Heir of the Alpha

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Chapter 7 - Strange Twists of Fate

Venturing deeper into the building, his shoes crunched on shards of broken glass beneath him. This place must have been beautiful years ago, Oliver thought to himself as he ran his fingers along the window panes. Even though there were vines covering the windows, he could still make out the darkening sky outside.

“Nothing to do now but wait out the storm, I guess.” Oliver said to himself in exasperation, fingers still trailing the grimy window panes.

All of a sudden, Oliver hissed in pain as something pierced his skin. He looked down to see a small piece of jagged glass that was jutting out of one of the broken windows. Grumbling in annoyance, he briefly put his bleeding finger to his lips and sucked on the torn skin there. Suddenly, his eyes wandered past the former flowerbeds and couldn’t help but let them linger on the oddity he found there. Carved into one of the old faded flowerpots was a heart. Furrowing his eyebrows, Oliver’s curiosity got the better of him and he picked it up, turning it over to get a closer look. Scrawled just inside of the heart were three tiny words:

J + L Forever

“Looks like someone enjoyed their time here.” he said aloud, tossing the flowerpot back onto the disused table.

The realization that the storm had quietened down dawned on him then and he smiled to himself, listening to the light drip of the rain on the glass above him. Hm, it must have been just a small shower. Now he could get out of here...if only he knew how. The inside of the greenhouse was much bigger than he had previously thought and by consequence, he had gotten himself quite lost. The next room he entered was a lot larger than the others had been, very spacious with dead flowers and plants littering the floor.

As he walked farther into the room, Oliver finally noticed the change in the sky - how it had grown darker, this time from nightfall instead of the darkness from the storm. Tilting his head upward, he glanced through the vast, elongated windows that encircled the room. All at once, a sharp pain pricked his gums and he winced at the slight discomfort of it, rubbing circles along the side of his jaw in an attempt to ease the pain.

He looked back up at the windows then and noticed the dark clouds that had been hovering above were beginning to part, the rain having finally stopped. Thank goodness - now he could start heading back home before his mother had a heart attack.

All of a sudden, a sharp pain shot up Oliver’s hands. A wince escaped his mouth at the uncomfortable feeling and he wiggled his fingers, rubbing circles on his hand with the other. Must’ve been the bit of glass he’d gotten in his hand earlier. A bandage or two would fix that later, though. Nothing to worry about.

Dappled light fell onto the strands of his hair from above then, eliciting a frown from Oliver as he glanced heavenward to the large windows. From behind ragged, dark clouds, a round white shape began to appear in the reflected light of the smudged glass. The effect was mesmerizing as the clouds surrounding it made a halo effect, bringing the moon forward from its hibernation.

But just as it happened, as the moonlight lit up the greenhouse in colors of vibrant green and luminescent white, Oliver’s steady piercing-blue gaze briefly flashed to a glowing amber. A gasp ripped free from his throat and he stumbled back from his own reflection in confusion and fear. What in the world-

Everything happened in rapid succession then as the most excruciating agony shot through his limbs, making Oliver fall to his knees in the hard, packed dirt. He heard a vicious cracking in his bones as they visibly shifted under his skin and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block it all out. But whatever was happening, whatever had begun to wake inside of him - there was no stopping it. Glancing down, he saw his nails grow to an inhuman length, turning into sharp, gray claws on the ends of his fingertips as the seems of his clothes began to rip because of the change in his bones. The feeling was like torture but the worst part of it all was the absolute, unabiding fear that shot through him like bolts of lightning. It felt like a lifetime but almost as soon as it began, it subsided, leaving Oliver in a shaking, gasping mess on the floor of the greenhouse.

And when his eyes opened again, the familiar shade of his was gone - replaced by orbs the color of gold. He sucked in a shaking breath at the coarse ebony fur of a large wolf gazing back at him through one of the shards of glass littering the floor. No...no, this wasn’t even possible. But sure enough, the evidence of what had just transpired peeked back at him from a face that...that could only be his own.

He was a wolf.

A/N: How did y’all feel about the transformation? Was it all you wanted or do I need to re-write it? Tbh I was a little nervous cause I wasn’t sure lol XD Hope y’all liked the chapter!

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