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A teenage girl named Lonnie , learns quickly how to grow up fast. She had a sheltered life until something so frightening happened to her . She tries so hard to forget her past but every day it haunts her.

Thriller / Erotica
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Daydreaming in Mrs. Winter's class was not something I done often, I dont exactly know why I wasnt paying attention or why I was in my own zone. I remember it clearly as it was yesterday. I was sitting in front of this girl, and I could hear the teacher talking, I was thinking about what me and my friends had plans after school that day . I was gonna pick up Missy, and Diane was gonna be with her . We was gonna go to the mall after school. Us girls was gonna check out the new food court that just opened and we was gonna also check out the new guys that worked there. Missy was the one that told me about them. I was down, to meet someone new. My Therapist, interrupted, So Lonnie, tell me what exactly happened in class, while you was daydreaming. I cut back into that day, I was sitting there and the teacher must have called my name and because I was in my own world, I didnt hear her . you know since i was day dreaming , She called my name and some girls started looking at me , the girl in front if me turned around and stared at me with this blank look, I snapped out of it and she kinda looked at me and turned her eyes to the teacher. I straightened up in my seat and asked if the teacher could repeat the question? Mrs. Winters told me since I wasnt paying attention I needed to leave her class. She pointed to the door. And I got up and left, I walked out in the hallway and towards the office. I was interrupted by my therapist again . OK Lonnie how exactly was you feeling at the time.? I looked at her , and I told her I was pissed, I mean I wasnt a bad student, and I almost never got in trouble so I didnt understand why she would send me out of the class then , but it was whatever I didnt really care. Ok Lonnie my Therapist said go on tell me more . She smiled alittle and lifted her eyebrows like she was urging me to continue. WE'LL I walked down to the office and before I got there I seen my friend Missy, she was heading to the nurses office to get a ice pack for her hand, she apparently slammed it in the locker , or some thing crazy like that. So we started talking and I told her I got kicked outta class. She was like we should just leave and at the time I really was feeling what she was saying so we left. We walked out of the front door of the school and into the parking lot to my car. My Therapist chimed in so where did you go? I said we got in the car and decided to go to the convience store down the street and get some chips and a soda, it was almost lunch time and we were hungry. AFTER that We knew we couldnt go to our homes so we drove to the mall.. Ok Ms. LONNIE, we are gonna finish this session on Wednesday, Just remeber all the details its very important for your healing progress my Therapist said. I gave her a tight lipped smile and I thought to myself how Rude can you be, Im paying you to listen to me but you are gonna cut me off. .Trust me I know all the details i said I got up in a hurry and proceeded out the door towards the receptionist area to make another appointment . I Mumbled under my breath What a joke , And the receptionist said I beg your pardon . OH nothing I said, and rolled my eyes . I reached into my purse and searched for my car keys and my money . I thought to myself Im paying 30 freaking dollars a pop for this old ass woman to listen to my issues. What the hell is wrong with me, The receptionist interrupted my thought process and said here us your reciept and your appointment card see you on Wednesday at 3 pm. You have a great day. I walked outside in the bright sun and the heat hit me like a ton of bricks . NOT only was it hot as hell out here but bright as hell I squinted to look for my car while walking in the direction I thought I parked in. BUT hell I been in there for 2 hours My short term memory isnt very good these days. I guess it will get better once im magically healed. I got in my car finally after it seemed like a small hike. And the leather seats burned my legs from the sun shinning on the worned leather seats. It felt like a suna in my car and my luck I have no Ac . I started the old hoopty up and cranked the window down . This should be better soon I thought as I drove away.
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