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The Last Human

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Humans have been wiped out by an extraordinary species that invaded earth. Now a settlement of them in Alaska is looking for a human who is said to be the last human. One of these aliens however is doing it’s upmost to try and save this human after watching it’s group torture and murder a man and woman who were in hiding. What will this alien do to save this human and how will it gain his trust?

Thriller / Scifi
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Chapter 1

I neared the tent my group had set up when we arrived here. Ve’Cran ordered me to join the meeting that was being held inside. I lifted the Biscin skin ( the skin that was the material of the door) just enough to peek my head in the tent. “Ah, Emerel! Just in time, come, come in,” I heard Zeek say. He was standing in the corner facing other Chapette ( what our species are) and talking about whatever it is this meeting is about. I took a seat next to my brother Marman as Zeek continued talking.

“You all know about a rumor that has been dancing all around our camp, right? Well, turns out that rumor is true. There are two humans here.” Someone raised their hand. Zeek turned his head to them and before he could acknowledge him, they said, “ Is it true that it is a male and female?” “Yes,” Zeek replied. “ And we will set out to find them today at sundown.” Everyone’s face lit up but mine. I hate that we’ve wiped out almost all of humanity. They didn’t deserve it in my opinion. Since we came here, I’ve made it my duty to try keep the last ones alive. The fact that humans are extremely hard to kill for us has helped but I’ve still been failing at this duty I’ve given myself, and based on what I’m hearing from all the groups I’ve been in since we came to Earth, if I don’t save these two humans that Zeek is talking about, then there is only one human left.

“Alright,” I heard Zeek’s voice say. Apparently I zoned out that whole time so I didn’t hear what else he had said. “Pack your bags, we leave in 10.” I sat up, along with everyone else, and exited the tent. I went over to my tree- it’s where they put me and all I have for shelter a flap of Biscin skin- and started packing my bag. As much as I hate this mission, I’m actually glad I’m going with the others. That way, I have a better chance of saving the two humans than I normally do.

I heard Zeek call out to us and we gathered around a small dim campfire. Marman stood next to Zeek in front of us. We were a group of five and we were all sitting in a row on rocks. Zeek and Marman stood in front of a large wooden table. Marman towered above the table, holding a big black bag with the straps over his left shoulder. I saw a small, sharp, silver object hanging out of the back of the bag but I couldn’t make out what it was.

“Before we leave,” Zeek announced, “ I want each of you to take a weapon.” Marman slung the back off his shoulder and slammed it on the table. He unzipped it, revealing at least ten weapons. He gathered them all in one arm and with the other, threw the bag onto the ground. He laid them all in a tow on the table. The first weapon was an axe with a four foot long reflective handle, the second two were swords, one had a turquoise blue details on it and one had the same carvings in it but emerald green, third was a mace, three were hammers that were identical with silver handles and the words “ Mercy is for the weak ones” carved into them. The next was a machete with a golden, rusty handle, and the last two were crossbows, both made of wood but one had green details carved and colored into it. I took the machete.

We grabbed out bags, took our weapons and headed off.
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