Survival Journey

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" You can't underestimate
How traumatic divorce
Is for the children"

Isla Fisher


After spending days and months in the boarding school; it was time of the day for us to go back home for summer holidays back to our family, it was a nice summer day waiting for our parents to come and pick us up. We were waiting eagerly and the moment I saw my dad I was so happy full of joy running towards him to hold me; running and at the same time my eyes also started looking for my mom when I did not see her and realised it was only my dad who came to pick us up I was disappointed but nevertheless I was happy to see my dad. The moment he was carrying me I asked my dad about my mom he told me she is at home and we will talk there but what I did not know was; it was the day that would change our lives forever.

I was content upon reaching home; my sweet home...a home where I was born and bought up where I had spend my days and night being naughty, spoiled, loved and cared; a home where I played and fooled around. It was our safe haven.

My grand father was the first person to welcome us home, he was so happy to see us after so many months. My grand dad loved and cared about us very much we were his favourite grand kids among my other cousins, we were twinkle of his eyes. My grand dad was the go to go person for us whenever we wanted anything; whether it be food, money or goods it was him who fulfilled our wishes. We were well protected, loved and well guarded by him.

There is a saying "home is where the heart is" it was the same for us, though we lived in a boarding school but our heart was always at home with our family. After being away from home for so many months or days; upon being at home me and my brother use to have a different kind of energy and full of life. The love, affection and care where we use get at home we never got that kind of endearment at school. Being at home means we were always surrounded by our loved ones whether it's grand dad, aunt or aunt grand mom or our servants, it was their love and care gave us energy and joy. We always knew being at home means we would be protected no matter what we do or how we act.

I still remember I was very small when I was sent to a boarding school which I never wanted to go, I cried so much that day. Everyday that I spent my days at hostel I use to count days and nights as to when our vacation would start and I would be able to go home or wait for the Saturdays to come where we use to get the visitation from our parents. Whenever they use to visit us I use to beg them to take me home; being at the hostel and boarding school were the hardest days of my life, where I use to get bullied and teased cause I was so innocent and naive, I was not like other girls who were cruel and evil. I hated living at hostel and boarding school.

After meeting my grand dad I ran upstairs where our sanctuary was, did I mention we had a 5 storey house and half part of the building was the hotel that my dad and grand dad use to run and we lived in roof top part. Though there was a lift I liked using stairs; so running the stairs I called for mom I kept on calling and shouting until I reached our place but no answer came from her I started looking everywhere for her from kitchen to rooms but there was no sign of her and I was surprised my dad told me she was at home waiting for us after a while my dad and brother came upstairs and I asked him where she was; at first he hesitated to answer but eventually told us she went to my maternal grand parents house at the same time the house phone rang and I ran to pick it up it was from my mother she told me she is staying there and that we should come there. I asked her why she was not coming home but all she said that she was going to stay there for while.

Even after talking to her me and brother did not have any doubts cause it was normal for her to go and stay with our grand parents but what we did not know was they were going to drop a bomb; a news that was going turn our lives upside and down.

Later we got fresh and had our lunch as fast as we could so that we could go and meet our mom.

My dad drove us to our grand parents place but he said he was not going to come inside that made us halt from leaving the car! we asked why but he just said he can't so we simply shrugged and left even at that friction of behaviour, we did not think of anything suspicious going on between my parents.

We were so happy to see our mother there was no boundaries of our happiness. Even our maternal grand parents were happy to see us.

After a while of settling down we asked our mum why was she not at home and here at granny's place, she waited for a while to answer but she replied that she won't be coming back home anymore and we again asked her why she was not going to come back!! She said she does not wanna live with my dad anymore we were surprised hearing this news and did not know how to react.

Finally she started explaining us little by little and then there was the word "Divorce" because of this word me and my brother knew our family is never going to be the same that our family is broken; hearing this no words formed we were in a trance hypnotized million of thoughts running in both of our brain. We just did not know or understand how we were going to cope with the reality; the reality of not having our parents together with us. As reality hit us hard tears started rolling down our cheeks until mum told us not to cry we did not realize we were crying; she told us this is way it has to be.

The bond, love , trust, security which we shared was broken at the same time our heart was broken to the extent that we knew it might never be healed again. Just like that our world shattered and our happiness morphed into sadness and we knew from this day onward our life was never going to be the same again.

Alas! Our family was broken.

This was the first dark cloud that surrounded my life and happiness.

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