Survival Journey

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tHe BeGiNnInG oF cRuEl FaTe..

"Behind my smile is a broken heart
Behind my laugh I'm falling apart
Behind my eyes are tears at night
Behind my body is a soul trying to


My cursed fate began from the day my dad got married to a woman named Polly, a woman who was already married before and got divorced just like my dad; somehow my dad thought me and my brother Rylan needed a so called mother to look after us cause he alone was not being able to look after us. It was a joke people were laughing behind our back cause my so called dad was getting married again but what I did not know was from this day onwards my life was going to take whole 90 degree angle change; from this day onward my life was going to turn into hell and complete nightmare; from this day onwards my cursed fate would began; this was the day everything in our lives changed and it was nothing what we went through; this was the very same day that left me shattered, maimed and brittle for my entire lives.

This was the beginning of my "CuRsEd FaTe"

I was young and naive when my dad married again and bought a so called mother but I was happy for him; I was so callow to think that she would be a good mother and would for once we will be getting a mother's love ya right!! So so fucking stupid and ignorant of to think that. Hey but what can I say I was just a young and innocent girl craving for a mother's love; was it wrong for me to think like that., that she would be the person who would love and care for us and fill that void we had in our life and heart., Was it so wrong for me to be so naive to think that she would be the mother that we were craving for while growing., Was it so wrong to think that finally finally our family was going to be whole again but I was just so so stupid to think out of the box. Then there was my brother who I guess already understood that she was not going to be a mother we expected her to be. I remember him telling me not to call her a "mom" cause she is and was never going to be our mom that we wanted her to be. I remember he never use to call her a mom no matter how my elders tell and scold him to call her a mom. I guess somewhere he knew deep down she is not the person she was claiming to be.

"Later I found out she is exactly not the mother type" then I understood what my brother was telling me all the time; by the time I realised my life had already turned upside down.

For some time we were living a normal life, healthy and happy life. My dad was happy again that he had someone with him; happy that his children had someone who would love and care for them but what my dad did not was everything was a illusion " a fragment which was completely completely going to ruin our lives" he was living in his own bubble land that he was not aware of the storm that was waiting for him and us that was going to collide and take everything we had with it.

I remember my grand father never approved of this marriage he was so against it but it wasn't only him even his friends and other family members warned him and told him to think about his decision twice thrice but he was so adamant that he did not listened to anyone. I was just so young that I did not understand anything why everyone was warning him. Me being innocent I was so happy that I was getting a mother and being a child how I did not think of anything well that's what u call right a child with innocent and naive brain. Like I said every body warning my father about this so called woman whom he was going to get married but I guess he was thinking from his dick. He did not want to keep his dick in his pants rather than having a mother for us. That's right when a men thinks from his dick rather than using his brain there are consequences which you have to heavily suffer but along with him his children or other family members suffer as well. Though there was a emptiness in our lives but we were happy with our lives. But no my father just could not live without having his dick shove into some pussy.

There is a saying in Hindi religion" That parent's are created by God because they cannot be everywhere that's why The God created parent's" so the children can feel safe and protected in their presence"

Well for me this saying and this phrase is bullshit!!!

Family was suppose to be our safe haven where your parents are suppose to protect you and keep u safe "that's why God created parent's" but mine was exact opposite but I guess no one thought that woman would turn out to be a witch; a evil selfish woman; hell even I did not think that woman would be so cunning full of malicious thoughts. She was all goody shoes at first trying to impress every family in the house; trying to impress me and my brother. She presented herself as a good woman who would look after two children abandoned by their mother. But there was a different and bitter truth about her nature she was not the nice person she was trying to be. She was a pure evil in the disguise of human.

" The ugliest thing that
I have ever seen is
A human being
Without compassion"

She is exactly that sort of person and this Quote describes her personality. She should not be even called a human being; She is the pathetic excuse of a human and a pathetic excuse of trying to be so called fucking "mother". Hell! she should not have been called even a "mother".


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