Survival Journey

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"Family is supposed to
Be our safe haven
Very often, it's the
Place where we find
The deepest heartache"

Iyanle Vanzant


"Family " the word has a deep meaning in everyone's life. Family also means love, support, trust, sacrifice, honesty, protection, security, acceptance, respect and loyalty without these traits no family can be complete and no life can be fulfilled.

Family helps to mould you, Contributes in your growth and development, support u & be there in ur High's & low's. Family is considered to be the base & aspect of your life which happens to plays a important role. So what does it mean for a child to have a family and what role does it play in a child's life? what if that family is the reason for a child's sorrow, pain and abuse!! How is that child going to cope and survive her agonizing life which is the cause of her tear. How is that child going to shape her life and future; "Family" which is also the key of her life is the one breaking her apart; how can she trust people and feel secure if she cannot trust her only family and feel safe within. This is my story, my "Survival Journey"!!!!

My name is Aiyla Sequeira and I was born in rich and big joint family including my mom, dad, my elder brother, uncle, aunts, grand pa and my 3 cousins. Being the youngest child of the family sure came with advantages. I was loved, cared, adored, spoiled, well protected; u could say I was like doll to everyone and I was a happy child as far as I knw and remember.

My parents loved me a lot and my brother was very protective of me, I had a happy family. Both me and my brother were lucky for having such a family or that's what we were made to perceive.

My family and life was like a dream to me; a beautiful dream from which I never wanted to wake up from. I had hopes and aim's to fly high with their love and support. But dreams are dreams right, it could break anytime without you being aware of what's happening around you. Life can be funny and unfair sometimes, nobody knows what happens in a moment or seconds. Just like the phrase "what you have today may be gone tomorrow" life sure is full of uncertainty. In other words u could say life is like a roller coaster ride with lot's of ups and down.

People use to say I was born with a silver spoon, they use to call me millionaire's grand daughter when I think of it it's like a joke to me now. Sure I was born in rich and well known family, sure I did spend my half childhood in luxury, love, care and protection but it was just an illusion, a fantasy which was short lived. Therefore, I would not call myself born with a silver spoon child as it was only temporary. Sure there are children who are really born with good fate, good family who does not even know what suffering and pain is: hell I did not knw abt sorrow, suffering and pain until I experienced it before tht I had a perfect childhood. When I think of people who use to say I had a good fate I laugh at it, it's like a joke to me now; a brutal joke!!!

I had a twisted fate, who knew life can be so unpredictable and cruel. Earlier I said life is uncertain well it was the same for me, my happy days were gone in a flash. In warped way life played a notorious game with me and my life changed dramatically. All my hopes, dreams got crushed; it left me broken and mash.

My family my life was just a delusion for me. Everything once I believed, trusted were all a big lie and fake. The love, faith, trust I had in me and for my family all got destroyed and I was left smashed, broken and beyond repair.

And once a happy family was fucked up and gutted. Now all there is left a memories, fragments "good and bad" which I cherish and which also haunts me and bring tears to my eyes; leaves my heart in pain.


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