Survival Journey

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"Good times become
Good memories
Bad time become
Good lessons"..


Good memories and bad memories are parallel to eachother, if u have good memories on one side to cherish than u also have bad memories which u desperately want to forget; sometimes those memories also becomes ur worst nightmare. It depends on you how and where you want these memories to be placed in life and mind. Good memories will always be adored and be ur strength while bad memories becomes ur lesson of life. Things end but only those memory will last forever and also become your brawn & will to fight for who you are or want to be in life.

Remembering my happy childhood days still brings smile to my face and I love those random memories & these are the memories " good & bad" has kept me strong and goin' all these yrs. There are so many good memories I wanna hold onto somehow it always lights me up in my groomy days and gives me new hope and energy.

Taking a trip down to my past memory lane, I recall myself being very optimistic, bouncy & bubbly, happy, smart, intelligent and enthusiastic girl.

I was always keen to learn new things and enjoy activities like dancing, music, playing outdoor games, loved outing & travelling, watching movies etc.. I was also very naughty, stubborn & a crybaby. Being youngest among my brother's & sisters I always wanted the things done my way. I was a spoil brat tht's for sure. Having fun and annoying my brother Rylan was one of my favourite activities, I remember I use to stick to him like a glue and would follow him around wherever he use to go & he would always hide from me & this use to annoy me alot. Oh! N I remember whenever his friends use to visit him at home still I would not leave them alone n try to be part of their conversation despite of my irritating behaviour they all use to love me; I was a baby doll for them. The best part of them coming to our house was I always use to get gifts from them.😜😜😜

Even as a child I was a gutsy girl, I use to sit on the roof dangling my feets or at the railings of the balcony; it never scared me with the thought of falling down & literally my neighbours would have to shout and call my parents or grand dad n u knw why I would do these just to make them fulfill my demands.

There were also those days I would throw my slippers or things outside the balcony now I think about it I was a really scary kid. Gosh! I use get punish for pulling these stunts but I would also get what I wanted at the end of the day..yup! I definitely was a bawdy.

My brother and cousins they never would agree to play with me coz I was a crybaby. I never liked loosing but I would always like always rigourously loose funny huh! even than that never stopped me from playing with them not even when they would disagree cause I would somehow always convince them to include me ! Ya such a irritating child right I was;

After loosing the game I would cry n ask back whatever I have lost & this use to irk them a lot. There were also days when we use to fight over a stupid stuffs & times when we would stand for eachother as well. One of the most infuriating behaviour that I never failed to hold up the secrecy from anyone i would spill all the secrets and conversations, mistakes or naughty things we have done either to my grand dad or other family members. You could say I was also the spill bidder of the family; and whenever my brother or cousin needed to talk or do something naughty they would be alert of me and I never fail to understand as to why I could not digest all the stupid secrets of them cause this stupid and naive behaviour of mine would lead them to punishment's or scolding's. Now I see I have always been a stupid n naive girl even as a child and as a teenager.

So many good memories are embedded with me and I love those sweet moments of my life where I was happy and contended as a child. Those small happy memories of celebrating birthdays where you get excited to get different sorts of gifts surrounded by family and friends with your assorted favourite foods and chocolates.
Or celebrating festivals with family, running in the roof to catch a kite, playing cards throughout the festival's family coming together to celebrate those festivals; once I used to love those festivals but now when festivals comes all I can do is miss them and wish to go back to these good old days where we used to have so much fun.

There were also those angry days where I would hide in a closets just to prove my point and wish; my brother and father use to look for me all over the place and I used to do these stupidity all the times that they became aware of all my hiding spots, so many times I would get lectured but I never stopped doing those stupid things.

Memories of listening to music, dancing, watching movies, playing games like football, batminton, monopoly and tabletennis with my brother is still fresh in my mind. I remember I used to be a very smart kid as a child, had a sharp brain and always used to catch things fast. I was also good at my studies always coming 1st or 2nd in the class.

Those amazing beautiful memories are all left for me now and I love cherise these moments of my early days life where there was no cloud of darkness and sadness., days where there was only happiness and love around me., days where I had a happy life; a life so full of love, joy and contentment.

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