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The Possession and Other Short Stories

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'Spirits please use the glass to move around the table and spell what you want to say. Firstly what is your name?’ Geena asked. The glass moved to spell the name ’H E L L’ Have you ever had an experience that kept you awake at night in wonderment and disbelief that what you were seeing was real? Have you ever been scared of the shadows in your room at night, knowing that there was someone in those shadows watching you? The Possession is the first in a series of novels into the paranormal, mixed between the reality of what the author (a medium) can see and loosely based around some of the authors favourite ghost stories she has seen first hand and what she has been told over the years. The author captures the essence of life as a medium in this book. Can things that go bump in the night really frighten you and take over your life? From the authors perspective they can..

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The Convict Part One

‘Do we have to go to mothers?… You know how much I detest her, and that house is so… so… spooky!’ Anne complained to her husband Jason.

‘Anne dear, you know she won’t stop pestering until we go, and besides, I like her séances’ Jason answered rolling his eyes.

‘Well I don’t, she makes it all up you know. The lights are rigged up to Peter in the cellar who switches them off and on when she gives him a keyword. The crystal ball doesn’t work, its just a hallow glass ball with lights inside of it, the noises are taped, need I go on? It’s all so scripted, so precise. Takes hours of practice and timing you know. Remember I used to watch her and Peter practice for hours until they got they’re timing perfect for her stupid little gatherings on Saturday nights when I was a child!’ Anne replied in an impertinent manner.

‘For god sakes Anne, your going on like a spoilt child! So the whole thing is set up, so what? Do you really believe for one minute I thought it was real? Your so unimaginative, Christ stop being so cynical, its only a bit of fun’

‘Well I don’t like it, I’m bored of this type of thing and I don’t see why we have to go anyway’ Anne never uttered another word until they reached the gates of Wilderburry Manor.

Anne was twenty five years old, five foot ten inches tall, she had long blonde hair, sparkly blue eyes that could warm the coldest of hearts. Anne was incredibly thin, so thin some would say she was anorexic. But unfortunately, she had to be thin as she worked part time as a model in London. Anne was a beautiful woman and unfortunately she knew it, she had the tendency to talk down to people at times, but this was mainly down to her job and the fact she kept a guard up to people quite a bit. People who knew her privately though all thought she was diamond. Jason was twenty nine years old five foot ten inches tall and

had a stocky build to him. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, quite a large nose and a wide cheesy smile. Jason also worked in London but had a more tedious job than Anne’s… He was assistant manager to a bank. Jason was quite a simple man really, who had very little interests, but, the ones he had, he felt so passionate about. His mother in law’s séances, was one of those passions. Normally he had a quick fired temper, but when it came to Anne’s mother, it was Anne who had the anger some aura about her. Anne hated her mother, because she came from a ‘well to do’ family, she was graced with a permanent presence of a nanny when she was growing up. Anne resented this as she craved the full attention of her mother, but was unable to obtain that attention, as her mother had a constant fascination of the supernatural and would always be in her study trying to enrich her life with psychic powers. As she never really possessed this ability she decided to fake it somewhat… Much to the disgust of Anne, as she believes if you can’t do something don’t lie to others by pretending you can. Unfortunately for Anne, her mothers traits lay inside of her also, and Anne too possesses the falseness, hence the modelling career that is so full of deception. Anne of course failed to notice the negative tendencies that she herself possesses and continues to hate her mother for all her faults.

Wilderburry Manor was built in the beginning of the 15th century. The architect of the manor Edward Gudyver, was a genius but he was also a renound psychopath and rapist. He was sentenced to death in 1432 for the brutal murder and incarceration of twenty-six women. Some of the women’s bodies were never found and it is believed that some of the bodies are inside the walls of the very manor that Anne grew up in as a child. His body was stabbed, poisoned, hung, drawn, quartered, for his crimes. His body pieces were boiled in oil and what was left was thrown away at sea. The building was so elaborate in structure that only a lunatic could have dreamed up such a building. It had five turrets, three of which were sealed up, humongous stained glass windows that depicted country scenes and battles. One window depicted the exact image of the property, but had crosses in certain places on the glass. There was a private chapel of the side of the building which was added much later. In total there was thirty-three known rooms in the property which were reachable internally and externally of the building.

‘Well here we are then, the enticing Wilderburry Manor, complete with a graveyard and ghosts!’ Jason squealed as he drove through the gates to the manor. Anne said nothing, she just shuddered as she just caught a glimpse of her old bedroom window.

‘Look Anne, I don’t care what you do, but I am here to enjoy the company and entertainment of your mother, and her friends. You can act like a spoiled brat if you wish, but don’t drag me into it… Do you hear me Anne?’

‘Ok, FINE, but I’m only here cause of you and not because of my mother and her stuck up cronies. Don’t you expect me to enjoy myself Jason. Understand me?’ Anne replied in quite a cross manner.

‘That’s more than ok, but you can at least try to smile, enjoy the time away from the stresses of London!’

Anne wryly let out a small smile.

‘Much better.’ And with that Jason got out of the car, opened and unloaded the boot and stepped onto the front porch. He was about to knock on the door when…. A clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning rolled by, adding much to the effect of an already excited Jason. The flash of lightning revealed a tall mans face standing in the doorway.

‘Oh its only Peter the butler’ Anne sighed in relief.

‘Good evening to you Ma’am!’ Peter answered.

‘You remember my husband Jason don’t you?’ Anne queried.

‘We were acquainted Ma’am, won’t you come in?’

‘The place hasn’t changed one bit has it Peter?’

‘Not that I have noticed Ma’am.’

The grand hallway was a very large entrance, as you walked through the double doors, you came onto a white and black marble tiled floor with gold flecks in it. As you looked to your left was the entrance to the day/living room which then lead onto the library/study. As you looked to your right you came to the entrance to the dining area, which lead to the evening sitting room. Straight in front of you was the grand staircase. It was a very elaborate staircase with intricate carvings all the way along the banisters.. To the sides of the banisters were statues made out of bronze. As you glanced up there was a beautiful chandelier. As they stood there reminiscing about the building, Geena, Anne’s mother walked into the hallway.

‘Anne, it’s been a long time…How are you?’

‘I’m fine mother, how are you?’

‘I’m we’ll, but I could be better, my back is killing me, I fell down the stairs earlier. It’s the work of the devil I tell you!’

‘Oh mum, don’t start that again, you know there is no such thing as devil’s, ghosts, phantom’s or anything that goes bump in the night’ Anne replied to her mother, irritated by her words.

‘Anne, remember what I said’ Jason answered her.

‘Sorry Jason, sorry mother’ Anne sheepishly replied, ashamed of what she had said.

‘Jason, how is my favourite son-in law?’

‘I’m good thanks mother’

‘Won’t you come into the study and meet everyone else, dinner will be served soon.’ Geena ushered them into the study area.

The study room had not been one of Anne’s favourite rooms in the house, it was such a big room and so cold, even though there was two fires in there. When you first walk into the room, you think its cosy and quaint, but when you look up you realise its so cold, dark and tall, that there is only dark lamps illuminating the room. Above the fireplace was a portrait of Anne’s great, great, great grandfather Jeremiah which Anne hated. Jeremiah had big blue eyes that stared right through you. Anne shuddered as she looked at them, she always felt that somehow they were watching her but she didn’t know how or why. Below the portrait was a mantelpiece clock and a pair of antique Japanese vases, dating from the Ming dynasty. Around the room sat Anne’s relations. As she glanced from left to right she first came across her Aunt Cindy, she was forty-five and was a cashier at the local supermarket, Cindy too hated the house… ’So what was she doing here?’ Anne thought to herself. Next came Cindy’s husband Anthony, he was forty and worked as a funeral parlour director. He loved his job and he loved the house, he always thought it had character. Next came a couple Anne had never seen before, then the last people she saw that were seated were her mother’s next door neighbours, James and Katie McDougal. Kate is thirty-one and was a house wife. James was thirty-four and worked as a director of films but no one had seen anything he had produced. They had two children Joey who was nine and Helena who was fourteen but they were back at the house being watched by a childminder.

The first to greet Anne and Jason was Aunt Cindy.

‘Jason, Anne, how is my favourite couple doing?’

‘Doing well thanks’ they both replied.

‘Good, come and sit down over here, let me introduce to you my new neighbours, Leanne and Jonathon Reynolds’ Cindy chirpily said to them.

‘Hello’ Leanne murmured unenthusiastically, Jonathon just nodded.

‘How lovely to meet you both, I hope your settling into the area well’ Jason answered, he was always keen to meet new people.

‘We’re settling in just fine thanks, Jason is it?’ Jonathon replied.

‘That’s good, and yes its Jason’ he answered with a smile.

Once everyone had said they’re hello’s to Anne and Jason, drinks were served by Peter the butler. No body said a word to each other until Geena walked in.

‘What’s wrong with you all? You’re all so quiet!’ She retorted impetuously.

‘What are we all doing here?’ Cindy asked impatiently.

‘Well I thought we’d all have a lovely meal together, have a séance and then maybe have a bit of a murder mystery game, I kind of way of gathering you all together and having some fun.’ Geena replied.

‘Is that ALL we’ve been summonsed over here for?’ Anne asked in disgust.

‘Anne!’ Jason snapped flashing her one of those pack it in looks.

‘Sorry mother.’ Anne glanced at the floor ashamedly.

‘We’ll you know how I all love doing séances and I thought to add a little excitement to the evening we could play out a murder mystery later on, you will have already been notified and you already know what to do, but the murderer won’t really kill you, you’ll just pretend to sleep. You won’t be able to see any other guests because you will know who the murderer is. So you will have to stay in the master bedroom until someone solves the crime.’ Geena gleefully explained.

‘We’ll that’s reassuring!’ Anne replied sarcastically.

Jason was just about to reply to her sarcasm when the dinner gong went for tea.

‘Oh wonderful, dinner is served, if everyone would like to make they’re way to the dining room and then the evenings festivities can begin!’ Geena almost squealed in excitement.

‘Oh I can hardly wait.’ Anne muttered under her breath.

Jason glared at her as he heard what she replied.

After dinner they retired to the study and sat around a circular table. On the table was a candelabra, a Victorian styled Ouija board, a crystal ball. The room itself was in fair darkness the thick maroon coloured curtains were closed, there were a few candles scattered around the room, illuminating the bare minimum. There was places around the table for nine people and Geena being the head of the circular table as she was leading the séance. The only person who didn’t have seating was Peter the butler. Once everyone had seated Geena began to explain how the séance was going to go.

‘Now is everyone seated and comfortable?’

Everyone nodded.

‘Good, then we shall begin the evening, I would first like to explain a little about what I am going to do.. For years this house has been of ill repute in terms of ghosts, and tonight I would like to communicate with them if I may. Some would say there was a curse put on this house and I intend to talk to the builder of this house Edward Gudyver to find out why the curse is in place and also about the secret passages in this house, why they were built, to what purpose do they serve. There is also a question of the murders that took place here… I’d like to question why he felt the need to murder and butcher his poor victims, and where the rest of the body’s that were never found kept. Anybody have any questions so Far?’ Geena proudly exclaimed. Everyone sat with blank faces, some were looking quite fearful at the thought of contacting such an evil character, others were beaming with excitement, a few looked like they were about ready to head to the door and run. The only one who seemed unnerved and emotionless about the thought of contacting Edward was Anne.

‘Oh mother, REALLY… Do you need to open this Pandora’s box again, you were always the same when I was a child, let sleeping dogs lie. How many times do I have to tell you, the house is neither, haunted, cursed or in any way in ill repute, it is you who is ill. Yes the house was built by a murderer but elaborating and creating some insane stories to get your kicks is seriously immoral. Just look at some of these lovely peoples faces, some look absolutely terrified at the thought of contacting this so called spirit. Just leave it alone, before you cause some real damage’ Anne hissed at her mother.

‘Annabel De-Feux, how DARE you, speak to me in that manner in front of my guests. You may be my family and you have made it plainly obvious that you have never had the respect for what I do, but NEVER try to belittle me in front of people again. I invited everyone out here for a fun evening and all we have heard so far is you shooting your mouth off at how you disapprove. We’ll if you disapprove that much, there is the door!’ Geena was absolutely furious at her daughters insubordination and lack of respect.

The rest of the room all turned to look at Anne in total disgust at what she had said about her mother, including her husband Jason.

‘We’ll Anne, what do you have to say for yourself now?’ Jason asked turning his nose up at his own wife.

‘I’m sorry mother, I really am, but I am just merely voicing my opinion, I never meant to upset you, I just worry that you will disturb something or someone for real one day that’s all’

Anne had done a little research in the past into real medium-ship and knew all too well it wasn’t something to be played about and messed about with if you didn’t know what your were doing and sadly Geena knew the very basics from teaching herself through endless reading about the subject of the paranormal, but she far from knew what to do in case of an emergency.

‘That’s all very well Anne dear, but I do know what I am doing and all will be well. And next time I suggest you, keep your thoughts to yourself in front of my guests, I did teach you manners sometime ago… I blame your city life and modelling career for your cynicism and your abruptness… A few months living back here would do you the world of good young lady’ Geena lectured Anne.

‘Yes mother, again I’m sorry for what I said’ Anne sheepishly looked at her hands that were clasped tightly together on the table.

‘Right then… Now that is done and dusted shall we continue?’ Geena gleefully said.

‘First of all I’d like you all to join hands, Peter, can you extinguish the candles all but the one on the table please’ Geena asked

‘Of course Ma’am.’ Peter replied as he walked around the room blowing out the candles.

‘That will be all Peter, thank you’ Geena answered

‘Yes ma’am’ Peter replied as he left the room.

‘Shall we all join hands, so I can begin opening the séance?’ Geena asked as she looked around at her participants. They all joined hands, and sat solemnly waiting for Geena to start. Geena sat there for a few minutes and mentally prepared herself for what she was about to do… She said a little prayer and then started the evening..

‘If there are any spirits that wish to communicate with us now and they are on these grounds, please step forward… We mean you no harm, but wish to talk to you’

There was a silence that filled the room you could hear a pin drop, the candelabra on the table was still lit and the flames of the candles were perfectly still, as if there was no breeze at all. Everyone in the room were listening out for any sounds that could be heard… There was nothing. Again Geena asked out..

‘Come forward spirits and let your presence be known, is Francis here with us in this room right now? I wish to speak with you..’ She then went on… ‘Please don’t break the circle, no matter what you hear or see’

‘I feel quite cold all around me’ Cindy answered quite nervously.

‘Its ok Cindy, that will be them stepping into the atmosphere and nothing to be frightened of.’ Geena replied.

All of a sudden a curtain moved gently behind them, the first to see it was Jason.

‘I don’t want to alarm anyone but the curtain is moving over there, should it be doing that Geena?’ Jason asked..

‘Why yes Jason, its just a spirit in the room with us, they keep to the outside first, then they step closer in to have a better look at us’ Geena answered with a smile. She continued..

‘Come closer spirits we wish to talk with you.. If you wish to speak with us please make the candle in the middle of the table flicker so we know its you’

Everyone looked intently at the candelabra waiting to see some movement, but from the candles came nothing. The room itself was getting colder and colder and people around the table were starting to shiver a bit from the cold icy blasts that were starting to occur around the room. Then all of a sudden a sharp breeze swept through the group at the table and headed towards the candelabra.

‘The flames are flickering… Look!’ Leanne exclaimed her face going paler and paler by the second.

‘Good this is what we want, keep going spirits, your doing really well’ Geena replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Anne was very quiet during this, as she had seen this routine all before she knew this is how her mother gets their adrenaline going, how every move she made was calculated and prepared and worked together with Peter behind the scenes. She was glancing around the table and room for any trigger wires, microphones, so far because of the minimal lighting she was having trouble seeing anything. So she silently carried on looking for things that looked suspect and out of place in the room. Whilst she was doing that Geena carried on building up the pace of the séance.

‘Now spirits, you are doing very we’ll, but now I want to see you do something much more, we want to prove to these people around the table that you exist… There is a Ouija board around the table that we are going to be shortly using, I would like you to participate and when we put our fingers on the glass I’d like you to channel our energy and move the glass to the letters, and spell out what you want to say.. Make the candles flicker if you understand’ Geena commanded the spirits.

‘They heard you Geena, look…’ Cindy replied ‘I can’t believe this is actually happening’

The candles flickered stronger.

‘Believe it Cindy, it is happening, has anyone else noticed how cold it is getting in the room? I have all of a sudden gone to feel quite uneasy too’ Geena Answered.

‘I feel it Geena’ James replied, ‘I don’t normally believe in this kind of thing but I certainly feel the cold right now around the room, despite the fire being lit. Are there no windows open in the room somewhere, or a door left open?’

‘No, there is definitely no windows or doors open’ Geena said

‘Okay then, well there has to be an explanation as to why its gone so cold in here and the candles are flickering like mad.’ James answered starting to look around the room for answers.

‘Yes there is an explanation James, Spirits’ Cindy answered before Geena could. Cindy was an avid believer in the spirit realm ever since she saw a little girl in spirit in her room when she was a child. She would often play with the little spirit in her room growing up, her mother thought she was playing with an imaginary friend. Since then she has been able to sense spirit or a presence around her from time to time.

‘Well I’m not quite sure its spirit, but its certainly interesting either way’ James replied.

‘Definitely spirits James, now shall we continue? I don’t want the energy to break up around the circle. If people could place one finger on the glass, lets see if we can get the spirits to talk to us shall we?’ Geena said, feeling rather impatient at this point.

So one by one they all placed they’re fingers on the glass that was in the centre of the table. Around the edge of the table were letters in alphabetical order, numeric’s from 0 to 9 and the words ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye.’

‘Now I want you all to relax, press your fingers lightly on the glass, I don’t want anyone to manipulate the glass itself, the idea is the spirits channel our energy and move the glass through us.’ Geena explained.

‘Okay now I know from what I looked into, mother may have got this right this time’ Anne thought to herself as she sat there observing the unfolding events.

‘Spirits please use the glass to move around the table and spell what you want to say. Firstly what is your name?’ Geena asked.

The glass moved to spell the name ’H E L L

‘Hell is not a name, please spell your name again’ Geena insisted.

‘I don’t get a good feeling about this Geena’ Cindy nervously said.

‘All will be fine Cindy now focus’ Geena said trying not to be nervous herself, in all the years she did this, the Victorian séance had never worked, so she had to resort to something else instead. ‘Please give me your name.’

The glass moved over the table once more and spelled the name ‘D E V I L’

‘Geena, I REALLY don’t get a good feeling about this, can we stop now please?’ Cindy said again.

‘No lets continue, Cindy, I seriously doubt Satan himself would come through a séance but I’m intrigued anyway as to who is doing this’ James said enthusiastically… He then continued

‘Anthony you have been quiet while this is going on, is it you doing this?’

‘Certainly not, I have full respect for something like this, I would never mess about with the afterlife’ Anthony replied quite annoyed at what James had accused him of.

‘Prove it then, take your finger off the glass’ James was in a methodical frame of mind.

So Anthony took his finger off the glass, the glass was still moving, by this time it was swirling round and round.

‘Okay so its not you, but keep your finger off and Geena ask again’ At this point James was getting quite excited about what was happening.

‘Spirits, we don’t believe it is hell or Satan who is moving this glass, so please spell your name for us’

The glass, stopped swirling round and spelled ’W H Y’

‘Why? Because we wish to know who we are communicating with.. Would you please answer us.. Who are you?’ Geena answered.

The glass moved again spelling ‘N O’

‘Stop messing around with us please’ Geena answered getting slightly annoyed now.

‘Well how about if you won’t tell us who you are, maybe you will tell us how old you are?’ Leanne suddenly asked

‘Good question Leanne’ James said still puzzled by the whole thing.

Again the glass moved to spell ‘4 2’

‘Finally we are getting somewhere’ Leanne said.

‘Ok I’m wondering if its Geena’s voice they don’t like, I’ve been to something like this before, and if it doesn’t like a certain someone it will mess around with your answers’ Cindy exclaimed.

‘Maybe, but I can’t see why not.’ retorted Geena ‘After all, it is my home’

So Leanne asked the same question Geena did, ‘What is your name?’

The glass moved to spell the name ‘E D W A R D’

‘Continue asking Leanne.’ Anne said amused that it answered to Leanne and not her mother.

‘Are you the builder of this house?’

The glass responded by moving the letters to spell out ‘Y E S’

At this point there was some gasps let out by some of the participants of the séance. It was the person Geena wanted to talk to.

‘Geena are you sure you want to talk to this man, I mean he did murder people and…’

Before Cindy had chance to finish her sentence the glass started moving violently round and round in circles, the candles were flickering quite a bit now, and the cold temperature in the room just got colder.

‘Now you’ve done it, you’ve upset him’ Geena said starting to look a bit fearful herself.

‘Should anything go wrong mother, do you know how to shut this down’ Anne asked seeing the look on her mothers face she knew she wasn’t doing this and it had never happened before.

‘Of course I do Anne, why do you say such things to me’ Geena had realised Anne had sensed her fear and tried to reassure her in the only way she knew how.

The glass continued moving more violently around the table, in a circular motion. One by one they couldn’t keep they’re fingers on the glass anymore as it was moving so fast, so some started to take they’re fingers off the glass. The only three people who had they’re fingers left on the glass were, Leanne, Jason and Cindy. Just then the glass stopped in the middle of the table as soon as it started and began once more spelling out words. It wrote.. ‘ W O M E N W I L L D I E’

‘No one is going to die, what are you talking about’ Geena replied looking anxious at what was being said. Edward continued spelling..

‘I L I K E T H E S O U N D S T H E Y M A K E A S T H E Y D R A W T H E L A S T B R E A T H ’

‘Okay Geena I think we have had enough for one night, shut this down’ Cindy said

At this the glass started moving again, this time it spelt..

‘Y O U W O N T S I L E N C E M E.’

‘You will be quiet now Edward’ Geena commented.. The glass continued to move..

‘I W I L L K I L L A G A I N’

‘No you won’t kill again, now please tell me a few things I have always wanted to know what the crosses are for on the stained glass, why did you put them there?’ Geena was trying to over ride Edward’s threats about murder…

‘T H E C R O S S E S A R E F O R M Y P L E A S U R E’ The glass stopped in the middle of the table again.

‘What pleasure is that then?’ Leanne asked.

‘You had to ask that didn’t you’ Cindy groaned, as she didn’t wish to know his reply.

‘M Y S E C R E T’ The glass circled again this time with a bit more ferocity.

‘I would like to know, this is my house I live here now’ Geena snapped…

The icy cold blast went through the group once more, this time followed by a growl that filled the air of the room and almost echoed through the room.

‘Did you hear that everyone?’ Geena asked.

‘Yes I don’t think you should have said that Geena’ Anthony said, with an air of fear in his voice. The glass continued to move over the letters..

‘M Y H O U S E G E E N A. G E T O U T O F M Y H O U S E’

‘No I will not leave, I own this house now, Anne and I have lived in this house for years. I want to know what the crosses are for, and why you built so many passageways? What are they for’? Geena snapped back at the spirit.

‘I’d stop now mother if I were you, and don’t drag me into your argument with Edward’ Anne replied to her mother, she was very worried now that this was a spirit and her mother had no idea how to stop this.

‘Maybe Anne is right Geena, time to stop now’ Jason agreed with his wife

‘I’ve seen enough now too Geena’ Leanne agreed with Anne.

The glass during this time was still circling round, getting more and more volatile with swing. It moved over the letters once more…

‘M Y H O U S E M Y H O U S E M Y H O U S E D I E’

As it was spelling ’die’ another growl could be heard except this time it was closer to the group at the table and louder. There was also a smell that accompanied the growl a smell of sulphur, that was close to the group at the table.

‘What in Gods name is that smell, can anyone else smell it? It smells like rotten eggs’ Jonathon asked holding his sleeve to his nose.

‘I can smell that too Jonathon, its disgusting’ James answered him holding his nose too.

‘Geena stop this now please, its frightening me’ Katie asked.. It was the first thing she had said since the séance had started. She was a believer in spirits but was told bad things about them when she was a teen by her parents and was very cautious about séances.

‘I… I..’ before Geena could go on the glass moved to the lettering again…

’B E F O R E T H I S N I G H T I S T H R O U G H I S H A L L T A K E A N O T H E R’

Cindy let out a scream, she then shouted as loud as she could ‘STOP THIS NOW, YOU DON’T BELONG HERE ANYMORE, CROSS OVER TO THE LIGHT, LEAVE US IN PEACE’

‘Geena, do something’ Anthony said standing up out of his seat.

Geena just sat there absolutely perplexed at what to do.

As Anthony stepped away from his seat, Jason looked over to where Anthony was seated and let out a small cry.. There in Anthony’s seat was a shadow, sitting perfectly where Anthony was sitting.

‘Ll..oo..kk where Anthony was sitting’ Jason whispered to everyone.

As people turned to look in Anthony’s seat, they glanced the shadow for a split second before the Candelabra was completely blown out, along with the fire. Screams filled the room, again the sound of a growl could be heard, followed by a crash and a thud.. The lights came back on, Peter was standing in the doorway, looking perplexed at what all the noise was about, and why there had been lots of screams.

‘Is everything alright Ma’am?’ He asked.

‘Peter thank goodness you came in when you did, it was terrible, we all saw a shadow and, Edward and a growl… and…’ Geena could hardly catch her breath.

‘Calm down ma’am, I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to what was happening’ Peter calmly answered.

‘The only explanation we have is that there was the ghost of the architect of this building in the room and your ladyship here, thoroughly upset him to the point he was growling at us’ Cindy replied.

‘I have never been so frightened in all my life’ Katie replied holding onto her chest, she was as white as a sheet and had lost all the colouring in her lips.

‘Well I still don’t believe that it was a spirit in the first place, I believe it was Geena who did this’ Jonathon answered with the most concerned look upon his face.

Anne let out a smile that couldn’t hide, FINALLY someone was starting to see what she has spent years to her husband Jason.

‘I suppose you’re enjoying this, Anne!’ Geena caught her daughter’s smile.

‘No mother, I do believe that what happened tonight was the spirit of the architect of this building and not you… I just found it amusing that what I said earlier, someone else has suspicions about you’ Anne remarked straightening her skirt and glancing at the floor.

‘I bet it took a lot for you to say that Anne darling’ Jason whispered over to her giving her a big flashing smile.

‘Just a bit, but its true, it was a spirit in the house’ Anne sheepishly replied with a half smile.

‘Will wonders ever cease, Anne my little one you are FINALLY believing.. This is the most wonderful news I have had all day.’ Geena smiled waving her arms at her.

‘Thanks, but no need for the sarcasm mother’ Anne replied.

‘I’m not being sarcastic Anne dear, I truly think its wonderful… Now back to the subject of spirits what are we going to do about our resident spirit… And furthermore is everyone really ok?’ Geena flitted between conversation, as she felt more excited that her séance had actually worked.

‘We’ll you certainly gave us proof and a view in the afterlife Geena’ James said with a glint in his eye. ‘I never believed in spirit before and thought it was just a scam to gain people’s money, but after tonight I’m opening my eyes a little to it’ he continued.

‘I’m still not convinced James, I mean it was a good show, but how do we really know that spirit was real?’ Jonathon sarcastically commented.

‘Its up to you, what you believe but I know for myself I truly believe and it was a wonderful séance Geena, albeit a little scary’ Cindy gleefully replied.

‘Thank you Cindy’ Geena smiled. ‘Now how about a round of drinks, after that I think I need to calm my nerves’

They sat in the study with their drinks in almost silence each trying to figure out what had just happened. It was a good 15 minutes before anyone spoke.

‘So what do we do now then? We’ve had a threat of a death, do we listen to it and quit while we‘re ahead, or, do we carry on with our evenings plans?’ Geena asked.

‘Well I don’t know about you but I plan on continuing the evening and see where it takes us, I’m not frightened by a little spook that makes threats of death’ Jason replied standing up. ‘So what should we do first?’

‘Well I’m still interested in finding out what those markings are on the stained glass window, what are they for, plus I wanted to do a little murder mystery with you all’ Geena excitedly remarked.

‘Do you think that is wise Mother since what just happened, do you not think it more wise to call it a night and investigate properly in the morning. Everything looks more different in the daylight’ Anne answered with an air of concern in her voice.

‘No Anne I think its a good idea we should continue with this’ Jason looked at her with a kind of disappointment in his eyes.

‘What does everyone else think?’ Geena asked.

‘I think we should carry on, I’m truly interested’ Jonathon said.

One by one they decided to continue with the evening.

‘So what about this murder mystery then?’ Anne asked.

‘We’ll we could start it now if you like’ Geena replied

As Geena began to explain the rules of the evening to all, a strange grey coloured mist started to fill the room, the temperature dropped dramatically, so cold that they could start to see they’re breath in the room.

‘What’s that over there coming into the room, is there a fire somewhere?’ Jonathon asked looking over at the ever growing mist.

‘I’ve seen one of these before, Its called a mist, its the second phase of a spirit, before it shows itself in full form.’ Cindy remarked excitedly.

‘I’m not convinced I mean how can you be certain that it is a.. What did you call it, a mist?’ Jonathon asked.

‘We’ll for a start anyone else notice the temperature in the room drop? When a spirit enters the room you will get a sudden drop in temperature.’ Cindy continued.

‘How do you know that what your feeling temperature wise is not just a draught?’ Leanne asked.

‘We’ll that’s why people investigate these things to eliminate the draughts and general creaks in the room first’ Geena said.

‘And what happens if it isn’t a draught or a creak?’ Leanne continued.

‘Then you can see that what you experienced is paranormal’ Geena remarked.

‘I’m still not convinced, I think I’d have to experience it for myself to believe it’ James added.

‘Then what do you think you have just experienced James, have a look around the room, can you see any thing to say that what has happened so far is not a paranormal experience?’ Anthony asked.

‘We’ll from a first glance I can’t see anything, but I’d have to inspect further’ James remarked raising one eyebrow.

Geena and Cindy both just looked at James in disbelief that he still wasn’t convinced.

‘We’ll let’s start now shall we?’ Katie asked.. ‘I’m actually quite looking forward to investigating this now, why the builder of this building is still hanging round after all this time is beyond me but I’m intrigued enough to look further into this’ She continued.

‘Good for you Katie and well said’ Cindy remarked.

‘Well I’m really interested in this, maybe instead of doing a murder mystery we should just investigate further in this spirit’ Katie continued.

‘Or we could incorporate both’ Cindy announced.

‘How do you mean?’ Katie asked.

‘Well we could start the next part of the evening as a murder mystery but incorporate spirit investigation into it.. It might even draw Edward out even more’ Cindy replied.

‘Do you think that is wise Cindy, I mean the guy did give a warning of another death tonight’

‘All the more reason to mix investigation with a bit of role-play, I mean we could maybe help the spirit cross over or something’ Geena excitedly answered.

‘What a good idea, I’m up for it’ Jason exclaimed, he was buzzing round the room in excitement like a child by now looking at the mist that was intensifying in the room.

‘Anne you’ve been quiet during this conversation what do you think?’ Leanne asked.

‘I think its a bad idea if you ask me, your playing with fire and asking for trouble if you mix the two together’ She answered in a most concerning way.

‘Oh come on Anne, you’ve been present in the room this evening, wouldn’t you like to know more into this spirit that is obviously hanging round your mother’s home’ James answered, then continued ‘I mean I’m not the worlds greatest believer when it comes to the paranormal but I’m trying to remain open minded about it, and besides, it sounds like fun!’

‘Well said James’ Cindy answered.

‘I’m not so sure mixing the two together would be a good idea that’s all. The architect has been hanging round this house for a long time, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to cross over so why don’t we let him be’ Anne replied.

‘Anne have you seen this spirit before in this house?’ Jonathon asked.

‘Well…’ Anne hesitated to reply.

Anne was very hesitant to reply because the truth of the matter was that she had indeed see and sensed the spirit in the house before, right the way throughout her childhood. It was something that she did try to hide away from people as she wasn’t exactly a believer in the paranormal herself and tried to deny it to others and herself that in-fact she was already quite an open woman to the supernatural. It wasn’t something she was proud of about her life and least of having to admit in front of her mother that she had had paranormal experiences in the house was something that she dreaded. As she felt that this would encourage her mother more into her own interests.

‘Come on Anne, have you? You have never told me if you have!’ Jason was puzzled.

‘Well.. Yes in a manor of speaking, I have seen and heard things unusual in this house, many times growing up. Doesn’t mean to say that I can put down to what I have seen as paranormal, or the supposed ghost of the architect of this building’ Anne wryly answered.

‘Anne its so wonderful that you have seen and felt things in this house over the years.. But why on earth didn’t you tell me this much sooner than tonight’ Geena puzzled.

‘Do you think this should be a conversation for another night mother when you don’t have so many guests.’ Anne sheepishly replied looking at the floor.

‘Quite right Anne’ Cindy agreed.

‘So then what are we going to do about this mist in this room?’ Geena asked. ‘Should we continue at the table?’

While they were discussing what to do with the mist in the room Jonathon decided to walk closer to the mist and have a look at it, to try and determine what the mist was made of. As he approached the mist it started to get really cold around him. He shuddered as he stepped closer to it.

‘Jonathon don’t get close to it, you don’t know what he will do.’ Cindy said realising that James was taking a closer look.

‘It’s fine I’m not afr..’

No sooner had Jonathon started to talk the lights and the fire went out. There was several noises in the room followed by a few stifled moans and screams.

‘Peter, get the lights back on NOW!!’ Geena screamed.

‘I’m trying ma’am’ Peter announced through the darkness.

The lights went on again and there on the floor was Katie.

‘Katie!’ Geena shouted as she reached for Katie.

Everyone raced over to Katie to help her up.. It was too late she was dead.. James stood above everyone watching in total disbelief as to what had happened to Katie.

‘I thought we hadn’t started the murder mystery yet Geena, Katie you can get up now’ Jason exclaimed.

But Katie’s body just lay there still and lifeless.

‘We hadn’t started yet Jason’ Geena said with a stutter in her voice, she knew Katie was dead.

‘James, she’s stopped breathing’ Leanne answered with a tear in her eye.

‘That can’t be right, not my Katie’ James put his head in his hands and kneeled to the floor.

‘How could this have happened Geena?’ Anthony asked.

‘I…I..’ Geena couldn’t answer.

‘That’s it I’m leaving, I’m not staying here any longer’ Anne answered standing up.

‘No your not, how do we know you didn’t kill Katie, no one leaves until we have discovered who has done this!’ James glared at Anne.

‘How dare you accuse my wife of murder’ Jason snapped.

‘How do we know your not in this together Jason!’ James replied squaring up to Jason.

‘Do you want to take this outside James?’ Jason answered getting crosser by the second.

‘STOP IT THE PAIR OF YOU NOW!’ Leanne screamed at them.

‘Why don’t we all just calm down, and sit down and talk about this like rational people instead of pointing the finger at each other’ Anthony said gathering himself up off the ground, composing himself and dusting himself down.

Everyone sat at the table all except James who went back to kneeling down by Katie quietly sobbing. Everyone was completely sullen and looking to the floor. It was a good 5 minutes before anyone spoke. The first to speak was Geena.

‘We’ll what a night this has turned out to be so far, I set out to show you a Victorian séance and have a game of murder mystery and we end up with a REAL murder. What are we going to do?’

’Is that ALL you can think about? I mean you may as well have come out with ’What will the local community will think’ truly not appropriate Geena!’ Anthony said in disgust.

‘No Anthony that is so untrue and not how I was thinking’ Geena retorted rather offended.

‘How about instead of placing the blame we try and figure this out’ Jason remarked.

‘Quite right sir’ Peter said entering the room with drinks.

‘Did anyone notice where the mist went?’ Cindy asked. ‘Before the lights and fire went out it was in the middle of the room by Jonathon’ She continued.

‘Jonathon, do you know what happened to the mist, technically you were the last to see it, before it went dark.’ Leanne asked.

Jonathon said nothing, he just sat there, quite pale and lethargic looking, he was looking at the floor quite intently. It was almost like he wasn’t in the room at all.

‘Jonathon? Are you ok?’ Cindy asked.

‘Are you ok Jonathon?’ Leanne asked.

Still Jonathon said nothing. It became apparent to the group that he was almost in like a trance like state, staring at the floor, it was almost like he wasn’t in the room at all. He could hear something muffled in the distance but they were quite incoherent to him. All the while they were calling him, he had a feeling he shouldn’t be in the room with them, that he needed to be elsewhere in the house but he was unsure why. Thoughts kept rolling over and over in his mind..

Come to the midst of the passageway by the green door, she is waiting for you’

‘Sarah, Sarah is there, they must not know’

‘They must not see her, they will take her from you’

‘You must go to her’

‘Go.. Go now’

Jonathon shook his head at the thoughts were crossing his mind, and became conscious of his surroundings again. He was aware by now that the group had been calling him, and were now standing around him, some of them trying to gain his attention by gently shaking his arm.

‘Thank goodness! Where have you been? We were calling you but you wouldn’t answer us. It was like you weren’t there at all.’ Geena looked at him in dismay.

‘I.. I was just trying to think what happened before the lights went out. I remember walking up to the smoky substance and trying to look deeply into it, to see what it was. Then I felt this incredible coldness, nothing like I had felt before. Before I knew it the lights and fire went out at the same time.’

He wasn’t going to admit to the group his thoughts as he didn’t believe them himself and he was unsure where they had come from. All he knew was that he had to try and figure out what they meant. Who was Sarah? He couldn’t remember a Sarah in his life. But he was intent on finding the passageway and the green door.

‘Well I’m incredibly tired now and must go to bed if I can. Could you point me in the direction of which room Leanne and I are staying in please?’ He announced as he stood up and went to walk to the doorway.

‘Yes I think I agree with Jonathon there, it has been such an eventful evening that maybe we should retire to bed.’ Geena remarked.

‘Hang on a minute mother, haven’t you forgotten something, what are we going to do with the body of Katie?’ Anne asked puzzled at why the body of Katie was being dismissed.

‘Yes, Geena what ARE we going to do with my beloved wife?’ James asked. ‘Shall I ring the police now and begin the investigation into what happened to her. The coroner will also need to be contacted, and I am guessing they will want to do a post mortem on her to determine the cause of death.’ James was most annoyed that they were going to go to bed without a single thought to Katie’s death.

‘Well said James, and I’m certainly not going to bed with a murderer on the loose.’ Anthony replied looking at both Geena and Jonathon.

‘Neither am I, so we’ll just not sleep tonight then’ Leanne replied.

‘We could always put the body in one of the spare rooms until morning. Maybe we could say she died in her sleep.’ Geena said in a matter of fact kind of way.

‘Mother… How can you say such a thing!’ Anne was furious at her mother.

‘I agree Anne, what an evil thing to say about my wife!’ James hissed.

‘It was just a suggestion, I meant nothing by it.’ Geena answered.

‘Although Geena is right, if we did put Katie’s body in another room until morning we could at least think about what we are going to do next.’ Anthony replied.

‘I really can’t believe what I’m hearing here, this isn’t right’ Leanne answered quite appalled by now.

‘We’ll I suppose Geena, is right in the sense that it could be looked into more in the morning’ Jason said.

‘Okay but I’m not going to bed if you don’t mind’ James said.

‘How do we know your not the murderer and your not going to kill us all in the night?’ Cindy asked.

‘Do you really think I would murder anyone let alone my own wife!’ James snapped.

‘Well you never know’ Anne said.

‘Just leave me peace if you don’t mind, I can’t sleep with my Katie gone.’ James sobbed into his hands.

They decided to move Katie into one of the rooms upstairs for now, and then they all retired to bed, all except James, who sat by the recently relit fire and was left to his thoughts of the evening.

‘Jason are you awake?’ Anne asked.

‘Yeah just about, what time is it?’

‘I’m not sure I’ll have a look.’

As she sat up to try and find her phone on the bedside table, she glanced across the room and froze. She could see a misty shadow close to the doorway moving around. She nudged Jason who drifting in and out of sleep.

‘Hmmmm’ he muttered…

‘Shush Jason, look!’ Anne whispered.

James sat up to look at what she was staring at and the shadow moved more towards the door.

‘What on earth is that? I’ll go and have a look’

‘Be careful Jason, it could be the mist that was in the study earlier.’

‘Brrrrrr it certainly is cold in here Anne…’ Jason said shivering and rubbing his hands over his arms.

As Jason moved towards the mist it disappeared through the door, he ran to the door and opened it. Outside the hallway was still and dark. There was only a single lamp lighting the end of the corridor. The shadow had disappeared.

‘There is nothing here now Anne, no mist here now…’ With that Jason turned back into the bedroom.

Anne froze on the bed and turned pale, staring behind Jason.

‘What’s wrong Anne?’

What Jason couldn’t see was the spirit of Edward was standing right behind him.

‘MOVE QUICK JASON’ Anne squealed.

It was then Jason could feel someone behind him and spun round. There was an odious sulphur smell, a flash of light and then darkness again.

‘What the hell was that!’ Jason exclaimed as he slammed the door shut, ran back to the bed and jumped in the covers.

‘I saw him, I think it was the architect’ Anne replied still fixated on the door.

‘Edward? I thought you didn’t believe in spirits Anne?’ Jason quizzed still trembling from what he saw.

‘I… I.. don’t but I know what I saw, and he was right behind you Jason!’ Anne exclaimed.

Jason put his arms around Anne to comfort her as she was clearly shaken up by what she had just witnessed.

‘Its okay Anne darling. He can’t hurt us…’

‘What if he can? What if they weren’t idle threats, what if a spirit can harm us… I mean look at poor Katie’

‘How can a spirit harm anyone, its not solid like you or I Anne’ Jason was trying to reassure Anne all he could.. Deep down he was wondering the same thing, especially with what the séance table spelt out.

‘I don’t know, but I didn’t like the look on his face, he was very angry’ Anne replied.

‘You could see his face, I thought you said it was a misty shadow?’ Jason puzzled.

‘It was definitely a man standing behind you Jason, didn’t you see him?’ Anne snapped

‘No all I saw was the flash of light and could smell that awful smell. It smelt like rotten eggs’

‘I’ll talk to mother and Cindy in the morning, she may have faked her séances in the past but she does know what she’s talking about when it comes to the paranormal. She studied it often enough with Cindy’ Anne answered still gazing at the door.

‘Well, either way I’m wide awake now and hungry… I wonder if it would be ok if I went down into the kitchen and made a sandwich’ Jason asked.

‘The scare certainly hasn’t stopped you being hungry then’ Anne let out a little giggle.

‘Certainly not, what is the time anyway’ Jason answered with a smile.

‘3.40’ Anne replied.

‘Right, I’m off downstairs, do you want anything while I’m down there?’

‘I’m coming with you, what if the spirit is still in the hallway, I don’t want anything to happen to you’ Anne said standing up out of bed.

‘Okay then Anne’ Jason smiled.

So they made their way down the hallway to the kitchen, Anne was clinging onto Jason’s arm as they walked, looking around at every darkened spot she came across wondering if the shadow had followed them.

As they reached the kitchen door, something made Jason stop just before he reached the handle.

‘What if the ghostie is in here Anne and its hungry… Hungry for your life’ Jason smiled.

‘Not funny, now can we go in already, so you can make your sandwich and we can go back to bed’ Anne said tugging his arm.

‘Okay come on then, lets be quick its certainly a cold night’ Jason answered pulling his dressing gown around him tighter.

‘Can you find the light switch?’ Anne asked fumbling around and moving her hands across the wall to find it.

‘No not yet, but I will’ Jason replied as he moved his hand across the wall. ‘I found it’ he continued.

‘All the cupboards are open Jason’ Anne said walking round shutting them.

‘I said the ghost was hungry’ Jason chuckled away.

Anne gave him one of her not amused stares, before she continued looking around the kitchen.

The kitchen itself was a large old fashioned kitchen, with an AGA cooker one end and a Victorian fireplace the other. In the centre of the kitchen there was a large wooden unit that was used as a work surface for preparing meals on, and above that was a rack of old copper pots and pans.

‘You can laugh but I really think a spirit did do this’ Anne looked at Jason.

‘Why the sudden change of mind anyway, I thought you were so insistent that spirits didn’t exist’ Jason queried.

‘I wasn’t saying that spirits don’t exist, I was always querying my mothers methods of her trying to prove they were real, when I was a kid she would always try to get results but couldn’t, so she would fake them.. Which to me is wrong, you should never fake something, if you can’t do it’ Anne replied.

‘I can see you point there’

‘As a child I saw many paranormal things in this house, I just never really spoke about them to anyone, cause I wasn’t sure what I was seeing fully. As I got older I realised it was spirit I was seeing, hearing, feeling’ Anne continued,

‘Why didn’t you tell anyone what you see?’ Jason queried.

‘I always felt that people would see me as a different person, and that I wouldn’t fit in, now I’m starting to realise maybe that’s a good thing’ Anne smiled.

‘Well that’s good Anne, at least you have come to terms with who you are, either way I love you all the more every day’ With that Jason planted a kiss on Anne’s forehead.

‘Now can we get something to eat, I’m hungry and its freezing down here’ He said wondering off to the fridge.

They took some things from the fridge and made a drink and went back upstairs. From behind the door that led to the lower servants quarters a man appeared, someone was watching them, he wondered over to the fruit basket picked an apple and then a knife, he stabbed the apple with the knife, let out a laugh and then wondered back off into the darkness of the house at night.

The morning light soon came around and the house was awoken to an almighty screaming in the landing. Anne and Jason jumped up out of bed and rushed out into the hallway, where Rosie the maid was sobbing with her hand over her mouth. The rest of the guests heard the screaming and ran out of they’re rooms to see what was the matter.

‘What’s wrong Rosie?’ Cindy asked.

She said nothing and just pointed to one of the doorways she was standing by. It was the room they had placed Katie in.

Anthony took a step towards the room and there on the bed next to Katie was her husband James, surrounded in a pool of blood.

‘Oh no, I knew we shouldn’t have left him alone last night’ remarked Cindy.

‘What on earth are we meant to do now?’ asked Leanne

‘I don’t know but we have to do something now’ Anthony answered stepping closer to the bed.

‘What’s in his hand Anthony?’ Anne asked peering in closer.

‘Its a note’ he replied taking it from James’s hand.

It read…

The love of my life is gone,

So I have nothing left to live for

Without Katie I am nothing

Tell my kids I love them very dearly


‘That is so sad, I can’t believe he would do this’ Geena said standing in the doorway in total disbelief that she now had two dead bodies in her house.

‘Its awful’ Leanne said as she stood looking at they’re lifeless bodies on the bed.

‘Tragic’ Anthony replied.

‘So that’s one murder and one suicide, Geena do you think its time we contacted the police?’ Cindy asked.

‘What if James didn’t commit suicide, what if he was murdered too?’ Jason asked

‘The note is a kind of a giveaway Jason that he took his own life’ Leanne answered.

‘Anne tell them what we saw last night’ Jason replied

‘Is this the right time do you think to discuss what was about last night?’

‘It might be a connection to this Anne, tell them your theory too about possession was it you called it?’ Jason asked.

So Anne began to describe to the them the night before and the events that occurred with the spirit in the hallway. She was kind of scared to tell them but also relieved as she knew Cindy would have an answer to what they saw.

‘Anne that’s incredible, but why didn’t you wake us when it happened? I mean yes there is every possibility a spirit could possess a human being and project thoughts into they’re head, but as for controlling that persons body… I’m not so sure…’ Cindy replied.

‘We didn’t really want to wake anyone, it was scary enough for ourselves’ Jason answered.

‘If that is the case as to what happened and it sounds plausible to me, how do we stop this from happening again?’ Anthony asked.

‘I’ll have to consult my books and see what to do, in the mean time why don’t we have something to eat, as there is little else that can be done for James now, but we could prevent this from happening again’ Geena replied. ‘And well done Anne for FINALLY believing in spirits, I knew you would come round to the idea eventually!’

‘Mother, I have always seen things in this house, I just never knew how to explain them’ Anne answered.

They continued the conversation in the dining room, over breakfast, none of them really wanted to be there anymore, but they couldn’t bare the thought of it happening again to anyone, so they had all decided to try and put a stop to it once and for all.

‘So how are we going to cross this spirit over then, IF it was a spirit’ Jonathon asked.

‘Not sure, nice of you to join in the conversation Jonathon, you’ve been very quiet since all this has happened’ Cindy replied looking at him suspiciously.

‘I’ve been trying to figure it all out that’s all’ He said looking at the floor, wondering where he has been the last night.. He could remember the voices after everything went dark, people surrounding him, but after that, where had he been? He turned to his wife Leanne for the answers.

‘Well I know I went up to bed with Leanne roughly at the same time everyone else did’ he continued looking at her.

‘Yes you did, but you weren’t yourself at all… You kept mumbling to yourself under your breath, things I couldn’t quite hear, or understand’ Leanne answered.

Geena and Cindy looked at each other.

‘I was just tired that’s all, and trying to figure out what the mist was’

‘And what do you think it was?’ Geena asked

‘I’m still not sure, I know it went very cold around that area though as I was looking at it’ He replied.

‘I have an idea, why don’t we all split up into groups and have a look around the house, maybe something of his is still around that he can be tied to, spirits can hang on if an item of theirs is still in the house’ Cindy answered, her knowledge of spirits now was starting to show.

‘Good idea Cindy, and then maybe if we remove the object from the house he might just move with it’ Geena replied.

‘What if its not an object but the house itself, I mean he did say during the séance that it was HIS house!’ Jason exclaimed.

‘Maybe we should think about getting someone in to exorcise him at that point, I mean he did say someone would die, and poor Katie died, how do we know it wasn’t Edward that did this’ Anthony said.

‘We can’t be certain about anything at the moment, which is why we need to investigate into this more’ Geena replied

‘This is very true indeed, although I am still sitting on the fence when it comes to believing in spirits, I do feel the need to investigate more’ Jonathon answered with a smile on his face. ‘I’m prepared to keep an open mind’ He continued

‘Best way to be, shall we get started then?’ Jason asked raring to go.

‘Yes, no time like the present. Shall we all start in the study and see what we can upturn?’ Anthony asked.

‘Okay, I want to have a look at the table anyway that we had the séance on, to check there was no wires attached to the table’ Jonathon said with a smile and a glint in his eye. Although he was experiencing some odd things the last twelve hours, there was still a massive part of him that wanted to prove that none of it was real.

‘This should be interesting’ Anne whispered to Jason. She has wanted someone to spot her mother’s fakery for a long while now, and put her down as the fake she is.

‘Anne, even after everything you have seen and felt yourself, you still can’t resist at having one last jab at your poor mother, for once she is being genuine’ Jason replied quite annoyed at Anne for even suggesting it.

‘I know I can’t help it, but it makes me cross when she makes it up, with Peter, there are genuine people out there that have a far greater knowledge, understanding and ability than she does, and in my eyes it makes a mockery out of their job and livelihood’ Anne solemnly replied.

‘I can see your point Anne, but for once can you at least work with her on this. You could see the events of last night were genuine. I really don’t know why you always have this battle going on with your mother all the time’ Jason stated.

‘It just gets to me what she does that’s all Jason, people put their all into they’re work and mother just makes the work harder for the genuine ones. I have nothing against mother personally, I just don’t like what she does’ Anne snapped back.

‘Ok Anne, I can understand that, now lets get moving’

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