The Chronichles of the Kings

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I had a dream that everything was back to normal again. My mother and father were still alive and we all were safe. it felt like all the bad things in the world had never happened. It was just like in the old days when people woke up, had breakfast, and went to work or school. And in their spare time dined in their favorite restaurant, had a drink at the bar, watch a movie in the cinema, or a play at the theater, and sports with a group of friends. However............................ That world is no longer there, it was just a facade, an old memory from the past. Nowadays we don't have breakfast with our families, we don't go to restaurants or cinemas. We only wake up to survive and to scavenge for food. Most of our relatives did not survive.

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Chapter 1: Good old days

Ooh, Gradget..... You mighty hero, strong as a lion, wise as an owl. You strong leader.

Who has the strength and might to oppose you?

However, what is a mighty king without a wise counselor?

Find your wise counselor, your best friend, your Guidance, your wisdom, Your first love, Your savior, Your rock, and Your king.

Find the truth and let the truth set you free.

Choose wisely, because your choices will determine your eternal destiny.

Good luck Gradget, you mighty hero.

Gradget! Gradget! Gradget Wake up!

″ Where am I?″

″ You have to get out of bed, you have a finale to play″

″Dad is that really you? it can’t be. You are .....″

″ Hurry up Gradget, we can’t afford to be late, your mom has already prepared your breakfast″.

″Mom? Breakfast?
Dad I’ve been starving for a long time.″

″Then get out of bed and eat your breakfast″.

″ How is all this possible? perhaps it was all a dream″.

At this moment Gradget immediately went downstairs for breakfast, of course not without a glance in the mirror.

Gradget looked like a typical white American boy with dark blond hair. He had a well-trained body (where men would kill for) due to being one of the best players on the college football team.

Gradget was very popular among his peers, everybody guy wants to be his friend and every girl wants to be his girlfriend. Nonetheless, with all these privileges, he was not the arrogant type, he remained very kind and approachable.

However, when Gradget arrived downstairs, he saw his favorite breakfast; pancakes with honey syrup.

Gradget poured an enormous amount of syrup over his pancake, it was so much that he could only taste the syrup. Gradget ate the pancake very slowly and enjoyed every second of it. Meanwhile, The thoughts

″I missed this taste so much, I miss .....″. Before he wanted to finish this sentence, a tear fell from his eye to his cheek.

Gradget couldn’t explain why he felt so emotional. Everything seemed so peaceful and normal, however, you just got a strange feeling that something wasn’t right.

″Gradget! Hurry up finishing your breakfast, you don’t have all the time in the world, if you win the football championship you can eat as many pancakes as you want″ Gradget father said hastily.

When Gradget father appeared in the dining room. Gradget body froze for a while and he felt a mixed feeling of love and sadness.

Nonetheless, Gradget was happy to see his father, it felt like he hadn’t seen him for years.

Therefore, he ran towards his father and gave him the biggest hug possible. This made his father feel a little uncomfortable.

′ Gradget what is wrong with you?, We need to hurry up and call your mother in the yard, and tell her we’re ready to go. Gradget’s father said calmly.

The mentioning of his mother, made Gradget became even more emotional. With every step he took to the front door, he became more nervous and emotional.

When Gradget finally reached the front door and took his first step outside, he turned his face left and right looking for his mother.

Yet he could not find her, and immediately fear arose.

″ Where’s mom?″

″Is she okay?″

″We have to go, It’s not ....″

But before he could finish this sentence, Gradget heard the sound of a shovel hitting the ground. Gradget followed the sound, and his eyes fell on his mother’s back.

At this moment, it felt like time stood still, all his attention was on his mother. Gradget Nervously tried to call out to his mother, but only a waterfall of tears came from his eyes.

Gradget mother heard her son’s tears and stopped working, and was ready to turn her face, But then...

Gradget woke up...

″Gradget! Gradget! Gradget! Wake up!″

″ Mom is that you?″ Gradget was mumbling.

″ No, It is your brother, James″.

″ Where am I?″

″ You are in the real world, Gradget″

As Gradget got up, he looked around to find out where he was. When he saw his surroundings, he was shocked that he was in the middle of the road, full of abandoned cars.

The scene looked like a maze of empty cars. You could tell people had left their cars in a hurry. Nonetheless, this place felt so familiar to Gradget.

″ I have been here before, this is .....″ thought Gradget. He tried hard to remember, but the many cars made it difficult to remember.

Meanwhile, James grew impatient and urged Gradget to walk.

″ We have to find shelter before it gets dark, and the sun is killing us ″. James said hastily.

At this point, the sun was completely shining, it felt like at least 35 degrees. To make matters even worse, the two brothers were without water.

The brothers began to walk through the maze of cars, and at the same time looking for water bottles in the abandoned cars.

During this time, Gradget still wanted to know where he was but decided that following James was the top priority, and asking an annoyed James was not an option.

After walking in the sun without water for a while, The two brothers began to show the first signs of dehydration. The brothers went from walking to lumbering. It was only a matter of time before they both fell to the floor.

Gradget was the first to collapse to the ground, and with his last strength told James, that he could not walk any further.

The two brothers looked like zombies at this point. It was a miracle that the two brothers had gotten this far without water.

Not long after, James fell against one of the cars. The two brothers were staring death in the eyes.

″ This is it, I will die here″ thought, James.

However, before James’ eyes were closed, he heard Gradget scream.

″ James look at that building, We are on the ......″

Thanks for reading my story. I will be posting
1 episode every week.

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback.

Furthermore, I am also looking for help with editing and artwork. Feel free to contact me and have a blessed day.


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