Holding Out

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This is a survivor story, it's about not letting your past define who you are nor letting it control your life anymore. It MENTIONS Victims of sexual assault but does NOT have any rape scenes or graphic flashbacks. Very Mild flashbacks that arise during episodes of her PTSD-associated nightmares. Chrissy is in her late 20's and along with her ptsd she has intimacy issues as a result of her past. She now manages a restaurant where she works with her best friend Michae but a Chance meeting with a customer could become something more. She has to deal with Ghosts of her past, a stalker, a new romance and learning to finally let someone get close to her intimately while struggling with her own emotions. All while managing a busy restaurant. Chase is haunted by his own past and the infidelity of his ex but is taken by Chrissy just as much as she is by him when they first meet but will it all work out or will things get too much for them. A lot of peculiar things happen throughout this book and a few threats coming at different sides making it a game of tug of war at times. Are her friends and family safe from harm and does chrissy find her true calling along the way. This book is full of mature content and for 18+ Please feel free to comment as you work through the chapters and leave feedback. I appreciate your feedback more than you could imagine. Enjoy Ally

Thriller / Romance
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Part 1

These are who I envisioned for the characters although Chrissy has slightly more brown than this red and Chase has curlier or wavier hair.

I've looked that old scoundrel death in the eye many times but this time

I think he has me on the ropes

Douglas McArthur

Staring into those cold brown eyes i knew this was it. This was the day my life would end.

All those things you hear about when people sense the impending doom. The flashbacks, regrets, seeing family and friends. All bullshit!

You freeze, Barely breathing and you can only watch him stalk towards you. You are gagged with your arms pinned behind your back so you can't speak let alone scream to alert those in the next room who could save you. You just freeze and wait as your brain tries to get around what's going on and what you can do
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