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Cody found out the truth. This is Cody's story. You can never leave me, you never will leave me, nobody can help you, you can only help yourself.

Thriller / Erotica
Ivy White
4.5 4 reviews
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Chapter 1-Mystery

If you get offended easily then this book is not for you. Take that into consideration.

Breathe in once, breathe in twice, breathe in three times.

That's all that I would do. I was eighteen.

Darren took me for a meal to celebrate and I thanked him for it as he looked my body up and down. I was accepting my life for what it was. I knew that he would start to feel sexually attracted to me. I could see it when he would look my body up and down slowly. He made it obvious from where I was sitting. I was no longer a minor and he knew that he could do as he pleased. The problem was that I was fighting against myself. Darren wasn't bad to me. At all. I had no reason to hate him but then the girls would enter my mind. Would I want to live a lifestyle like theirs or the one that Darren was giving me. I knew which one I wanted to choose. My mind was becoming physically attracted to him and a voice at the back of my mind would tell me no. I was constantly fighting against it. What would you rather? To be a girl being forced against her will or the girl who actually enjoys it? I would ask myself over and over again. Any normal woman would say no I wouldn't do it but until you are faced with the decision you cannot answered it correctly. I knew that the life I was living was permanent. Only I could help myself and the only way for me to do that was to open myself up and give him what he wanted. He told me that if I gave myself to him then he would never share because I was his girl. I couldn't help the other girls. I could only make mine easier to manage. Was that selfish of me? It was but in my eyes none of those girls would help me if they were in my shoes. All for one and one for all.

So when he was looking down my body I smiled and left him to it each passing day. This specific day we was in a casino. I was sat opposite him drinking my drink. I was just as bad as he was because that day I had lured in three girls. Three lovely girls who had a heart of gold and I stripped their life from them. Darren had men surrounding us all with multiple guns on them. I couldn't move so I lured them in and was given a kiss on the cheek by Darren followed by a drive back to the warehouse in the front of the truck. I could hear the girls screaming and crying for their freedom. They were acting differently to what I did and I knew that they would be put in their place when at the warehouse. My hair was styled to perfection, the black tight dress that I wore was expensive and the tattoo behind my ear said "Ds Bitch." I was sat in the middle and Darren grabbed my hand stroking the top of it with his thumb. I glanced over at him and he smirked before pointing at his lips. I knew what that meant. I unstrapped my seat belt and connected my lips with his. I was officially owned. His property and always with or near him. That was earlier on in the day.

Sitting down opposite him I picked up my glass of brandy and took a long sip. Darren stood up, walked over to me and grabbed my glass before taking my hand. I jumped off the seat and walked with him quickly in my six inch black heels. He was in all black casual clothing. Black top, black jeans and black trainers. His tattoos were on show. I looked at the tattoo he got done taking from my picture. He asked me for another one and when I had free time I would work on it. It was a predator with his eyes on the innocent girl. It reminded me of beauty and the beast. That's what me and Darren was. He was the beast and I was beauty.

"Another drink?"

"Yes please." I told him smiling and he nodded his head swiftly.

"I need you to go upstairs and collect the eight grand from room nine hundred and two. Bring it to me."

I nodded my head and he let my hand go. We both split off and walked in different directions. Darren went to get my drink and I was going to collect the money from floor ten. Stopping at the lift, I pressed the button and waited for it to reach my floor when a man in a black suit stepped out. I moved out of his way when he grabbed the back of my neck and inhaled my scent.

"You smell like roses."

His nose touched my neck as he glided it across my skin. His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me into him. I stood there and looked at the wall. There was nothing that I could do. He was Darren's man so I just stood there. I no longer got creeped out because of Darren.

"Get your fucking hands off her. My girl. Don't touch or do you want snapped fingers?"

Darren appeared behind me and I smiled as the man let me go. I couldn't see him.

"Collect the money babe. You-" Darren stormed over to us and grabbed his man in a headlock. I entered the lift and pressed the button as I watched Darren push him back and upper cut him. His man lifted up off the floor and slammed back down on the carpet as the doors closed over.

I didn't know what was going to happen from day to day. It was always a mystery.
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