A silent case

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Being recruited into a detective firm is a hard job on its own. But when you're deaf, you're problems just got doubled. I look like any other girl, seems like i have sorted everything in life but the inside says otherwise.

Thriller / Other
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I step into the room, fear creating a heat envelope around me. I can sense the fragrance change, the temperature drops and the wind hitting the trees.
Am I safe? Are they coming for me? Will I be able to escape from this spiralling mess?
I regret not speaking my mind. If I had spoken that day, I wouldn't be stuck in this situation now.
I sense movement in the ground. Someone's coming. My heart starts to race, I can feel my blood pressure get higher and higher.
*Tap, tap, tap
No. This can't be happening.
*Open the door. GOD DAMN OPEN IT
*There's no use yelling. Break-in. Today, it's either she dies or we die.
I go grab the nearest object- a vase. I don't know how useful it is, but i cannot be unarmed. The doorknob starts turning vigorously, going in all directions trying to open. I stand there, next to the door, holding on to my dear life.
I wish to survive, but, I've had enough.
The scares from family, not relationship, the backstabs from ex - best friends not boyfriends.
*Let's go. I don't think she's here.
*If we don't find her, boss is going to kill us.
I felt the wooden flooring shake. Were they nearing? Or were they retreating? I just stood there in silence for few minutes. Gathering courage, I unlocked the door and saw the hallway scattered and broken. They had left.
And I'm still alive.

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