Stalking Kasey

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Stalkers, murder, and lies. He was coming. I was terrified. I heard the doorknob turn and my heart dropped to my stomach. He was here. He entered my apartment. Casually, like he'd been there a million times before, and maybe he had. He wore black sweats and a hoodie, the hood pulled up over his head so I couldn't see his face. He didn't look nearly as dangerous as he was. But I wasn't fooled. I stayed still on the bed, watching him as he approached me. The only light in the room was the dim lamp on my nightstand. He came closer and crawled onto the bed, sitting on his knees in front of me. He reached out a tentative hand and cupped my cheek. I clenched my eyes shut, unable to look at him. His thumb ran across my lips and I shuddered. He was too close, far too close, but I didn't dare move away. He let go of my cheek and reached forward to pull me into his arms. I resisted at first, but his fingers tightened around my shoulders and I let myself sink into his arms. His hug was strangely familiar, and it almost felt comforting. Almost. He stroke my hair and laid his chin on my head. He rocked me back and forth slowly and just seemed to enjoy holding me. When he released me I scrambled backwards, pressing my back into the headboard. He crawled towards me, slowly, like a predator after its prey, and all I could do was watch in terror. He placed both his arms besid

Thriller / Mystery
Lilli Knight
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©2021 Shards0fGlass
Lilli Knight
Siryc Ethereal

This story story belongs exclusively to me and only me. It is not to be replicated, stolen, or reproduced in any way shape or form. It is not to be taken by any person and used in any way. Any person found infringing the laws of copyright will be subjected to the repercussion fit by law.

Began: 11 January 2021
Completed: -----

Please point out any grammatical or sentence errors you find. I encourage all forms of healthy criticism. I intend to grow as an author and to do that I need my audience's input.

This book is a first draft, so it won't be perfect. Be patient with me and don't be afraid to ask questions.

This book is not a romance novel.

If you want purely romance, go elsewhere. However, that's not to say romance doesn't happen in my novel. It's just not a central point to the book.

This book is a stalker/obsession novel.

I don't leave author's notes unless it's important. So when when I do, read them.

Updates every Wednesday depending on how far along I am with the book.

So, without further ado . . .

enjoy the story.

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