The dark secret

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The dark secret is about 2 best friends going through a hard time with the horrid agencie following them everywhere they go. Read to find out about there love connection and how love always finds a way.

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lin Goodman sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast when she heard her dad sobbing in his bedroom. Her mom was supposed to be home 3 hours ago! She ran out to his room where he was sitting on the ground " dad, whats wrong?" She asked. He told her that her mom had died in a car wreck. She was terrified. She started thinking about what they planned to do when she would have come home. They were going to have a picnic and then afterwards get icecream from there favorite store. Now she would never be able to do that again. She ran to her best friends house, gerald swan."hey take it easy." He tells her." Dont tell me to take it easy! Would you be able to take it easy if your mother was dead!?" Lins face turned bright red and she had mixed feelings about her mothers death. She should have lied. She should have known they were coming for her and her family. Her mother was just the start of it. They would not stop until they got what they wanted. And tbat was for them all to die. Then the lights went out. The room was pitch black; she extended a hand for the switch, but the light didnt come on. She reached into the darkness and her fingers landed on....
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