The psychopath

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Do you think you one is someone is psychopath inborn bcz your family but snow is different she was made by someone but who is the one who did it maybe it's herself.....

Thriller / Romance
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Third person's POV

What do you think about a perfect teen life ......good grades ,loving bestie, loving parents, handsome boyfriend, being famous beauty then here it is the Snow lockheart perfect combo of sweet bitter personality. Beautiful brown, hairs hazal eyes ,sweet lips ,curvy body with her glasses, not so tall but cute .

Snow's POV

I got up early as always . N get ready for my school ,getting ready for school is not a big deal for me bcz i always put less makeup or i'm bit lazy yah i'm alot for this makeup sh*t . I am in my school on time as perfect as always and here is my bff penny . She is a beauty of Campos ,loving ,beautiful personality ,and she is more cheerful and outgoing person than me i qiute reserve. She gave me abig hug with a kiss ..that's

" hey i told you not to this penn . People think i'm lesbians because of you " with an annoying face.

" chill babe let people think that's all they can do . I will protect you always " with another kiss" n don't worry you have your boyfriend well where is he and what's he's doing ."

Being annoyed by endless kisse i answered " will you please let go me than i able to find him and where is Nick why don't you go and kiss him instead of me he will give you better reflexes " and i made a naughty wink .

Here he is my boyfriend Daniel park tall ,handsome, dark, but quite skinny, and always very troublesome as hell . He is with his boys carefree but today he's behaving in different way quite lovingly talking with someone.

" don't fu*kin tell me that he is with anna again . Arghhhhh what the hell the so close " she is very overeating again.

" they are just friends. How many time i have to tell you you give me chillls girl comedown ok " with a smile .

" Snow i serious it's not how it goes ok this is not right you were always standing alone and he is with his friends and that damm girl. You should talk to him "

" i don't want be a clingy girlfriend this not cool and i know that they are friends "

" ok ok ok darling as you say you are the queen but i think you shout talk to him i can see you are not that happy as you deserv " with one more kiss on my cheek she gose to her class and i took my way .

I'm a reserve person that why i don't have many friends but this less is enough for me . During class I'm attentive student but today i was thinking about Daniel and anna .am i right that they are friends their is nothing . But qjy are the sitting together in yhe end of the class and talking n laughing and why I'm alone here . I glanced at them and suddenly i noticed that they are holding hands.... and passing letters... what the hell is happening. But they didn't noticed me untill his friend darik jolted him hard he quickly backoff his hand and give m a flying kiss my expression were still stiff . And he came to me

" hey snowy babe what are you doing. And why my love is giving me that expression.. hmm . Gimmi a kiss" and he lean towards me but i back off .

" tell me what u suppose to think what are you doing ."

" oh about darik nothing much we will go for a match after school with other" with a smile and rubbing his neck. As he knows what i will say next.

Again this is happening he us avoiding my feelings but how I'm suppose to say that I'm jealous of a girl like her . I don't wanna look like jealous, and he will be more annoyed may be and leave me like others. I sighed and he look confused because i should give him some lectur about it that's what he think and now he is more confused.

" are you okey with that "

" what the options i else have" i look disappointed.

" what are you talking about tou are my love"

Yahhhh loooooveee do you give a damn about it

" hmmmm"

Okay babe let take you a date with me to cheer you up okk . Get ready on Saturday."

What is he talking about we hangout sometime but on date it's different.

" okey are you serious " a hopping look ok my face.

" yes snow this will be a great day for us we will get more ...." smirk on his face. I don't understand him but i was excited about this more..will it be happy....?

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