taken the helm as Chief Executive and Chairman of LifeGames Corporation, he could justify the vacation.

They made a wide sweep in the company jet and he looked with pride out of the porthole window. There, set into the tranquility of the South Pacific, was the palm-lined shore of a magnificent private island that was all now his—his landing strip down its flank, welcoming him. It would become his sanctuary from the corporate madness of the one hundred and seven facilities his company now ran in cities across the globe.

The first months after Ken’s death had turned him grey. The mess he’d found, the shocking revelations in the documents, data and fifty patches he’d stored that morning at Nancy were enough to stop a man’s heart, he thought.

His health had dwindled and his marriage collapsed. But as he’d delved through the boot-load of artifacts, he’d found in their details a new lease on life. Invigorated, he’d regained his zest to make LifeGames great again.

Watching the trade winds fleck white horses off the tops of swells, Henry marveled anew how fortunate he had become. Quite why, he did not know, but only days before his death, Ken had lodged a new Will and Testament with his private attorney; that Will made Henry his sole heir.

Naturally, Ken’s estranged family had crept out of the woodwork and challenged the peculiarity of it. But by the time it came to court under an urgent interdict, Henry had experience a change of heart; gone was his amicable sense of playing it fair… if Ken wanted him to have full control of the empire he’d built, far be it for him to denounce that. It was the first time Henry had actively wondered how Ken would handle a situation like this, so he’d brought certain pressure to bear on the scavengers trying to steal his rightful good fortune, and they’d neatly dropped the action.

Time Dilation was another fabulous “what would Ken do?” question he’d asked himself. Happily, it was back achieving results beyond even those Ken had posted before he’d lost his way. The company had doubled in size since his death.

Henry’s thoughts now turned to Nancy and her sidekick Catherine; hysterical bitches that they were, making up stories and going to the press about things they simply weren’t smart enough to understand. Fortunately only the Tabloid press would print such tripe. Fortunately, all of the legitimate press were LifeGames clients and knew better.

“Women...!” He huffed and laughed. Their accusation that he’d become just like Ken was a sentiment he was beginning to see as a compliment. The way they were carrying on, he’d probably have to deal with them as Ken would have dealt with them.



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